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Interior Design

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Table basse industrielle: 50 modèles fous et surprenants. Le style industriel s’immisce dans nos salons et séjours Pour sublimer votre intérieur avec touche rétro-moderne, nous ne saurions trop vous recommander de vous intéresser de près au style industriel, très en vogue depuis une quinzaine d’années.

Table basse industrielle: 50 modèles fous et surprenants

Aussi une table basse dans un style industriel peut rapidement devenir le point focal de votre salon, celui qui attire les regards et la convoitise ! Alliant caractère, solidité et style, la table basse de type « usine » ou « entrepôt » saura étayer votre déco grâce à son côté fonctionnel et la mise en valeur élégante de ses matériaux, entre métaux, béton et bois. Les meilleures adresses pour trouver des modèles de table basse industrielle Cliquez sur les liens pour accéder directement aux offres de produit Du métal au mélange du bois et de l’acier, les modèles ci-dessous de table basse industrielle apporteront leur petite touche d’originalité à votre salon, votre chambre ou tout simplement à la salle de séjour de votre loft.

Table basse ronde style industriel en bois et métal flexo bois Wadiga. Design Within Reach. Giorgio Soressi recalls drawing at an early age in his family’s home in Cremona, in northern Italy.

Design Within Reach

“I was, I think, 3 years old. Very, very little,” Soressi says. “I began to draw on the floor with white gesso. How To Install Invisible Shelves (Painting & Decorating) Pimp out your pad on the cheap!

How To Install Invisible Shelves (Painting & Decorating)

This is a great way to start conversation about your favorite books and how cool you are for making books float on your wall! AMAZING! 30 creative and stylish wall decorating ideas. Fabric on walls with starch Framing Books Kitchen Chalkboard Dark wall, white frames.

30 creative and stylish wall decorating ideas

Giant Clock Use Paint Chips to Create Wall Art DIY: driftwood photo display Using vintage suitcases as shelves… 21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture. DIY Doily Light: Simple Suspended-Sphere Lace Lamp Shade. So simple a child could make it – and have fun in the process, too.

DIY Doily Light: Simple Suspended-Sphere Lace Lamp Shade

And the result? A shining example of how light and shadow can work together to brighten up a room. Photo Wall Art Display {Home Decor Inspiration} Here at I Heart Faces, our goal is to help you get the most out of your photography.

Photo Wall Art Display {Home Decor Inspiration}

From learning how to use your camera to getting your images off the computer, we want you to be inspired and enjoy your images. Last month we suggested using your photos to create some dynamic wall art displays. We’ve rounded up some more of our favorite ideas from around the web to inspire you to create your very own photo wall art display. Above Photo Credit: Apartment This photo art display was part of a spunky laundry room re-do by Dimples and Tangles. This clean, modern staircase wall treatment by Nicole Begley, one of our lovely I Heart Faces readers, makes a bold statement.

Tiny Apartment in Florence by Silvia Allori — urdesignmag. Italian architect Silvia Allori has overhauled for herself a tiny apartment designed in the 70’s by a Florence architect, who thought a space on a human scale in every single detail.

Tiny Apartment in Florence by Silvia Allori — urdesignmag

The white laminate is predominant, and it has been used playfully on the walls of the living room to hide cabinets, a table, neon lights and plasters, which are never exposed. The cabinets and the table disappear within the laminated niches, while a series of cuts in the space between the wall and cladding, filtered some neon lights, breaking down the rigid geometry of the volumes. The ceiling follows a total white volumes scheme, that is lightened by the rythm of some slender rectangular bars that mark the space and serve as an entering guide to the house. Niches and steps create voids that can be filled and turned when needed into sofas and beds.

Bed-Stuy Loft by New Affiliates, Brooklyn — urdesignmag. New York-based design studio New Affiliates has transformed a former industrial space in the increasingly trendy neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, often shortened to Bed-Stuy, into a minimalistic loft.

Bed-Stuy Loft by New Affiliates, Brooklyn — urdesignmag

New Affiliates renovated the Bed-Stuy Loft using unfinished materials to retain the original atmosphere, with exposed steel, raw plywood and metal-mesh panels used to partition areas for different activities. The added elements playfully interact with two large existing columns positioned near the edge of the space, which serve as a terminating boundary for the design. Their architectural intervention either keeps an intimate gap that mimics the outline of the column, or hugs it.

My scandinavian home: A sustainable Finnish cabin. Yesterday it was so stormy here in Southern Sweden.

my scandinavian home: A sustainable Finnish cabin

I nipped around the corner for a coffee and the sea was full of white horses. The style that springs to mind when you think “beach house” is commonly called American coastal.

The palette of this style is drawn from sand, shells and, of course, sea and sky. 20 Of The World’s Best Restaurant And Bar Interior Designs. A good interior design can do as much for a cafe, restaurant or bar as good food, drinks and service can. We made this list of establishments to show you some of the best bar, cafe and restaurant designs in the world, and most of them have even won awards for their interiors.