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eb7 Building Performance Evaluation The Technology Strategy Board has committed up to £8m to fund the costs of building performance evaluation studies on domestic and non-domestic buildings. We will be funding individual companies and other organisations responsible for buildings for the total cost of evaluating the performance of case study buildings they design, build, own and/or operate. This will help builders and developers to deliver more efficient, better performing buildings. Studies on domestic buildings will cover either the period immediately post construction and into early occupation (Phase 1 studies), or a period of two years in-use for buildings less than 2 years old (Phase 2 studies). We aim to assemble a substantial body of data for many building types to draw generic conclusions on the performance obtained through various design strategies, building fabric, target performances, construction methods and occupancy patterns, handover and operational practices.

4th Architecture & Interior Design Awards · WINNING PROJECTS COMPLETED PROJECTS · First Prize Martín Lejárraga (Martín Lejárraga, Architect) for his project entitled “RESTORATION OF THE HISTORICAL FENCING HALLS – ARMS ROOMS – CARTAGENA ARSENAL”. Restoration work on the historical fencing halls (situated in the main building of the 19th century Naval College) focused on three units of the building housing the Arms Rooms, a military construction dating back to the second half of the 18th century, part of the Arsenal Military Facilities and which has played a key role in the history of the city of Cartagena. The aim of the project is to integrate the new headquarters of the Spanish Navy’s Data Analysis and Monitoring Centre (CESADAR) into the building. Foster + Partners Passivhaus Institut About RenSMART is a private company set up to promote actions to mitigate accelerated climate change due to human factors. RenSMART will help visitors to its web site by finding, analysing and supporting these activities and supplying traceable information to help decision makers implement these actions. All information supplied by will be provided with links or references allowing the information to be traced back to its original source. Wherever possible, this source will be as close to the primary source as possible. is funded by charging a small service fee for the use of some of its tools that make this information more convenient for those making a profit from installing, supplying or consulting while making use of our information. is also actively developing technology that supports our areas of interest which will then be made available for resale or production by third parties. has developed a renewable energy estimation model. Limited was founded in 2008. Nicholas Cross (Director)

Kai’s Notes on Architecture | Research, Inspiration, Observation, Musings BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group BRE Construction Articles, News & Best Practices Guides | Construction Software Advice Blog 5 Ways BIM Can Lower Costs, Speed Production and Delight Home Buyers Homebuilders are increasingly adopting building information modeling (BIM) for use in their design and planning processes. BIM has many benefits for both homebuilders and buyers. Here are 5 best practices for using BIM to improve the custom homebuilding experience. 7 Ways HVAC Companies Earn Five-Star Reviews on Yelp Ninety percent of Yelp users use online reviews to make purchasing decisions. Construction Estimating Software UserView | 2013 We surveyed the construction industry to better understand the use and effectiveness of construction estimating software. The 5 Best Designs in Construction Takeoff Software On-screen takeoff software can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to calculate materials and labor requirements. Why You Should Ask Your Contractor What Project Management Tool They Use Case Study: How HCSS HeavyBid Helped Nan, Inc. Construction Project Management Software UserView | 2013

home | How to Architect OMA OMA is a leading international partnership practicing architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis. OMA's buildings and masterplans around the world insist on intelligent forms while inventing new possibilities for content and everyday use. OMA is led by six partners - Rem Koolhaas, Ellen van Loon, Reinier de Graaf, Shohei Shigematsu, Iyad Alsaka, and David Gianotten - and sustains an international practice with offices in Rotterdam, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Doha. OMA-designed buildings currently under construction include the Taipei Performing Arts Centre; three buildings in Doha, Qatar; the Bibliothèque Multimédia à Vocation Régionale, a four-story public library in Caen; and Bryghusprojektet in Copenhagen, a mixed-use project accommodating the new headquarters for the Danish Architecture Centre. The counterpart to OMA's architectural practice is AMO, a research studio based in Rotterdam. Selection of current OMA and AMO projects: OMA History

Green Book Live MCS is an independent UKAS accredited quality assurance scheme assessing microgeneration products and installers against robust quality, performance and safety criteria. Products and installers must be MCS certified to be eligible for UK government financial incentives (including Feed-in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive). Apply for MCS certification Our technical experts can conduct the widest range of MCS assessments of any Certification Body. We certificate products and installers for solar PV, heat pumps, biomass, micro-CHP, solar thermal, wind turbines and pitched roof mounting systems. Manufacturers: Apply for MCS product certification Installers: Apply for MCS installer certification Search for an approved product or installer All MCS approved products and installers certificated by BRE Global are listed on GreenBookLive.

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