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Architect Online: A premier site for Arch

Architect Online: A premier site for Arch
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Eikongraphia Ultra-Modern Meets Rustic at Tahoe Ridge House | Modern Octopus As one steps inside the modern home design of Tahoe Ridge House by WA Design Inc., one feels as if they are still outside, held in the warm embrace of the outdoors and its rusting fall colors. The double-level, lofted dining area has a certain cathedral feel to it, possibly achieve thanks to the apparent girders, with all nails fully visible and a rough finish vibe to them. The warmth of wood an the rustic charm is complemented by the ample grilled windows, which shine light down on the superb dining room table – a couple of planks that look wholly raw, edgy and natural. Also in the dining/day area, there is a granite fireplace with a modern look, and this look is also carried off by the ultra-sleek kitchen, that features some overhead cabinets like you’ve never seen before. They are clad in stainless steel and remind one of rough-cut diamonds. (Source:

Dữ liệu cho kiến trúc - xây dựng Top 100 Architecture Blogs | International Listings Blog Posted in Features on October 17, 2007 If Modernism was the twentieth-century architectural trend that developed a new way of thinking, then Urbanism appears to be the twenty-first century architectural mindset. This trend is breeding urban explorers (urbex), the greening of major metropolitan areas, and a focus on merging habitats and commercial structures with politics, culture, history and the arts. Top Ten The following ten sites were plucked from this list’s topics as the ‘best of the best’ of the blogs that were chosen for this list. A Daily Dose of Architecture: Or, “Archidose,” as blogger John Hill calls it. Topics Covered In This List Aggregators | Design and Technology | Environmental and/or Sustainable | Landscape | Niche | Musings | Photography | Urbanism Aggregators While many blogs tend to pick up on news from other architectural sites, the following blogs and aggregators make it a business to keep readers informed on daily architectural happenings. Back to index Landscape Niche

View Hundreds of Architecture Magazines Online With This Digital Archive By Hanley Wood and NCMH View Hundreds of Architecture Magazines Online With This Digital Archive By Hanley Wood and NCMH North Carolina Modernist Homes (NCMH) and Hanley Wood (parent company of ARCHITECT) have partnered to create Colossus: a new digital archive of 20th century architectural publications, reports Architect Magazine. When complete, it will be the largest digital archive of modern architecture magazines, with over 1.3 million pages. For NCMH, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and documentation of mid-century modernist residential architecture, Colossus is a natural next step. The sizable collections of NCMH have already been uploaded, while Hanley Wood’s collection will be available July 1, 2016. Finds in the archive can range from informative to humorous to nostalgic.

A Daily Dose of Architecture FlexWi ~ Inspiration Designs for Homes Hotels Apartments II - Home Architecture basics This article is sponsored in part by Lexus. For More Insights On How To Admire, Experience & Savor The Best Things On Earth, Check Out Charter — AskMen's Guide To Living Life To The Fullest. Goethe once called architecture “a kind of petrified music.” And we’re not going to recommend that you repeat that quote to anyone, because you won’t have left this article with any clearer sense of what it means. You will, however, have left this piece with the requisite equipment — names and lingo to drop, trends to reference and debates to provoke — needed to approach architecture as a confident beginner. Why accumulate this kind of casual knowledge? The first step to approaching an architecture discussion with confidence is to learn some names to drop. Big name: Le Corbusier How established a name is this early 20th-century Swiss architect? Le Corbusier once declared, “A house is a machine for living in,” and therein lies both his approach to his craft and his ultimate legacy.

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