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The Universe as a Hologram

The Universe as a Hologram
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Dimensions of the Human Figure Dimensions of the Human Figure These dimensions are based on the average or normal adult. As clearances are minimum they should be increased when conditions will allow. Drawings by Ernest Irving Freese I received a photocopy of the drawings on this page from a co-worker in 1977. Are We Living in a Holographic Universe? This May Be the Greatest Revolution of the 21st Century What if our existence is a holographic projection of another, flat version of you living on a two-dimensional "surface" at the edge of this universe? In other words, are we real, or are we quantum interactions on the edges of the universe - and is that just as real anyway? Whether we actually live in a hologram is being hotly debated, but it is now becoming clear that looking at phenomena through a holographic lens could be key to solving some of the most perplexing problems in physics, including the physics that reigned before the big bang,what gives particles mass, a theory of quantum gravity. Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing. What does this mean for you?

Electromagnetic theories of consciousness The electromagnetic theories of consciousness propose that consciousness can be understood as an electromagnetic phenomenon. Overview[edit] Theorists differ in how they relate consciousness to electromagnetism. Some electromagnetic theories are also quantum mind theories of consciousness; examples include quantum brain dynamics (QBD) approaches of Mari Jibu and Kunio Yasue[7] and of Giuseppe Vitiello.[8] In general, however, quantum mind theories other than these QBD approaches do not treat consciousness as an electromagnetic phenomenon. Also related are E. Cemi theory[edit] The starting point for McFadden and Pockett's theory is the fact that every time a neuron fires to generate an action potential, and a postsynaptic potential in the next neuron down the line, it also generates a disturbance in the surrounding electromagnetic field. McFadden thinks that the EM field could influence the brain in a number of ways. McFadden's view of free will is deterministic. Objections[edit]

The Quantum Activist | Documentary film & DVD with Dr. Amit Goswami About The Zone The Insight team is a free and confidential Early Intervention Service offering support to people aged 18 - 35 years who may be experiencing symptoms of early psychosis. What is Psychosis? Psychosis describes a condition that affects the mind. People experiencing psychosis often have unusual experiences such as: Receiving messages from TV/radioHearing voices or seeing things that aren't really thereThoughts which have become too fast or too slowDifficulty keeping up with conversations. Who is ‘Insight’ for? The Insight team works with people aged 18 – 35 years living within Plymouth, who appear to be experiencing symptoms indicating the early onset of a psychotic episode. People who are referred to the Insight team have often experienced voices and visions that they cannot find explanations for; a sense of paranoia, loss or disturbance to memory or ability to concentrate, or a feeling that on occasions, their thoughts are somehow in turmoil. How do I make a referral to the Insight team?

Portal to mythical Mayan underworld found in Mexico | Science Cern scientists suspect glimpse of Higgs boson | Science Scientists may have caught their first glimpse of the elusive Higgs boson, which is thought to give mass to the basic building blocks of nature. Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, the European particle physics lab near Geneva, announced the findings at a conference on Friday. The world's most powerful atom smasher hunts for signs of new physics by slamming subatomic particles together at nearly the speed of light in an 18-mile round tunnel beneath the French-Swiss border. Speaking at the meeting, teams working on two of the collider's huge detectors, Atlas and CMS, independently reported unusual bumps in their data that could be the first hints of the particle. Physicists stressed that it was too early to know whether the signals were due to the missing particle. Bumps that look like new discoveries can be caused by statistical fluctuations in data, flaws in computer models and other glitches, they said.

Neural correlates of consciousness Figure 1: The Neuronal Correlates of Consciousness (NCC) are the minimal set of neural events and structures – here synchronized action potentials in neocortical pyramidal neurons – sufficient for a specific conscious percept or a conscious (explicit) memory. From Koch (2004). The Neural Correlates of Consciousness (NCC) can be defined as the minimal neuronal mechanisms jointly sufficient for any one specific conscious percept (Crick & Koch 1990). The Neurobiological Approach to Consciousness Consciousness is a puzzling, state-dependent property of certain types of complex, biological, adaptive, and highly interconnected systems. A science of consciousness must strive to explain the exact relationship between phenomenal, mental states and brain states. The Neural Correlates of Consciousness Progress in addressing the mind-body problem has come from focusing on empirically accessible questions rather than on eristic philosophical arguments. Level of Arousal and Content of Consciousness

One Hundred Interesting Mathematical Calculations, Number 7: Archive Entry From Brad DeLong's Webjournal One Hundred Interesting Mathematical Calculations, Number 7 One Hundred Interesting Mathematical Calculations, Number 7: Julius Caesar's Last Breath What's the chance that the breath you just inhaled contains at least one air molecule that was in Julius Caesar's last breath--the one in which he said (according to Shakespeare) " Et tu Brute ? Then die Caesar"? Assume that the more than two thousand years that have passed have been enough time for all the molecules in Caesar's last breath to mix evenly in the atmosphere, and that only a trivial amount of the molecules have leaked out into the oceans or the ground. That gives a chance of 2 x 10 22 /10 44 = 2x 10 -22 that any one particular molecule you breathe in came from Caesar's last breath. [1-2x10 -22 ] [2x10^22] as the probability that none of the molecules in the breath you just inhaled (assuming you are still holding out) came from Julius Caesar's last breath. How to evaluate this? [e [-2x10^(-22)] ] [2x10^(22)]

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