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Is BIM redefining the roles and working practices of the Quantity Surveyor? A long existing concern of automation and digitisation is a perceived threat it poses to Quantity Surveyors.

Is BIM redefining the roles and working practices of the Quantity Surveyor?

It’s possible they see BIM as a threat to their job roles and growth prospects since a lot of work would be automated the day BIM is deployed on a full scale. However, upon observation, one may cite instances of construction planning, scheduling, costing, etc. where BIM has not blurred, but in fact sharpened the roles of Quantity Surveyors. The current situation The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors describes the role as: “The role of a Quantity Surveyor is to ensure that the resources of the construction industry are deployed for the betterment of society by providing the financial management and serve as a cost consultant to their clients.”

Efficiently light up Buildings with BIM; don’t just construct. Suppose a philosopher’s stone, as an ancestral family belonging, is passed on to you; but you don’t realize its worth, and maintain the legacy of using it as a paperweight.

Efficiently light up Buildings with BIM; don’t just construct

It’d be so unwise of you, right? Same would be the case if EPC contractors, construction firms and civil engineers would continue to use BIM for building design and construction and not let it evolve; suffocating its real potential. Maintaining the Sanctity of the Museum Architecture While Designing. Articles. Usha B Trivedi explains why DFMA is a natural ally for BIM, helping to change the way buildings will be put together in the future Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) has already become prominent within the fabrication industry through optimising the design and cost output on the factory floor.


Lately, however, its application has gained a significant momentum in the construction industry. Infrastructure development projects should utilise BIM. Mega construction projects are always daunting by their very nature, even for long established engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms and well experienced general contractors.

Infrastructure development projects should utilise BIM

It is a unanimous opinion of most construction firms that major hurdles arise from interdisciplinary design clashes. Resolving these design clashes, cost overruns and delayed schedules are some of the frequently occurring phenomena during the tenure of infrastructure development. Worse are the times when these design clashes are encountered long after a significant part of construction has been completed. Data Driven BIM for Gen Y Structural Engineer. Building Construction Posted by Hiral Patel on June 15th, 2017 BIM is on its way up, and with software technology advancements in its court, it has trashed out all the redundant AEC industry practices to replace with the digitized workflows.

Data Driven BIM for Gen Y Structural Engineer

BIM supports architects and MEP consultants for healthcare construction project - Architecture. What good is a nation when all it has is advances in technology and none implemented on civilians’ health and safety, or none commercialized in healthcare sector?

BIM supports architects and MEP consultants for healthcare construction project - Architecture

By healthcare, I not only mean mediclaims, insurance policies, well-qualified medical practitioners, and healthcare facilities equipped with medical devices. I extend my perspective to well-constructed healthcare facilities with technology assistance of BIM and lean construction approach. I also mean facilities that are running efficiently on the least energy when I say well-constructed healthcare facilities. What I'm asking is whether the healthcare facility construction has improved since AEC industry shifted to digital BIM workflow. Viewpoint: BIM Coordination Meetings from MEP Perspective—Then vs Now. AEC professionals have long valued the idea of clash detection in software systems.

Viewpoint: BIM Coordination Meetings from MEP Perspective—Then vs Now

But quality and fruitful MEP coordination team meetings take more than just values and ideas—they take structured practices that leverage leading industry tools. Today, it’s been almost two decades since MEP engineers and contractors have started using BIM to resolve design conflicts. However, there are times when MEP engineers become upset at the end of each BIM coordination meeting, since they get on board quite late, as far as designs are concerned. Why should you Invite BIM over Coffee for next Retail Construction Project? Talking about Starbucks coffee is too main stream; talk about its construction standards and regional curve in it and you may invite an EPC firm’s chief building design engineer for a never ending conversation or maybe a billion dollar business.

Why should you Invite BIM over Coffee for next Retail Construction Project?

Mention any novel technology – BIM and/or Virtual Reality – Starbucks has it. In essence, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there is as much to learn from the retailer’s construction practices and technology adoption as from its brand value. Hi-Tech Engineering Design Solutions. Emerging Economies LEED in BIM Adoption; A Step Towards Betterment. Developing economies such as China, Brazil, South Africa, India etc. have come to understand the importance of green building construction following the rising need for imperative economical and sustainable development.

Emerging Economies LEED in BIM Adoption; A Step Towards Betterment

However, challenges such as lack of resources and financial conditions hinder the construction of green building in developing nations; unlike developed nations such as USA and UK. The pivotal hurdle in green buildings development for emerging economies is that these countries have many other national issues like poverty, unemployment, and ultimately better living standards to be looked after. It has thus compelled governmental authorities to address aforementioned issues from the front; obviously putting green buildings construction to enter the fray from behind.

In order to understand LEED benefits, it is vital to know how building construction harms the environment and leaves irreversible carbon footprints. Macro BIM: Building Information Modelling - e-architect. Macro BIM, Construction Technology Visualization, Structures Design, Architecture CAD Building Information Modelling – AEC Industry Construction Computer Design Information 30 May 2017 BIM: Building Information Modelling Event Macro BIM cost estimation turns financial crunch into AEC industry’s favor BIM assembled with higher level building elements at macro levels of visualization, cost estimation, spatial coordination, construction sequencing, energy performance and risk anticipation, adds value to project outcomes.

