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Health Canada - Home Page
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Welcome to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare About Our Logo and Catchphrase Policy Information What's new Daily information Service RSS about RSS Archives Daily Information Service may be unable to be displayed by the version of a browser. Organization White Paper & Reports Statistics & Other Data Skip to Information concerning 2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean earthquake Central Labour Relations Commission Examples of Leading Activities of Private Companies in the Fields of Health, Labour, and Welfare Photo Report 14th Japan-EU Symposium Tokyo, 18 July 2012 > Photo Gallery Policy Report Integrated Efforts toward the Promotion of Life Innovation > Policy Report Please leave your message & inquiry to: www-admin@mhlw.go.jpAbout this Homepage Copyright © Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, All Right reserved.

Regulations Regulations are the rules used to carry out the intent of statutes (Acts) enacted by the Parliament of Canada. They are instruments of legislative power and have the force of law. Regulations contain more specific guidelines than Acts. These can include definitions, licensing requirements, performance specifications, exemptions, forms and other details. Access to the full text of federal Acts and Regulations is provided by the Department of Justice Canada, which is responsible for maintaining the Consolidated Statutes of Canada. The items on the following list link directly to the Justice Canada Laws website. 160900 Canada Inc. Joint Use of Poles Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1185) Other references A complete list of the consolidated Acts and Regulations of Canada are available from the Justice Canada Website.

Government of Canada Radon Guideline Health Canada Home > Environmental & Workplace Health > Radiation > Radon The Canadian guideline for radon is 200 becquerels per cubic meter, If the radon level is found to be high, it can be fixed. Health Canada collaborated with the Federal Provincial Territorial Radiation Protection Committee (FPTRPC) to review the health risk from exposure to radon. The Minister recommends that Remedial measures should be undertaken in a dwelling whenever the average annual radon concentration exceeds 200 Bq/m³ in the normal occupancy area. Points of clarification In addition to residential homes, the term "dwelling" in this guideline also applies to public buildings with a high occupancy rate by members of the public such as schools, hospitals, long-term care residences, and correctional facilities. Stay Connected with Health Canada's Social Media Tools!

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Harris Whole Health » Specialties Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance: Cheryl is the “go-to” nutrition expert on Celiac disease and a gluten-free diet for the DC Metro area. She has worked with thousands of gluten-free clients to help them make life easier and healthier. She teaches locally, statewide and nationally, and her articles have been published in nationally in Today’s Dietitian, Simply Gluten-Free, Gluten-free Living and the Gluten Intolerance Group magazine, on Let’s Talk Live DC and more. She has been quoted by on gluten-free living in the Washington Post, the Washingtonian, MSNBC, Living Without, Delight Magazine, etc. She has enjoyed serving as the Nutrition Advisor for DC Celiacs since 2007. Whether you’ve been gluten-free for 2 weeks or 2 decades, it’s normal to have questions. And, of course, there are all the “normal” nutrition questions: how to combine a gluten-free diet with eating for high cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer, etc. Gluten Free, Casein Free (GFCF) diet

Bills and Legislation Search all bills Browse all bills by title Bills lists These publications provide a complete list of all bills before Parliament for the current calendar year and details of their progress through both houses of Parliament. Back to top Bills and committees The House of Representatives Selection Committee and the Senate Selection of Bills Committee routinely consider whether bills should be referred to committees for inquiry and report. Related resources and links

Canadian Electrical Code Whether you're a contractor, installer, designer or manufacturer, it's your responsibility to ensure that you follow the most up-to-date safe electrical installation requirements. The 2012 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, builds on an 80-year legacy as a key component of the Canadian electrical safety system. 2012 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (w/Free Pocket Reference - English only) 2012 CE Code Handbook 2012 Canadian Electrical Code & Handbook Package Purchase the Code and Handbook together and save an additional $10 over your order* The 22nd edition of the CE Code contains over 180 updates and revisions – the most comprehensive set of changes ever. Ensure that your company and employees are in full compliance with local jurisdictions Minimize costly reworks due to use of out-of-date or incorrect installation practices Enhance your competitive advantage by understanding impacts of key emerging technologies 2012 CE Code Training Options Learn More » Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety

Australian eCTD submissions | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) The TGA is planning to implement software to validate, review and process electronic submissions for the entry of registered medicines on to the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) in 2015. Other regulated products are not currently included in the project to implement eCTD submissions. This software will be used for submissions in both electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) and non eCTD (NeeS) formats. For your information, a pilot phase is underway to test submissions for a new chemical entity, major variations to a prescription medicine (both with and without baseline) and a generic medicine in order to identify any potential issues before the system is made operational. Timeline Review of documents The TGA is seeking comment on some of the eCTD technical documentation. Validation tool The following vendors have provided links to their validation tool which may be used in the application process: Australian eCTD files Pilot phase - Frequently asked questions

