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Consulting firms for the pharmaceutical industry

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Camelot Management Consultants. Value Chain Excellence.Strategy to Results.

Camelot Management Consultants

Home | Industries | Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Value Chain Excellence In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have been faced with drastically changing market conditions. The demand side is dominated by rapidly changing legislation, an increasing number of regulations and tougher requirements placed on companies by regulatory authorities as well as increasing pricing pressure from health insurers and consumers. The supply side of pharmaceuticals is also faced with constant changes: Globalization of the entire added value chain, trend towards outsourcing production, new competitors and sales channels as well as the expiry of important blockbuster patents. Camelot knows the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry at present and helps companies operating in this sector recognize changes and use them to their advantage.

These are some of the subjects on which our industry experts can offer you advice: Dr. Deloitte Life Sciences, BIO and Pharma Practice. Miebach Consulting - Latest News - Miebach. Healthcare Systems & Services Practice. Pharmaceutical and Regulatory consulting. Outsourcing offers you scope to expand your capability without increasing costs.

Pharmaceutical and Regulatory consulting

It saves you money on in-house activities and reduces your time to market. Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies are looking for an expert team experienced in scientific and management leadership. They need a team who can confidently manage their entire drug development programme - from research to the pharmacy shelf. PDS will review your supply chain function using a top-down approach to ensure you’re obtaining all possible benefits from recent developments in lean manufacturing and supply - both for clinical trial materials and products. Our experts can assist you in identifying low cost, but reliable sources of API, products and packaging materials and put these together to help you maximise your return on product investment.

We assess potential pitfalls and help you avoid them. PDS works with small and medium-sized companies wanting to develop their own product ranges. Our services include: Conseil industrie et secteur pharmaceutique - grossistes pharmacie : PwC. Vous avez besoin d’un traitement ?

Conseil industrie et secteur pharmaceutique - grossistes pharmacie : PwC

Nous avons le remède D’importantes avancées scientifiques et technologiques, couplées à des évolutions sociodémographiques, une demande croissante de médicaments et une libéralisation du commerce constituent les bases du succès de l’industrie d’ici 2020. Nous croyons que l’industrie fera face d’ici là à 3 défis majeurs : un accroissement des attentes des clients, une productivité scientifique en berne et une sclérose culturelle. Au vu de la durée des cycles propres à l’industrie pharmaceutique et des sciences de la vie, nombre des facteurs qui détermineront son succès sont déjà en place. De nombreux leviers permettent cependant de passer la période difficile actuelle et de se positionner au mieux pour les temps meilleurs à venir.

Vos enjeux et notre approche Recherche & développement Vos enjeux Notre approche Production. Pharmaceutical Industry. Uncertainties in the global economy are shifting focus from reducing cost to managing volatility.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Improving visibility across the value chain and reaching out to emerging economies are increasingly taking center stage in future procurement decisions. Beroe's services for the Pharmaceutical Industry: How Beroe is structured to support the Pharmaceutical Industry: Why Beroe? On the ground, customized, real time intelligence for 170+ Fortune 500 companies, including 7 of the top 10 Pharmaceutical companiesOver 400 analysts, spread over 56 domains. 100% coverage of the entire pharmaceutical industry value chain (across direct and indirect spend categories) is provided by a team of over 120 analystsAdvisory eco-system 'Beroe Orion' covering over 1500 industry experts and 4000 suppliers as members, to validate our findings To contact us click here.

Healthcare Supply Chain Logistics. Healthcare Supply Chain Consulting Thriving, or simply surviving, in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry can be incredibly challenging.

Healthcare Supply Chain Logistics

More than ever before, healthcare organizations are experiencing tremendous pressure on margins and are continually forced to look for new ways to reduce costs. Professional supply chain consulting, specifically consultants to organizations that buy and sell medical supplies, offers expertise that can bring big relief when you need to improve financial performance. A supply chain that operates efficiently and effectively may appear to be an easy goal but, in reality, can be very complex. Experts with healthcare business consulting can help organizations to achieve supply chain optimization.

Supply Chain Consulting. Management Consulting for Value Chain Management  Argon Consulting / Supply Chain consulting - Pharmaceutical industry.