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How should students revise? A brief guide. One of the biggest lessons from research is that many students don’t really know how to study.

How should students revise? A brief guide

Various studies have shown that students rate re-reading and highlighting as the most effective ways of revising when in reality they are often a waste of time giving an illusion of competence in the short term at the expense of long term gains. Students may spend large amounts of additional time studying despite no gain in later memory for the items, a phenomenon called ‘‘labour-in-vain’’ during learning (Nelson & Leonesio,1988). Recent research with educationally relevant materials has shown that repeatedly reading prose passages produces limited benefits beyond a single reading. (Karpicke, Roediger, Butler, 2009) In contrast, retrieval practice, spacing and interleaving are some of the most productive ways of revising material but how many students are familiar with this? Thanks to the brilliant Olivier Cavigioli for the illustrations and design.

Crash Course Study Skills Preview.

Crash Course with John Green: Navigating Digital Information

Critical thinking. Find the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet. How to choose your news - Damon Brown. Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers - Open Textbook Library. The book is comprehensive when considering web literacy in the context of reading and evaluating information found on the web.

Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers - Open Textbook Library

Other aspects of web literacy are not covered (e.g., synthesizing, designing, contributing, etc.). The author provides interesting approaches and engaging examples for students to consider when fact-finding. The book would be enhanced with the inclusion of an introduction that includes expectations of prior knowledge as there is a level of web savviness that is assumed to understand concepts in the book. A number of placeholders are included at the end of the book for topics that are yet to be completed. No concerns with accuracy or bias. The use of 2016 United States election examples is timely and while topically will need updating at some point, there isn’t an immediate concern for obsolescence.

The text is written in an easy to read format, but the exclusion of a glossary is problematic for some of the terminology used. There were many spelling mistakes.

Fake News

The 8 Best Fact-Checking Sites for Finding Unbiased Truth. With deliberate misinformation campaigns and the continued prevalence of fake news, fact-checking sites are now more important than ever.

The 8 Best Fact-Checking Sites for Finding Unbiased Truth

So in the digital era, where news travels quickly through multiple channels, how do you check your facts? Here are five of the best fact-checking websites, like Snopes and PolitiFact, so that you can find the truth. If you were wondering who is there to fact check the fact-checkers, that would be MBFC. From Palmer Report to Breitbart and even browser extensions like Newsguard, MBFC rates them all.

The website is a bias rating resource, with multiple fake news checking apps and extensions integrating these ratings into their own systems. MBFC not only includes reports on the bias of famous fact-checking websites like Snopes and PolitiFact but also publishes a daily source bias check. The site analyzes bias, transparency regarding funding sources, press freedom in the country of origin, and the site's history of factual reporting. 2.

Here are 24 cognitive biases that are warping your perception of reality. Great stories come and go, but there are a certain few that can truly stand the test of time. Tugging on the heartstrings with nostalgic stories can be a powerful tool. Yet, even the most world-renowned storytellers like Disney face pressure to constantly innovate. Today’s infographic from TitleMax illustrates the highest-grossing media franchises, and dives into how they generate their revenue and adapt to new mediums in changing times. The Supreme Storytellers According to the infographic, the majority of franchise revenue comes from merchandising. Perhaps surprisingly, Marvel is not included in the top 10. Reinventing a Classic While the list proves that success builds over time, these classics need to constantly reinvent themselves as their audiences become reliant on new technologies and demand more immersive experiences.

Is A Backpack As Good As A Parachute When Jumping Out Of A Plane? : Shots - H... A study found that parachutes were no more effective than empty backpacks at protecting jumpers from aircraft.

Is A Backpack As Good As A Parachute When Jumping Out Of A Plane? : Shots - H...

There was just one catch. Michael Htten/EyeEm/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Parody (Opinion Rhapsody) Study With Jess. Here it is!

Study With Jess

“Mind Full” is a 5 part web series all about e-mental health and how we can become our happiest, healthiest selves. Follow along as I meet with wellness and mental health experts, share my newfound knowledge of positive online usage and wellbeing with you, and put my own vulnerabilities online in the hopes of making a real difference; using my position as an influencer to be part of a solution rather than part of the problem. To kick off my journey to discover more about e-mental health and wellbeing, I sit down with a mental health researcher and run a little focus group with some of my viewers to see what it is they like about my videos.

And what they don’t! For more information and resources on mental health visit: CATCH UP ON ALL THE MIND FULL EPISODES:▷ EP 1: EP 2: 3: 4: ▷EP 5: *Credits:Production company: The Story BoxesWardrobe: Forever New F O L L O W M E: @StudyWithJess♥ I N S T A G R A M♥ F A C E B O O K♥ T W I T T E R♥ B L O G: The Tip Sheets- CRLS Research Guide.

Welcome to OSLIS! — Oregon School Library Information System. How to use Google Scholar to find journal articles. Fact- Checking - Duke Reporters' Lab.