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Community Literacy of Ontario. Community Literacy of Ontario(CLO) received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for a project to research and develop social media marketing materials and resources for Ontario’s literacy agencies, and other interested nonprofit organizations and stakeholder groups.

Community Literacy of Ontario

CLO is proud to present our social media marketing modules and the links to our recorded webinars. Please click on the graphics below to access these resources. This project ran from April 2013 to March 2015. SkillBridge. Facebook Page Management. Are you a business owner frustrated by the world of social media and Facebook pages?

Facebook Page Management

Finding it impossible to figure out, and lacking the in-house resources to get it done, right? Business owners I talk to tell me this describes most everyone these days. :) I’m here to help. My name is Sara MacQueen. Trip advisor reputation mgmt. She Blogs For You. Apartment34. Go Social & Grow Your Business with Apartment 34 Media photography by Emily Johnston As a digital marketing expert with 10 years of experience in branding, PR and online marketing, I’m passionate about helping you socialize your business to build your bottom line.


Whether you’re launching a product, rebranding, or simply want to reach new customers, Apartment 34 Media will help you create and implement social marketing strategies that build buzz. Because we firmly believe if you’re not part of the conversation, you will be left behind. Clients include Rue Magazine, Trophy Cupcakes, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. and Chloe Rose Boutique among others. Joanne Burgess Certified Social Media Specialist Ontario. Hi, I’m Joanne Burgess, a Certified Social Media Specialist with over 30 years experience in admin marketing.

Joanne Burgess Certified Social Media Specialist Ontario

I have been a small business owner myself since 1990 and I understand the challenges you face in running your business. I help small, local business owners primarily in the health and wellness, fitness and eco-friendly industries compete in the world of online marketing by helping them utilize the power of Social Media tools to move their business forward. I also received certification as an Internet Marketing VA to further deepen my understanding of internet marketing. Community Manager role. Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection - CCVA Certification. CVAC has established the first Virtual Assistant certification program in Canada.

Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection - CCVA Certification

Outsourcing Social Media - The Pros & Cons. Let’s face it – managing social media for your business can be time consuming.

Outsourcing Social Media - The Pros & Cons

In our recent social media survey, we found that 43% of small businesses spend 6 hours per week or more on social media. That’s precious time for a small marketing team (or army of one)! Given the investment of time required, and the need for someone with expertise, many companies opt to outsource their social media marketing to a consulting agency or individual. In this post, we examine the pros and cons to hiring a consultant vs. keeping your social media marketing in-house, and provide tips for making the right choice for your business. Why Hire a Consultant? 1. Internet/Online Marketing Consultants Vancouver. Ready, Vancouver?

Internet/Online Marketing Consultants Vancouver

Go! How Much Time Mobile and Social Media Require. The following is an excerpt from Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits.

How Much Time Mobile and Social Media Require

The amount of time that a nonprofit can invest in mobile and social media depends on capacity. Small nonprofits that are not in a position to hire a part- or full-time social media manager should limit themselves to one or two social networks and place the highest priority on their website, email communications, and online fundraising campaigns. Mobile and social media are powerful, but when implemented on a small scale, the power is overshadowed by other more traditional online campaigns.

Often small nonprofits try to be active on more than two social networks by sharing the responsibility among staff. While this is possible, it does require a concerted effort and cooperation among all staff that content be distributed effectively and consistently. Large nonprofits should have in place or be in the process of hiring a full-time new media manager.

Visitor /Audience Engagement

Design Thinking for Visitor Engagement: Tackling One Museum’s Big Challenge through Human-centered Design. Dana Mitroff Silvers, USA, Molly Wilson, USA, Maryanna Rogers, USA Abstract This paper, co-authored by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the teaching team of the course “Design Thinking Bootcamp” at Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (, documents a partnership between SFMOMA and the in Fall 2012.

Design Thinking for Visitor Engagement: Tackling One Museum’s Big Challenge through Human-centered Design

For this partnership, a class of multidisciplinary graduate students took on a design challenge for SFMOMA and prototyped innovative, divergent solutions following the design thinking process. In this paper, we will share the stories of the students’ process and insights, provide examples of the prototypes they developed, and discuss the impact the project had on the museum’s approach to collaborative problem-solving. Keywords: design thinking, innovation, prototyping, user-centered 1. How might we engage visitors–without a museum? 2. 3. 4. However, the majority of museums have yet to adopt mindsets and attitudes that are truly visitor-centered. 5. 6. Web_Analytics_Demystified_and_NextStage_Global_-_Measuring_the_Immeasurable_-_Visitor_Engagement. Wordsmithing « The Communications Distillery. Editing, Writing, Proofreading, & Positive Feedback!

Wordsmithing « The Communications Distillery

The Communications Distillery can help you with your words at any stage along the way. I work well with existing text because it allows me to better understand (and mimic) your voice but, if you aren’t sure what you want to say yet, I also write copy from scratch (or nicely laid-out, point-form notes). Overwhelmed? I specialize in helping you handle your workload.

This means that no matter how big (or small) the project, you can count me in. Relationship to commun. Distillery. Innovation assistance as service. Who We Are. What We Do. And Why You Need Us in 2014. Web Services provided by Geek Girl Media serving Clarington and Durham Region. Web Services: Web Design ~ Geek Girl Media currently works with DotNetNuke, Wordpress platforms. Web Hosting Domain Name Registration SSL's Email MarketingDo you need a cost effective way to reach your customers? Email is one of the most effective and inexpensive tools in your marketing arsenal, with an average cost of less than a penny per email. It's also an obvious (if often overlooked) strategy for generating more revenue from the customers you already have. Social Media Surgery. Date: March 11, 2014 - 5:30pm - 7:00pm Location: About :Social Media Surgery Plus.

This website is here to make it easier to find and run social media surgeries to support voluntary and community groups, local charities and local active citizens. If you're representing a voluntary or community organisation, local charity, club or society and want some help, please look for your nearest event and register for some help. If you have skills and want to show people how they can use social media please also register to give your help at events. What is a surgery? A social media surgery is an informal gathering of people who want to learn how to use the web to communicate, campaign or collaborate. The Visitor Center of the Future.

Tourism Thinking + Blog. We believe service design methodologies provide the structure that will help shape the role and relevancy of the future DMO. 3 qualities to look for in an agency partner for your tourism organization. We have identified 3 job skills that transcend departments and create the required foundation to support the future DMO. Team members who can recognize success and failure, while learning from both, will help your tourism organization gain expertise, operate effectively and respond to disruption.

Implementing a successful co-creating strategy for your tourism organization requires participants to share openly and build collectively. Developing a tourism strategy through co-creation requires thoughtful contributions from the right people within your community…even those not in tourism. 6 guidelines for developing a tourism strategy through co-creation. Doing the same things better, will not transform your DMO. Travel is composed of thousands of questions, challenges and concerns.