Hail Merry LLC Gluten-Free Recipes / Recipes / Blog Alisa Fleming, of GoDairyFree, shares another yummy vegan and gluten-free creation: Coconutty Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream! This dairy-free treat is infused with the goodness of creamy coconut, but still manages to assert its cookie dough identity with Hail Merry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Macaroons. To up the indulgent factor, the rich vanilla ice cream is flecked not only with delicious little balls of comforting “cookie dough” but also with a generous amount of dark chocolate flakes. Makes about 1 quart Ingredients · 2 14-ounce cans full-fat coconut milk or coconut cream, 1 chilled overnight*, 1 room temperature · ½ cup raw agave nectar or raw local honey · 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract or paste · 2 pinches salt · 1 ounce dark chocolate · 1-2 packages Hail Merry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Macaroons Method 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. *If you forget to chill 1 of the cans, not a problem, the mixture in the blender jar will just need to chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hour more.

Update 2: EU DCP: International collaboration for the evaluation of generic drugs | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) The TGA is participating in an international collaboration programme led by the European Union (EU) under the auspices of the IGDRP through which, upon request from a generic pharmaceutical company, the assessment reports generated as part of EU Marketing Authorisation procedures will be shared in real time with collaborating regulatory agencies outside the EU such as the TGA. The IGDRP was launched in April 2012 with the aim of regulatory agencies to pursue collaboration and convergence to mitigate challenges of worldwide generic global development and approval programs. As part of the IGDRP, an information sharing pilot has been initiated in July 2014 using the European Union's Decentralised Procedure (DCP) as a model for the sharing of information during the scientific assessment phases of the DCP with IGDPR non-EU agencies, including the TGA. The first phase of the pilot project will involve the EU, Australia, Canada, Chinese Taipei and Switzerland. List of eligibility criteria.

Consumer Product Safety Health Canada helps protect the Canadian public by researching, assessing and collaborating in the management of the health risks and safety hazards associated with the many consumer products, including pest management products, that Canadians use everyday. Health Canada is actively involved in injury prevention by: Supporting the development of safety standards and guidelines. Enforcing legislation by conducting investigations, inspections, seizures and prosecutions. Testing and conducting research on consumer products. To enhance your safety, Health Canada works in partnership with: All levels of Governmental agencies and programmes Industry National, regional, and international groups The Canadian Public Want to report an incident? What Information is Available? This section contains product information tailored to reach a wide audience. Parents and caregivers: Industry and Professionals:

Consultation: Regulation of autologous stem cell therapies: Discussion paper for consultation | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Closing date: 3 March 2015 Invitation to comment The TGA is seeking comments from interested parties on Regulation of autologous stem cell therapies - Discussion paper for consultation. Consultation documents How to access a pdf or Word document Timetable Documents released for consultation on Tuesday 6 January 2015. Interested parties should respond by close of business Tuesday 3 March 2015. Feedback will be released following consideration of submissions. About the consultation The TGA is considering whether the regulation applied to some autologous cells is appropriate. The specific autologous stem cells under consideration are those that are taken from a patient and used under the supervision of a medical practitioner who is caring for that patient for a single indication in a single course of treatment. Response to the consultation will help inform what, if any, regulatory change is needed. Background Human cells and tissues are used in many therapeutic applications. Content of submissions

The Root of Health - Heartburn & Acid Reflux Just the words stomach acid make some people cringe. It's a crazy thing really, about the same strength as battery acid and just existing inside of us, like it's no big deal. Isn't the human body wild? Stomach Acid: Our Friend So what does stomach acid do? Sometimes people do have high levels of stomach acid, and it's important to treat that. The important thing to remember here is that low stomach acid is often the starting place of other digestive problems, and it can often mimic high stomach acid symptoms. Symptoms of low stomach acid: Extreme fullness after mealsBelchingHeartburn/burning sensationGas, flatulence after mealsIndigestionBurningVitamin B12 deficiencyAging due to malabsorptionFood allergies/sensitivitiesAnemiaConstipationDiarrheaFood allergies/sensitivitiesSkin problemsWeak nails Causes Eating too much, too quicklyStressExcess alcoholH. pylori infectionHiatal herniaZinc deficiency (required for HCl production)Low stomach acidRelaxation of esophageal sphincter Testing Healing

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