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Shades of Grey: DOWNLOADS. Pages This Blog This page brings together downloads scattered around in various posts.

Shades of Grey: DOWNLOADS

It's a work in progress, hope you find it useful. Improved RPC Trees Plan symbol matches 3d, instance rotation parameter Fritz Hansen Furniture my versions of their classic designs in RFA format. Revit Elemental: Shape Handles (Dragging Grips) and Instance Parameters. Using Instance Parameters usually means that when you load your family into your Revit project you see blue grips or arrows at the ends of the instance elements.

Revit Elemental: Shape Handles (Dragging Grips) and Instance Parameters

When setting out geometry from a Level in an elevation view, sometimes the Shape Handles (Grips) don’t appear. Why? I have no idea, but I found the solution by adding a reference plane on top of the level line and locking them together. Dimension to the reference plane instead of the level line and the shape handles appear correctly. In the example below I used Generic Wall Based Family which has a Reference Level at the base of the wall. Here it is loaded into a project, notice it is selected but there is no shape handle.

Turning model text into a void. Truss+ RT Webinar - New Way to design your Trusses in Revit® Revit Architecture Rooms Tutorial. Migrating from AutoCAD to Revit. A Crash Course in Handling Large BIM Projects. Revit Tech Tip 22 Understanding Revit Parameters 9 5 12. Revit: How to Add a Material Parameter to a Family - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog. Scenario: You have a Revit family, but you are unable to change the materials in the project.

Revit: How to Add a Material Parameter to a Family - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog

The reason for this is due to the fact that there were no material parameters applied to the solids in the family, so I will show you how to add them. Open the family in question. As long as it was created from Revit solids we can add a material parameter to it. If it was created from an .sat file, throw it out and rebuild it! E-book: Revit Architecture 2010: Your First Residential Design. Learning Revit Architecture may be confusing.

E-book: Revit Architecture 2010: Your First Residential Design

You may don’t know where to start and what to do. This e-book provides you step-by-step tutorial, from the concept, interface, and building a model from scratch. Until the documentation is ready to plot. Revit 2015/2016: Missing Revit Content Libraries - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog. If you install Revit without any errors but when opening it you get this message "Default Family Template File Invalid" or you don't have any templates or families do the following to fix Revit.

Revit 2015/2016: Missing Revit Content Libraries - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog

Please Note: When you see "XX" I am referring to your version. For example if you are seeing the above error in your Revit 2015 then whenever you see "XX" then you need to look for the 2015 folder. Check and see if there is nothing in the folder located in the C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 20XX folder. The files that are in this folder are:Family Templates, IES, Libraries, Lookup Tables, Recent, Templates, UserDataCache. Solutions: Find a user whose Revit is working correctly and copy their RVT20XX folder from the C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ and copy it to your C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ and overwrite the current folder with this same name (RVT20XX). Views: Duplicating Views. In this article we are going to take a look at the Duplicate View tool, within Revit Architecture.

Views: Duplicating Views

Please note that this tool is also found in all other flavours of Revit (ie Revit Structure and Revit MEP) and works in exactly the same manner. The “Duplicate View” tool can be found on the “View” menu, in the “Create” tab. The interesting thing about the tool is that it contains three different options. These are:- ArchVision RPC for Revit. RPC helps you fill your Revit scenes with exciting architectural entourage and tell a more compelling story.

ArchVision RPC for Revit

It works so well, RPC was chosen by Autodesk as the out-of-the-box planting solution for Revit! Revit Custom Annotations part 1. Autodesk Revit 2014 Schedule Improvements. Autodesk Revit 2014 Schedule Improvements. Bringing Your Revit Models into 3ds Max. 2014 0618 SeaRUG - Rendering Revit Models in 3DS Max. REVIT - Applying View Filters. Revit Server: Central File Maintenance - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog. For those of you using Revit Server, it is still important to maintain the central file.

Revit Server: Central File Maintenance - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog

Keeping the central file healthy is critical to keeping the project running smoothly and to avoid causing file corruption. Below are best practices that need to be done routinely on the central file to keep it clean. Routinely is going to depend on how active the project is. The more active the project is, the more often it should be maintained. This should be done on all models since links impact model performance as well. I highly recommend that you make an archive copy prior to creating a new central file and append it with the current date or version. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

And click on Save as, Project and name it the same as the original Central file name and in the original location. Creating Schedule from Revit Model. Creating schedule from your Revit model basically is just the same.

Creating Schedule from Revit Model

Once you are finished with your Revit model, you can count any data from your model. It can be door/window schedule, where you can show how many doors/windows. Or it can be wall schedule, to show wall length, wall area, or wall volume. You can also showing rooms area in your design. Almost everything! The BIM Jedi (formally the Revit Jedi): Using Decals. Want to really impress your clients and give them the feeling that you really look at every detail just for them...!

The BIM Jedi (formally the Revit Jedi): Using Decals

Or make your interior renderings look more realistic. Every great residential designer will visit their client to see their lifestyle, particular furniture tastes and styles so they can get a better feel and understanding of their client. While you are there take lots of photos to refer back too, also take some good straight on photos of their artwork on their walls.

