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Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Home | Diabetes New Zealand Website is currently unreachable | CloudFlare sign up Login Paper Key Courses Members Papers Navigate Most popular Newest Most liked Papers Type All Abstract Article Assignment Book Cheatsheet Exam Lecture Notes Presentation Research Terms Textbook Solutions Go by language All Languages English Español Deutsch Français Italiano Nederlands 日本語 עברית Polski Português Русский 中文 Other | All Institutes View Results from my Institute only | Finding The Right Beans For A Great Cup Of Coffee By Thijmen Sloth , On October 6, 2012 Views: 219 Main Category: Education Tags: Get Better With These Self Help Proposals By Sheldon Houmann , On October 6, 2012 Views: 180 Main Category: Agriculture and Related Sciences Fill Your Mug With Something Tasty Today Views: 167 Tags: cat civet coffee kopi luwak poop Alternative Emergency Care By Henderson Lindgren , On October 6, 2012 Views: 203 Emergency Dentist and Urgent Care Dental Facilities Views: 163 Tags: care Charlotte City Creek dentist emergency hickory Medical memphis Missouri NC treatment tx urgent Tips And Hints On Combating A Bad Hair Day Views: 252

Welcome to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare About Our Logo and Catchphrase Policy Information What's new Daily information Service RSS about RSS Archives Daily Information Service may be unable to be displayed by the version of a browser. Organization White Paper & Reports Statistics & Other Data Skip to Information concerning 2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean earthquake Central Labour Relations Commission Examples of Leading Activities of Private Companies in the Fields of Health, Labour, and Welfare Photo Report 14th Japan-EU Symposium Tokyo, 18 July 2012 > Photo Gallery Policy Report Integrated Efforts toward the Promotion of Life Innovation > Policy Report Please leave your message & inquiry to: www-admin@mhlw.go.jpAbout this Homepage Copyright © Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, All Right reserved.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine | High quality and effective alternative medicines Australian eCTD submissions | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) The TGA is planning to implement software to validate, review and process electronic submissions for the entry of registered medicines on to the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) in 2015. Other regulated products are not currently included in the project to implement eCTD submissions. This software will be used for submissions in both electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) and non eCTD (NeeS) formats. The TGA will not require applicants preparing eCTD submissions to use the same software as the TGA and any software compliant with eCTD 3.2.2 should be acceptable. However, it is expected that applicants will validate all submissions prior to sending them to the TGA. For your information, a pilot phase is underway to test submissions for a new chemical entity, major variations to a prescription medicine (both with and without baseline) and a generic medicine in order to identify any potential issues before the system is made operational. Timeline Review of documents

Bills and Legislation Search all bills Browse all bills by title Bills lists These publications provide a complete list of all bills before Parliament for the current calendar year and details of their progress through both houses of Parliament. Back to top Bills and committees The House of Representatives Selection Committee and the Senate Selection of Bills Committee routinely consider whether bills should be referred to committees for inquiry and report. Related resources and links

DermNet NZ. Facts about the skin. Consultation: Regulation of autologous stem cell therapies: Discussion paper for consultation | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Closing date: 3 March 2015 Invitation to comment The TGA is seeking comments from interested parties on Regulation of autologous stem cell therapies - Discussion paper for consultation. Consultation documents How to access a pdf or Word document Timetable Documents released for consultation on Tuesday 6 January 2015. Interested parties should respond by close of business Tuesday 3 March 2015. Feedback will be released following consideration of submissions. About the consultation The TGA is considering whether the regulation applied to some autologous cells is appropriate. The specific autologous stem cells under consideration are those that are taken from a patient and used under the supervision of a medical practitioner who is caring for that patient for a single indication in a single course of treatment. Response to the consultation will help inform what, if any, regulatory change is needed. Background Human cells and tissues are used in many therapeutic applications. Content of submissions

Update 2: EU DCP: International collaboration for the evaluation of generic drugs | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) The TGA is participating in an international collaboration programme led by the European Union (EU) under the auspices of the IGDRP through which, upon request from a generic pharmaceutical company, the assessment reports generated as part of EU Marketing Authorisation procedures will be shared in real time with collaborating regulatory agencies outside the EU such as the TGA. The IGDRP was launched in April 2012 with the aim of regulatory agencies to pursue collaboration and convergence to mitigate challenges of worldwide generic global development and approval programs. As part of the IGDRP, an information sharing pilot has been initiated in July 2014 using the European Union's Decentralised Procedure (DCP) as a model for the sharing of information during the scientific assessment phases of the DCP with IGDPR non-EU agencies, including the TGA. The first phase of the pilot project will involve the EU, Australia, Canada, Chinese Taipei and Switzerland. List of eligibility criteria.

Home | Neurological Foundation Of New Zealand Awakening the Third Eye – Be Careful What You Wish For Gregg Prescott, In5D GuestWaking Times Have you ever heard the expression, ‘Be careful what you wish for’? For some people, the opening of the 3rd eye can show them things that they really didn’t want to see. According to wiki, the third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esotericconcept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. On the Above Top Secret website, a person by the name of “pellian” stated the following: i found a very real technique that will increase your spiritual perception by a thousand fold. I view it as the difference between having a solid spiritual mind or having a fear based mind. The following is a tutorial video along with the PDF on how to open your 3rd eye. There is a video after this ebook that will walk you through your 3rd eye awakening but I would recommend reading the book, first! You can find it on Amazon …or online at this link:

The eCTD summit: Expert Commentary for Electronic Regulatory Submissions