Macro BIM: Building Information Modelling - e-architect

Major administration shifts directly affecting construction Providing affordable shelter in the form of residential township to every commoner is at the center for most nations. On the other hand, the European Union saw Brexit – a major political shift and a shocker to EU and UK, both. ARThood. “With the buzz word ‘drone’ that every AEC industry professional is aware of, it’s pretty controversial to express any views that disagree with its usefulness. But yes, there is a strong case of disagreement about the revolution that drones are [or are expected] to bring across construction industry.” DRONES! BIM for Railways Infrastructure Development. European railways infrastructure construction and development faces a number of business as well as technological challenges of modern era. These challenges of construction hindrance and budget insufficiency originate out of climatic shifts, regulations and public subsides. Furthermore, a commitment to deliver high-level results, safety and security, capacity and connectivity of construction site with the office staff and sustainable development are the obstacles in the progress of construction.

Besides, especially in Europe; railways are public goods and a consensus has to be reached for their needs and wants. BIM+ - Augmented reality: the next logical move for BIM-ready firms? Is a BIM-ready construction sector ready to embrace augmented reality (AR) as a standard practice? Will it tightly integrate the design and construction phases for improved communication, quality and efficiency across the building design and development, or is it still an add-on to core working practices? Gaurang Trivedi investigates. The construction sector is slowly but successfully transforming itself into a digital environment with the adoption of BIM. The practice of building design, which once used to happen in silo, is now more collaborative.

BIM: Myth or Reality? - Only MYTH. Challenges for Building Product Manufacturers in Adopting BIM. Building product manufacturers today are facing the unavoidable BIM storm, which requires them to develop product data in a standardized format as a part of requirements from contractors who follow BIM processes for construction projects. It is becoming increasingly challenging for manufacturers to maintain a library of BIM objects and that too with required meta-data, as each new project has its own set of data requirements.

But doing nothing is equally risky, as without BIM-ready models the chances of architects/designers picking the manufacturer’s product in their designs are less, affecting the revenues eventually. How to make a construction projects cost effective. BIM for healthcare facilities: A closer look at the benefits and challenges. Apart from being different, general contractors find healthcare building construction projects to be the grimmest ones too because of technology upgrades, their unpredictability, the large area and inconvenience in maintaining unhindered site activities. Most EPC firms would rather build something other than refurbishing or renovating an existing healthcare facility or even construct it from scratch.

When BIM Supersedes 2D Drawings, Structural Engineers Need Collaboration Cosh. Pay No More to BIM Charlatans; Else You Are a Propagator of BIM Wash. Posted byJaydeep Chauhan on May 16th, 2017. BIM and Cloud: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Construction Management. Posted by Jaydeep Chauhan on May 9th, 2017 For general contractors, delivering quality construction projects in minimal time is the key to get quick ROIs. ARThood. Approaching near-universal BIM adoption by AEC professionals has not only offered a 3D design collaboration and coordination but also delivered a revolutionized construction management approach. Construction Design Engineers should adopt Autodesk Revit to meet stringent project deadlines & market demands. There are 3 P's of BIM: people, processes and policies. Advances in technology have impacted virtually every sphere of life, where Radio Shack stores have been replaced by cloud service providers like Google and Amazon, Netflix has replaced Blockbuster, and smartphones have successfully replaced Polaroid cameras.

Hospital Construction Projects Can Get Faster, Better & Cheaper, Says Expert Architect. As a director of AEC division at Hi-Tech iSolutions LLP, one of India’s most successful architectural design support firms, Bhushan Avsatthi sees exciting opportunities ahead to build what he feels and calls “future enabled” hospital building; faster, better and cheaper while offering greater energy-efficiency and enhanced flexibility. How to improve the overall hospital construction process in coming years? Yes there are ample opportunities of improving the hospital construction processes. To start with and to have the most prominent impact, implementing lean construction ideas would make all the difference.

Secondly, the construction process should be looked at more like a manufacturing process. Why is Clash Detection & Resolutions Significant in BIM? Posted by Hiral Patel on March 31st, 2017. Construction Industry Needs Digitized Project-Management Work Flows. What are leading building construction companies across the globe worried about? Contractors Should Verify Construction Project Documents for Change Order Requests. BIM & As-Built Models Mitigate Risks in Refurbishment Projects. Viewpoint: Drone Revolution is Dominating Construction Projects Across Every Stage. 3 BIM offerings that drive successful building construction projects. BIM Helps Structural Engineers To Construct Earthquake Resilient Buildings. Steel Framing Projects - Panelization Maximizes Off-Site Construction Benefits.

To Small & Medium Construction Firms BIM Is Tough; Offshoring is a Viable Option. Is BIM more beneficial to Overall Construction Industry? Architectural Design Support, 2D/3D CAD Drafting Drawing Services.

CAD Drafting and Designing

Importance of Structural Analysis to Structural Engineers for Construction Projects. Interior Design and Architecture of Wonderful Hall Design Project. 3D Floor Plans Design: 3d House Floor Plans Modeling & Rendering. Rebar Detailing; An Essential Element of Structural Engineering. ARThood. Is BIM Getting Tough; Or Is It Just A Deceit?