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Shop, design custom fabric, wallpaper & gift wrap

Shop, design custom fabric, wallpaper & gift wrap

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The Ave Venice - Custom Everything - Dio - Holy Diver We Ship Worldwide Home / Online Shop / Chucks Minimum quantity is 1. Maximum quantity is -11. We're One Step Closer to Nuclear Fusion Energy - Wired Science The gold cylinder where fusion reactions take place at NIF. Image: NIF Scientists with the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced today that they have achieved a critical step in fusion research: For the first time, their hydrogen fuel has given off more energy than it took in. Though an important milestone, the result does not mean that your Delorean is soon going to sport a Mr. Fusion reactor.

Books on Mass Customization - A curated list of recommendations R ecent Studies & Publications The Market for Open Innovation 2013: Completely new study on open innovation providers and platforms. Praxishandbuch Technologietransfer: Innovative Methoden zum Transfer wissenschaftlicher Ergebnisse in die industrielle Anewndung The Customization 500: Benchmarking 500 Co-Design Toolkits in MC BtoC eCommerce Our German book on Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Customer Co-Creation . Reichwald & Piller: Interaktive Wertschoepfung How To Make a Lace Patterned Notebook Here's a simple and quick way to pretty up a plain notebook. We love adding lace patterns—like this coffee table project here! This technique works best on canvas or fabric covered notebooks. Here's how you can make your own: 1.

Textile Designers: 10 Women to Watch - Shopping Guide Over the last few years, there have been some obvious standouts in the world of contemporary textile design. People like Amy Butler, Lotta Jansdotter, and Natalie Chanin have garnered well-deserved attention for their fresh signature styles, while paving the way for other talented women to make an impact in the industry. Here are ten whose work merits a closer look. Erin Flett Erin lives and works in Maine, where she has a family and two young daughters.

These Beautiful Scarves Will Give You Wings Is it a bird, is it a girl?! Roza Khamitova is a fashion designer giving women everywhere a set of wings. When wrapped tightly around ones’ shoulders, the shawls made by Roza look like a uniquly lovely collection of colors and patterns, but when spread out wide these fashion shawls look just like the wings of a beautiful bird.

Love Mattress: Modern Sleeping Bed for Couples Sleeping entwined with another is a novel concept, but there's always the problem of that extra arm. Where does one put it? Mehdi Mojtabvi's Love Mattress offers a simple solution for the chronic limp arm that often results from sleeping while wrapped in a prolonged embrace. Mojtabvi has studied the embracing styles of couples while in bed and has confirmed what we all know -- that having your arm flattened under your partner's body for prolonged periods of cuddling isn't exactly comfortable.

BOS academic : The Miura-Ori map The Miura-Ori map by Ian Bain Folded maps are merciless to the user who makes the slightest error in returning them to their compact form. Pt the Tokyo ICA meeting Koryo Miura and Masamori Sakamaki from Tokyo University's Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science demonstrated an application, of space science, combined with a little Origami, which transforms the ergonomics of map folding. Miura and Sakamaki normally work on the problems of packing large flat items, like satellite antennae and solar collectors, into the smallest, most compact shapes with a view to deploying them as rapidly and as simply as possible. They saw three problems with naps folded at right angles in the conventional manner. Sincerely, Kinsey: Jewelry Box I've always had a fancy for creating all sorts of decorative gadgets out of books. Don't fret though; I couldn't possibly do this to one I hold dear. Instead, I'm a familiar face to the thrift store bookshelves. You can always find an old, beat up book with a charming cover, just waiting to be created into something new.

FreeSpirit fabric designers Anna Maria Horner grew up in a house full of her dad's paintings and with a closet full of her mom's handi-work. As a kid in the 70's, she passed up the $1.79 Barbie dresses in Service Merchandise, opting instead to create designs from her mother's fabric artist was born. After graduating with an honors fine arts degree in drawing, Anna Maria opened Handmaiden, a clothing and housewares boutique.

Nipple, Vaginal, and Anal Bleaching Cream Caspah realized the trend of anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching, and nipple bleaching many years ago. This allowed us to hit the scene early and have years of testing and development. This is why our intimate area bleaching cream is the best on the market and has been used by many very popular people in the world of beauty and entertainment. Our product has been engineered to show amazing results, but also be gentle on the skin.

This Movie Works Whether You Play It Backward or Forward Creating palindromes, strings of words that make an identical statement when read backward or forward, is a challenge, but doing the same with film poses an even more complex set of difficulties. Paris-based graphic designer Yann Pineill’s palindromic short film, Symmetry, is impressive because it succeeds in presenting a mirrored narrative that progresses organically whether watched from the beginning, from the middle, or reversed from the end. “I did a lot of research on symmetry, and since it’s a really vast concept that can literally be applied to everything, I wanted to talk about a lot of different things,” Pineill says. “It was only when I started to look into symmetry in movements, actions and time that I really pictured the whole thing as a palindrome

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