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Sex & Architecture

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Ken Adam: El arquitecto 007. Entre 1962 y 1979, Sir Kenneth Adam, nacido (como Klaus Adam) en Berlín en 1921 y emigrado a Inglaterra en 1934, diseñó casi todos los decorados de las películas más famosas de James Bond.

Ken Adam: El arquitecto 007

Desde el apartamento supermoderno y subterráneo del “Dr. No” (1962) o el Fort Knox de “Goldfinger” (1964), pasando por la central de Blofeld, oculta en un volcán artificial, en “Sólo se vive dos veces” (1966) y hasta las naves espaciales de “Moonraker” (1979), Ken Adam diseñó ilusiones espectaculares de arquitectura para el público de todo el mundo. Influenciado por la escenografía expresionista de “El gabinete del Dr. Caligari” o “El testamento del Dr. Mabuse” y después de estudiar un par de años en la Bartlett School of Architecture (hasta que empezó la Segunda Guerra Mundial), en 1948 se introdujo en el mundo del cine como delineante, trabajando en la década de los 50 en películas como “Ben Hur” o “La vuelta al mundo en 80 días”, por la que obtuvo su primera nominación a los Oscar. James Bond architecture. Vía Carlos_Volume #33 – Beatriz Colomina – Radical Interiority.

2015 marks Volume’s 10th birthday.

Vía Carlos_Volume #33 – Beatriz Colomina – Radical Interiority

The coming weeks we’ll republish our readers’ favorite articles. If you feel tempted to highlight yours with a brief motivation, please send an email to “Why this article? It symbolizes one of the most genuine values of Volume: to show the forces that shape our world and habitat with and without the conscience intervention of professional designers and planners; to reveal how things are made; and, to claim the utility of architectural intelligence as a mode of thought, as a splendid tool not only to operate in the world but also to explain a state of things (which in a world where fictions permanently leverage facts, is not so far from acting in the world). The Dirsmith Group_Arquitectos Casa Hefner. Playboy Architecture 1953-1979.

With its massive global circulation of sexualization of architecture.

Playboy Architecture 1953-1979

Playboy arguably had more influence on the dissemination of modern design than professional magazines, interiors magazines and even institutions like the Museum of Modern Art. Playboy architecture is all about the interior. The playboy is an indoors man. Recipes for Instant Sex: How Playboy Magazine Gendered the Post War Kitchen. Porn Without the Porn: Sex-Free Photos Delve Into Fetish Fortress' Wacky Past. A National Guard facility.

Porn Without the Porn: Sex-Free Photos Delve Into Fetish Fortress' Wacky Past

A professional boxing venue. A Star Wars shooting location. And now, most recently, a massive online fetish porn factory. The San Francisco Armory has a history befitting its Moorish, lost-in-time exterior. TODAY! IN ADULT FILM. Remember the @steakmtn adult movie w/ @misslarkinlove & @dpiercexxx ?


#nsfw #at #all (at Lait renversé dans le dreamscape lascif) #all#nsfw#at. Porn Set Designers Are Artists, Too. Christopher Norris, AKA Steak Mtn California-based graphic artist and porn set decorator Christopher Norris, aka Steak Mtn, started out designing album covers for punk and hardcore bands, such as Against Me!

Porn Set Designers Are Artists, Too

, Cult Ritual and Combatwoundedveteran. Exhibition poster Web. Mediaknowall » Blog Archive » Exhibition (2013) Nov 10, 2013 Movies.

Mediaknowall » Blog Archive » Exhibition (2013)

The Architecture of the Adam Art Gallery - Tyler Harlen. The Architecture of the Adam Art Gallery Essay Tutor: Georgia Leckie Instructor: Michael Dudding A Brief History of Adam Art Gallery Built in October 1996 and finished in December 1998, Adam Art Gallery is one of the first university art galleries in the southern hemisphere (Gatley 240).

The Architecture of the Adam Art Gallery - Tyler Harlen

Porn Star Sasha Grey Rides the Funicular at Lautner's Chemosphere - Architecture Porn. Meet the Married Couple That Designs Your Favorite Porn Parodies' Sets. When we think about porn sets, we automatically picture white leather couches, nauseating pieces of art tacked up on the (also white) walls, and a stray shag carpet.

Meet the Married Couple That Designs Your Favorite Porn Parodies' Sets

A million porn clichés burn in our heads, revolving around aesthetic choices secondary to sex, but thanks to Vivid's parody films and successful Vivid Superheroes imprint, the porn industry is undergoing a production design renaissance. Most of Vivid's farces are directed by modern day porn legend Axel Braun. In AVN award-winning pornos like Batman XXX and Star Wars XXX, which X-Critic called "The mother of all porn parodies," the performers fuck and suck on sets that look like the bastard children of George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic.

Cum shots still take precedence to narrative, but the budgets are bigger, the costumes often look like the superheroes they're mimicking, and the sets are less janky than you'd expect. The Socius of Architecture: Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York. The Actual Porn Made at Jackie Treehorn's Spectacular House - Architecture Porn. More Clues at the Embassy Hotel, Porn Loft For Rent in Carson - CurbedWire. Arqueología del Futuro: arquitectura y sexo. Galería de fotos 16 de 35. Sylvia-lavin-form-follows-libido.pdf. Progressive Political Pornography. (24.09.2005) The USSR.

Progressive Political Pornography

Somewhere at the end of the fifties of the previous century. A group of intellectuals and artists gather together in basements. Their meetings have one goal; the exploration of PPP or Progressive Political Pornography. Futuro – the ideal home that wasn't. Before the recession and the return of architectural probity, the phrase "like an alien spaceship" was all over architecture journalism like a cheap suit.

Faced with anything that didn't look like a brick box, critics and headline writers would ransack their imaginations before inevitably reaching for the extra-terrestrial. Frank Gehry? Future Systems? Zaha Hadid? Yep, spaceship-mongers. Commissioned to design a ski lodge for a slope in Finland, Suuronen produced what he and many others believed was the prefabricated home of the future. The Actual Porn Made at Jackie Treehorn's Spectacular House - Architecture Porn. Fernando higueras casa maestro lasalle 009. 255.255.255 » #13 porno.

Reseña fernando higuera. Rwilliams0. 'Playboy Architecture' Bibliografía. Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979 - Bureau Europa. 29 September 2012 – 9 February 2013 Exhibition in collaboration with Princeton University about the way Playboy magazine used architecture and design as important tools to shape a new identity for the American male. Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979 explores the crucial role of modern architecture— buildings, interiors, furniture, cities and product design—in constructing the Playboy imaginary. The exhibition shows how architecture was mobilized to shape a new sexual and consumer identity for the American male and how architectural taste became critical to success in the art of seduction. Through an extraordinary quantity of architecture and architects featured in Playboy, the magazine played an important role in informing the public, particularly American men, about design and architecture in relation to literature, politics, art, lifestyle and fashion.

Curatorial TeamBeatriz Colomina, Director, Ph.D. Architecture in Playboy Research. Sex and Buildings: Modern Architecture and the Sexual Revolution - Richard J. Williams. Archiporn.