BUILD YOUR LEGACY: Door & Window Schedules/Type Elevations - Revit 2014. Creating Door & Window Type Elevations - Revit 2014 This blog post is intended to provide a short workflow detailing how to create "Door Type Elevations" which are typical on a sheet with corresponding schedules. They typically provide the contractor quick information as to the look and type of door. Free parametric BIM Models of "diffuser" in GDL, 3DS, DWG and DXF formats. Creating Conceptual Masses and Running Energy Analyses with Vasari. Autodesk Vasari (Revit) - Tips and Tricks on how to use Sun Path for Shadow studies. Advanced Revit Structure 2014 Tutorial. Youtube. Revittize: Revit Curtainwall Doors. One of the frustrations that I have always had with Revit curtain walls are the doors. When I started using Revit and wanted to insert a door into a curtain wall I always wanted to just go to insert door button and insert a door into the curtain wall, but that isn't how the curtain wall system likes to work.

What the Revit curtain wall system wants you to do is select the panel and switch the panel type from a glass panel to a door panel. The door panel is great it stretches with the size of the panel, which means if you have a panel that is 3'-0" wide and you need to make the Curtain wall a foot longer you know have a door panel that is 3'-3" or some other crazy dimensions. I have actually had a door that becomes 6" wide.

Last year I went to Minnesota University which was put on by the Cad Technology Center. About LDC and Detailed Revit Families - 3D Models. Hi! My name is Michael Anonuevo and welcome to Little Details Count, your source of high quality and affordable Revit families! If you haven't signed up yet, please do so and get your free Revit family download. Aside from running this website, I'm a blog contributor at where I write topics on how to create complex family shapes in Revit. I'm also a contributing author at AUGI AEC Edge Ezine amd AUGIWorld. Currently, I'm a beta tester for Autodesk Revit 2013 (Architecture, MEP, Structure) and Autocad Architecture 2013. Revit Radial Array. Revit Door Family. Revit: Vertically Compound Wall - Adding Splits and Layers. Migrating AutoCAD® Standards to Autodesk® Revit®

Generic tables in Revit 2014. Coalesse Revit Models. Creating simple parametric families in Revit – Part 1. Today, I will be showing you how to create simple parametric families in Revit. This tutorial is for anyone learning Revit who hasn’t yet got into creating families. I will be continuing to post more family tutorials so keep checking back over the coming weeks for more. This tutorial will show you how to create a simple ‘cube family’ with a fixed elevation height with parametric width and height as well as material options.

Adding and understanding labels (parameters) from the Course Revit Families Workshop. In this lesson, we're going to add parameters, or in family language labels to our dimensions. This part takes some thinking. Think about how flexible you would want your family to be in the model. For example, if you have a cabinet. Would you want the length and the width to be parametric? Meaning, adjustable for the user. Open the file you saved called Cove, and follow along. - Up and Running with Revit with Paul F. Aubin. BIMobject. Creating a Titleblock Parameter.mp4. How to Create Revit Title Block from AutoCAD Sheet. Date/Time Stamp. Best practices for printing. J Shortcodes. J Shortcodes allows you to add custom buttons, content boxes, tabs and accordion panels, build call to action and information boxes.

You can choose color, size and shape for any of these elements. J Shortcodes also gives you the power to define custom column layouts within any page, post or even text widget. Fly above restrictions and boundaries of the chosen theme. No more need to struggle with custom templates or PHP code. [jcolumns] shortcode allows you to define infinite number of columns with infinite combination of custom widths for each column. Store - UVI. Compositing V-ray Render Layers in Photoshop. In this tutorial Ahmed Fathi takes a look at how to composite together V-ray render layers using blending-modes and masks in Photoshop. Download thousands of textures for free! Exclusive library of seamless diffuse, bump and displacement maps!

Central Restaurant Products. Rooftop Patio Design Ideas with Wood Flooring, by Dedon. Patio | October 31, 2010 7:11 PM | 3 Comments Here's an amazing rooftop patio design that is full of ideas, just look at it ... First that comes to view is the wood flooring that is not that common for a rooftop patio, most importantly it's made to look like an interior parquet flooring.

This must be some specially treated wood. Second is this beautiful urban style patio furniture by Dedon that makes this patio look very up-to-date modern. Amazing Stradivarius Violin Swimming Pool Creates Backyard Fantasy. Patio | January 21, 2014 1:19 PM | Leave a Comment What an incredible recreation of a Stradivarius violin - as a backyard swimming pool! Complete with all the violin accoutrements: purlflings, f-holes, a bridge, strings, a tailpiece and a chin rest. C.B.I.D. HOME DECOR and DESIGN: ENGLISH GARDENS... AND MORE. I try to do a garden tour each year - but this year my summer was filled with work and a long awaited vacation to Great Britain. I love gardens. And I especially love English country gardens. My vacation to the UK, however, revealed a few garden surprises, right in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world London has many beautiful parks but the most lovely and the largest was right across the street from our hotel.

Spectacular Hyde Park. HMC Blog » Recently Completed Orchard School Library Excites Students (and us too!) Monday, December 5th, 2011. 2014 CW Door.