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Local Projects
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Industrial Facility's Sam Hecht on Designing for Mass Production, Rethinking Repair, and the Importance of an Orderly Workplace Posted by core jr | 15 Oct 2013 | Comments (0) Hecht in Industrial Facility's London office. Photo by Hello Design.

Antenna: Projects > Installation Nosy Parker - a term used to describe someone meddlesome, also sometimes used synonymously with Big Brother - is designed as an intervention in a gallery space showing a video exhibition on surveillance and performance. The four stools pretend to be simple gallery furniture provided for visitors’ convenience. People can sit down, have a rest and observe the spectacle of the surrounding videos. However, once a person sits down on a stool, a camera embedded in the stool looking up, a quasi eye, starts taking pictures. These pictures get projected floating around the occupied seat.

Studio Visit: The Principals What does a studio—one that turns out a broad range of projects that require attention to the most finite details as well as broad strokes and big picture ideas—need? Balance. And after what The Principals founders Drew Seskunas, Charles Constantine and Christopher Williams describe as a somewhat shaky start, they were able to ground their young studio. Formed just two years ago, the first step was putting their "designer egos" aside and pooling their talents into space-transforming installations for PS1, Model Citizens gallery and Bonnaroo, as well as products like the Bronze Bones dominoes—which later became Bare Bones, a set created in collaboration with fashion designer Billy Reid. The group's eclectic backgrounds contribute to their varied style. Seskunas (who grew up with Constantine in Baltimore, and was later his classmate at Pratt) hopped around Europe after getting his Masters in architecture.

Snarkitecture En Noir FW14 New York NY 2014 In an ongoing collaboration with the fashion label En Noir, Snarkitecture created the scenic design and experience for their Fall/Winter 2014 runway show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. Referencing En Noir's concept of "tunnel vision", guests entered the space through a 100' long tunnel. Beginning as a narrow passageway, the cragged enclosure transitions into a cavernous opening along its length, ultimately leading into the 40,000 SF volume of the Armory. The environment is made single piece of black knitted mesh fabric suspended from above, its undulating form recalling the excavation of a tunnel. A raised runway with tiered seating on either side cuts through the center of the space, leading to a large, spotlit curtain.

Snarkitecture Drift Design Miami/ Miami Beach FL 2012 An entrance pavilion for Design Miami/ 2012, Drift creates an unexpected moment within the context of the familiar white vinyl tent, reformulating the material to create a floating environment. Inflated tubes are bundled together to create a topographical landscape in suspension: an ascending mountain above and an excavated cavern below. These long cylinders are arranged vertically to infill the area of the entrance courtyard, and then lifted to create areas of circulation and rest for the visitors entering and exiting the structure. Filtered light passes between the tubes of the inverted landscape creating a space both interactive and contemplative. Apertures in the canopy above frame views of the Miami sky and allow natural light and fresh air into the interior.

Global media trends In partnership with top innovative companies and industry specialists, the Global Media Trends video series explores burgeoning global media trends that show how marketers are connecting with consumers in new and more meaningful ways. At Havas Media we are undertaking this comprehensive market review in order to identify the most crucial areas of opportunity for our current and future clients. We believe there are multiple opportunities that are available within this dynamic new landscape, and as a result we must continuously evolve how we approach communications planning with respect to the ever-changing relationship between companies, brands, consumers and communities.

Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt, London Like this? Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt was founded in London, 2008 by Rob Baines and Pablo Uribe. They offer high quality frozen yogurt in well designed spaces with site specific light installations created by London based design studio, Cinimod Studio who were responsible for all of the permanent UK store’s designs, including all architectural and lighting design. Get Inspired: Big Brands Using Content Marketing The Value in Content Engagement—that’s the buzzword. If you want to build your brand, enhance your positioning strategy, and remain on top-on-mind for potential customers, you need to actively engage people. Urban Furniture Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities Did you ever need a ramp for your luggage (or bike), or a shelter from a sudden downpour, or a place to sit down and tie your shoe? IBM believes that city life can be awfully inconvenient–and that cities should be designed with the needs of ordinary citizens in mind. Many brands talk about making their communications output useful, but they’re usually talking about apps or other digital or social programs.