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Murs. Toits/Plafonds. Sols. Ponts & tunnels. Garde-corps. Inspi lumière naturelle. Patrimoine. Industriel. Intérieur. Commerciale. Muséographie. Conception lumière architecturale à Paris : 27 réalisations à visiter. Seconde jeunesse pour le Kulm Eispavillon, par Foster+Partners - Light ZOOM Lumière. Chasing Moscow Metro Lights. Galeries Lafayette, Centre Bourse, trois voilettes lumineuses à Marseille. Lumière, matériel et immatériel dans l'art et l'architecture. INOUT House / Joan Puigcorbé (634205) Tomihiro Art Museum / aat + makoto yokomizo (632043) Newlands12 (29329) House on a Dune / Oppenheim Architecture + Design. Architects: Oppenheim Architecture + Design Location: The Bahamas Area: 3000.0 ft2 Year: 2015 Photographs: Karen Fuchs From the architect.

House on a Dune / Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Architect Chad Oppenheim, who has designed homes for the likes of movie director Michael Bay and projects for Pharrell, recently completed what he calls “House on a Dune,” a minimalistic, elegant and comfortable beach house that blends into its breathtaking surroundings in Harbour Island, Bahamas. The spectacular 3,000-square-foot waterfront private residence was designed to reconnect its inhabitants with nature, encouraging a greater consciousness of the elements and their manifestations.

In a time when architecture has become fixated with computer generated forms and over-the-top modern design, House on a Dune is elegant in its simplicity – designed to heighten ones experience of the beautiful island nature that surrounds the home and made to inspire and maximize pleasurable moments. Centro Cultural Les Quinconces / Babin+Renaud.

Arquitetos: Babin+Renaud Localização: Le Mans, França Área: 28198.0 m² Ano Do Projeto: 2014 Fotografias: Cécile Septet Arquiteto Associado: Oab Pesquisa Técnica Hidráulica E Estrutural: Grontmij Sechaud Bossuyt Pesquisa Técnica Paredes: Vs-A Orçamentos: Tohier Acústica: Ase International Palco: Daniel Darbois Oficina De Palco: Pascal Payeur Arquiteto Paisagista: Michel Desvigne Luminotécnico: Light Cibles Organização Multiplex E Vozes: Ora Ïto Cliente: Le Mans Custo: €75.40 m Do arquiteto.

Centro Cultural Les Quinconces / Babin+Renaud

Muito esperado pelos cidadãos, o complexo cultural "Les Quinconces", projetado por Éric Babin e Jean-François Renaud ocupou um lugar importante na vida cultural e social de Le Mans desde sua abertura. Ergue-se como uma interface entra as árvores da "Esplanade des Quinconces" que é o lugar da cidade destinado aos grandes eventos e a "Place des Jacobins" que recebe três vezes por semana um mercado ao ar livre. Um condensador social e urbano Versátil e Modulável. Canadian-Firefighters-Memorial-by-PLANT-Architect-07.

City_Garden_Zug-Planetage-06-Guido-Baselgia. Light Matters: Creating Walls of Light. Modernism induced a shift in lighting away from luminaires and towards invisible light sources that render spaces in a purer (forgive the pun) light.

Light Matters: Creating Walls of Light

For the first time, lit walls were used to define rooms and to structure architecture. Today I’d like to explore early prototypes – including Philip Johnson’s Brick House and the Seagram Building – and discuss how their lighting techniques continue to influence architecture today. When Philip Johnson remodeled the windowless bedroom in his Brick Guest House, he installed a series of plaster vaults from the ceiling, which he then emphasized with lighting. In collaboration with the American lighting specialist Richard Kelly he developed the idea of creating a glow of light that washes the walls. The concealed light sources created a mysterious impression for the intimate space. Johnson and Kelly developed the wall concept further when they designed the sophisticated lighting concept for the Four Season Restaurant at the Seagram Building.

Illumination: Small Olympic Hall / pfarré lighting design. With a capacity of 3600 places, and an alternative to its ‘grand sister’, the small olympic hall, is embedded carefully in the protected Olympic Park ensemble as it almost disappears.

Illumination: Small Olympic Hall / pfarré lighting design

With pfarré lighting design working closely with the architects, the attic has been detailed to house a linear, dimmable lighting system. The huge notch, cut into the hill, which covers the building, was underlined with light on both sides. More images and their description after the break.