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French + English Version ‘From Radicalism to Idiotcracy, From Y.F. to P.S.’ At cross-purposes As multipurpose as a Swiss army knife, shunted back and forth every which way between art and architecture, he is at once an alibi, a foil, a spiritual father, a defeated ideologue whose scars are an atonement (the deafness, whether real or feigned – we’ll come back to it later) and rather handy… a paper architect, an ideologue, the kind of brand that keeps on giving, still legitimized by the French establishment, that funny alter cocker Yona Friedman® with the slight Slavic accent that makes you smile, whose foibles everyone forgives, since they’re so charming and “inoffensive.” Yona Friedman® is perfectly adaptable… inflatable balloons to mimic the Spatial City,[1] floating cartons filed with salon-utopian political phraseology, pathetic and pathological. Has Friedman become, through no fault of his own, an icon for fakers, architects who reek of cheap – and lazy – political aesthetics?

New-Territories Berger&Berger laboratories teaching (Research as Speculation) Francois Roche with R&Sie(n) is developing the research 'Uncertainties' since the "i've heard about" experiment, in Paris, in 2005, through 8 courses in Master Class and Cross Studio (U-Penn + Columbia in 2006 / Columbia in 2007 / Angewangde + Columbia in 2008 / USC + Columbia in 2009-10-11 / Upenn + Columbia in 2013). Francois Roche invited : Stephan Henrich (4 times-Upenn-Angewandte-USC...) and Ezio Blasetti (4 times Gsapp) and Devin Jerrigan (Upenn) in 2013, GwillJahn (RMIT) in 2012-13, SuQi (USC) in 2011, Miranda Romer (Gsapp) in 2011, David Pigram (Gsapp) in 2010, as Marc Fornes (4 times GSAPP), David Benjamin, Manfred Herman and Mat Staudt / Blog below on multiple cessions / Including Scenario+Script+Design Access to Material Expertise>>> Access to Robotic Expertise>>> (n)certainties -UPENN + GSAPP-Fall 2013 (n)certainties -GSAPP-Fall 2012 (n)certainties - RMIT-UTS - Spring 2012 (n)certainties - Columbia - Fall 2011 (n)certainties - Columbia - Fall 2010

JAKOB + MACFARLANE Planetary ONE [Open Network Ecology] Atelier Christian de Portzamparc KRUYSMAN | PROTO so what architecture architecte montpellier Co-de-iT | Computational Design Italy Ateliers Lion associés - Architectes Urbanistes Paysagistes - DIAPORAMA Le nouveau bâtiment de l’Institut des Cultures de l’Islam, lieu dédié à la création et à la diffusion des cultures contemporaines en lien avec le monde musulman, a été inauguré le 28 novembre 2013 avec deux adresses : au 56 rue Stephenson ou au 19-23 rue Léon dans le XVIIIe arrondissement de Paris. Cet établissement culturel de la Goutte d’Or regroupe des salles d’exposition, un atelier culinaire, un café, un espace d’accueil, une salle de prière, des salles de cours, des bureaux administratifs, ainsi qu’un hammam et un espace de salon de thé et soins corporels qui ouvrira début 2014.

Working Group on Adaptive Systems ARCHITECTURE STUDIO - Home page SJET SJET LLC, started by Skylar Tibbits in 2007, was initiated as platform for experimental computation + design and has grown into a multidisciplinary research based practice. SJET crosses disciplines from design, fabrication, computer science to robotics... SJET is a direct result of an endless search for more... Skylar Tibbits' research focuses on self-assembly and programmable material technologies for novel manufacturing, products and construction processes. Previously, he has worked at a number of renowned design offices including: Zaha Hadid Architects, Asymptote Architecture and Point b Design. Skylar has a Professional Degree in Architecture and minor in experimental computation from Philadelphia University. Skylar Tibbits is also the director of the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT. In 2007, Skylar Tibbits and Marc Fornes co-curated Scriptedbypurpose, the first exhibition focused exclusively on scripted processes within design.