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Voice Thread and Lessons for Voice Threads

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YouTube. VoiceThreads from Prior Classes - ED 230 Introduction to Educational Technology. Voice threads - Search. Create Audio for your site with a Free mp3 player. Create an Audio Message for your Website in 3 Easy Steps.

Create Audio for your site with a Free mp3 player

No audio software or player downloads needed! You're 3 easy steps away from adding audio to your website. AudioPal makes it simple to create your message and embed your free audio player in any personal website or blog. Choose one of the following to create your message: Phone: Record your message over the phone. Click the Play button on your audio player to make sure you like the audio message. Once you click Get It! Digital Portfolios - Mrs. Mecozzi's and Mrs. Dalesio's 5th Grade. Single Educator License - Products. National Poetry Month: Poetry and Technology.

Poetry has a very special place in my heart.

National Poetry Month: Poetry and Technology

I started writing poetry in high school and continued throughout college and even into my 20s. Eventually, teaching fulltime, along with other responsibilities, pulled me away from that art form, but I still love to read poetry, and I love hearing it read. Last year at this time, I posted a blog on Edutopia sharing some poetry resources. This year I will focus more on creating poetry and using technology to illustrate, enhance and share poems.

There are a number of technology tools that allow for creating and sharing student work. Evernote One of my favorite aspects of Evernote is the multitude of ways that you can create notes. 4 Technologies to Help Students Find Their Voice in Your Classroom. Students need a voice.

4 Technologies to Help Students Find Their Voice in Your Classroom

By voice, I mean the ability to recognize their own beliefs, practice articulating them in a variety of forms, and then find the confidence -- and the platform -- to express them. The platforms part can go a long way toward serving the confidence part. Introverted students (who may be gifted with self-reflection) might find the openness of a social media channel like Twitter intimidating, but they might also love the idea of long-form blogging, or even communicating indirectly through the creation of mini-documentaries, podcasts or music videos.

VoiceThread Extends the Classroom with Interactive Multimedia Albums. Bill Ferriter knew his sixth-grade language arts and social studies students spent time online outside of class, surfing the Web and instant messaging.

VoiceThread Extends the Classroom with Interactive Multimedia Albums

So when he discovered he could engage his kids online in a collaborative, multimedia slide show called a VoiceThread, he decided to see if he could use it to, as he puts it, "steal some of their online minutes. " "The answer was a resounding yes," says the teacher at Salem Middle School, in Salem, North Carolina. VoiceThreads might best be described as interactive media albums. They are essentially online slide shows of images, documents, or videos that enable viewers to comment on any slide (or at any point in the video) by typing, recording an audio or video comment, or drawing on the image itself. Teachers have been early adopters of the easy-to-learn technology, which has led the company to launch, a secure site just for educators and their students, says VoiceThreads cofounder Ben Papell.

New Teacher Boot Camp Week 2 - Using VoiceThread. Editor's note: See the full archive of the five-week boot camp.

New Teacher Boot Camp Week 2 - Using VoiceThread

Week 2: Using Voicethread in the Classroom Welcome to our second week of New Teacher Boot Camp! Today we're going to be exploring VoiceThread. About VoiceThread VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slideshow that allows students to comment on images, documents, and video through text, video, and audio files. P> Introducing Megan Palevich Megan Palevich is curriculum specialist and 8th grade language arts teacher in Chester County, PA. Before reading on, please take a look at this example of a VoiceThread from Megan's eighth grade class based on the novel The Red Kayak, by Priscilla Cummings. Megan Palevich, Curriculum Specialist and 8th Grade Language Arts, on Using VoiceThread This year I used Voicethread as an alternative way to discuss literature. Instead of a traditional read and respond or read and discuss, VoiceThread could offer my students the opportunity to listen and reflect through text, audio, or video.