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Pin cushions & thread catchers

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Quilting Tool Caddy. Here are the fabric requirements for the Quilting Tool Caddy.

Quilting Tool Caddy

I'll post these today and on Friday we will celebrate (nothing special) by posting the instructions. This will give you a few days to gather your stuff. And if you make one - I want to see it! Here is what you need to gather for Friday: 5" x 7" acrylic photo frame (you can get them for $1 at dollar stores and walmarts) Main Fabric - Pre-quilted fabric 6" x 15"I found the pre-quilted fabric gives the base of the sleeve just a bit more of a foundation for the sleeve Big Front Pocket - 6-1/2" x 11"

Free Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial. Cathedral Window Pincushion. An incredibly easy and beautiful pincushion.

Cathedral Window Pincushion

Makes a fast gift for the sewer in your life or for yourself since one can never have too many pincushions. If you thought cathedral windows were hard, I can promise that your mind will be changed after making this simple cushion. one 10.5 inch square of Moda Bella solids white nine 5 in squares of fabric or charms like Domestic Bliss one button thread craft/button thread stuffable batting I used the very bright and colorful Domestic Bliss for a spring pin cushion.

Cut your solid square (or a print) 10.5 inches Cut your template, I used a folder I found in the filing drawer, to 9 inches Cathedral windows are mostly folding and ironing. Next fold the edges down and press. When the sides are pressed it will look like this: Take the template out at this point: Thread Catcher Tutorial. Just downloading these pictures took a lot of time but now, here is the toot for the thread holder.

Thread Catcher Tutorial

If you don't understand something or need clarification, contact me via email and not as an anonymous because I will not answer questions on the blog. Here goes. Cut out four 7 1/2 x 2 1/2 rectangles from each of two contrasting fabrics. Place 4 of them down on a flat surface as above. Place the remaining four on top (right sides together), alternating the fabrics. Pin both groups as pictured, top and bottom, right sides together, making sure to place your pins at these intersections. Moda's Half Moon Modern Sewing Room: Ironing Board Thread Catcher & Caddy.

During any given project, I figure I log at least five miles running back and forth between my sewing machine and my ironing board.

Moda's Half Moon Modern Sewing Room: Ironing Board Thread Catcher & Caddy

Crap... need another pin. Dang... where are my scissors? Shoot... forgot to grab the seam gauge again. Sound familiar? We decided our taken-for-granted ironing board was in desparate need of its very own notions caddy. The middle strip on our caddy is there to anchor the pocket panel and the thread catcher, but it is also clever in its own right. Our thanks to Moda for sponsoring this Sewing Room Series and allowing Sew4Home to be one of the first to debut the great Half Moon Modern collection.

Plus, don't forget to check out "The 12 Moda Days of Christmas" going on now through December 6th on Moda's Cutting Table Blog and Facebook page. Kym-Delmar-thread-catcher-tutorial. Thread Catcher Tutorial. I really love my serger but it does have a small problem.

Thread Catcher Tutorial

The massive amount of shred and thread makes me a little crazy. So today I’m going to show you how I made my thread catcher Supplies Fat Quarter of fabric for the outside of the bag Lining Boning Large Eyelets. Screws or Hooks Cut two squares from your main fabric of side length 13 and 5 inches. Iron a 1/2 inch fold on a pair of opposite edges of the small square. Turn the tube of the main fabric right side out and insert it inside the lining tube. Pull your lining off the main fabric so that you have one long tube. Cut a length of boning a little longer than the circumference of the opening. Patchwork Pincushion Tutorial. First, I want to thank everyone for all the shop love.

Patchwork Pincushion Tutorial

I truly appreciate all the kind words, support and the orders! Talk about a nice little lift in confidence, which I dare say, was lacking in the past. Now on to pincushions. A few people have asked how I made these, so why not do yet another tutorial? Trash Bag Tutorial/Pattern. As requested, here is the tutorial/pattern for the trash bag I made recently.

Trash Bag Tutorial/Pattern

You will need two 10.5" by 12.5" pieces for the outside and two for the lining. Moda's Half Moon Modern Sewing Room: Serger Cover. Yesterday we created a fun Half Moon Modern sewing machine cover, but many of you also have a special companion machine in your sewing space that we could hardly leave naked: a serger.

Moda's Half Moon Modern Sewing Room: Serger Cover

With their different thread feeding systems and cutting mechanisms, sergers end up more square and taller than a sewing machine and so need differently-sized covers. For our Moda Fabrics Half Moon Modern Sewing Room series, we created a cover for my Janome 1110DX serger. We also did some research online to check out the sizes of the generic vinyl box covers available to make sure our dimensions were compatible. These clear vinyl serger covers were so drab, and... really, if you can see through it, the cover doesn't cover! Ours is done in sunny yellow, using the bold and beautiful zig zag motif of Half Moon Modern with an accent polkadot.