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Medieval Battle Royale III - battle report (pic HEAVVVVY) A few of us from the South East England chapter of the LAF are getting together for a late medieval game on Friday.

Medieval Battle Royale III - battle report (pic HEAVVVVY)

Here's the table - a peaceful corner of the English countryside... Cabbages grow peacefully in the fields... A rider ambles down a country lane wondering where everybody is... Beside the duck pond, stout yeoman discuss the cabbage harvest... The village slumbers... A man takes his dog rabbiting on the heath... A woodsman crosses the burbling brook by a rickety footbridge... All too soon, this rural idyll will be shattered by the tramp of boots, the thunder of hooves, the clash of steel and the glint of sunlight on armour... Redbrand Hideout ravine. Bombed Railway Station - Flames of War - Felix's Gaming Pages. These are photographs of Flames of War game at Attack 2011.

Bombed Railway Station - Flames of War - Felix's Gaming Pages

LUDstuff!: TABLETOP GAMING - "Making a MAMMOTH CAVE" Pt.6. The modular CAVERN TUNNELS are complete...the MAMMOTH CAVE PROJECT is DONE!!


I wasn't sure I was ever going to finish this thing. But in spite of feeling under the weather this evening, I wanted to post, so I could get you all updated with the last of this series. It was a bit more involved than I expected...a solid 2 months to finish everything. It was a bit too much fun, so I'm gonna "retire" from making terrain for a season, and catch my breath. This set of tunnels was intended to be "modular" so that it could be arranged in whatever configuration was desired. Then, as with all the other pieces in this series, I cut out pink foam with my band saw to match the shapes I had cut from the board.

Once all the segments were finished, I painted on a layer of wood glue mixed with sand, to give the floor of the tunnels some texture. Rob Hawkins Hobby: WWX Terrain: Mine Tunnels. This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

Rob Hawkins Hobby: WWX Terrain: Mine Tunnels

Sorn's Adventures - In Jericho's Dark Skies Campaign - Forum - DakkaDakka. Thanks, guys.

Sorn's Adventures - In Jericho's Dark Skies Campaign - Forum - DakkaDakka

Here's the next installment guys. RyanDevoto's Library. Tanks & Trolls. Felix's Miniatures Gallery. - Startpage. Cianty's Tabletop Wargames Blog: Articles. When I blog about my wargaming activities I try to squeeze as much information into a post as possible.

cianty's Tabletop Wargames Blog: Articles

Because of this they are usually full of links to other websites, cross-links to other blog posts, colour references and whatnot. I do this because I am terrible at remembering this and I am no friend of managing tons of bookmarks (which I have to do nonetheless). Often times this results in the blog posts ending up as articles rather than short status updates. This page lists some of those posts, either because of their popularity or because I find them especially useful (and frequently go back to them myself). Note that posts dedicated to specific models (usually buildings) are excluded as they can be found in the Terrain section.

References. A Passion for History, Miniatures, & Gaming. PanzerKaput's Painted Review. CoolMiniOrNot - The Internet's largest gallery of Painted Miniatures and Miniature Painting art - Site. Model paint database. Hirst Arts Painting Instructions Page 1. Tips & Tricks Index Page. Как прилично сфотографировать миниатюру дома - - Мастерская. Варгеймы в России - Мастерская Игрушек - Учебка, гид по смешиванию красок Citadel. Представляем вашему вниманию крайне полезные таблицы по смешиванию красок Citadel и получения различных цветов и оттенков.В этих простых и понятных таблицах вы найдете как смешать практические все возможные цвета и оттенки. Цифры на баночках означают долю данной краски в общей смеси. Enjoy Делаем ярко-зеленые оттенки Оттенки красного. MASSIVE VOODOO Tutorial Overview. Welcome to the Tutorial Section of MV is supported by: For quicker navigation to your topic use this register: 1.

MASSIVE VOODOO Tutorial Overview

TheoryPhilosophy & MotivationLight & ShadowColours 2. ________________________________________________________________________________ Please take a minute to read the introduction for this area so you can have a happy time in here. You may find tons of Articles about Miniature Painting, Sculpting and maybe other important hobby stuff in here written by the apes. If you like what you can find in the jungle and appreciate the time and effort we put in you can support the jungle via the donation button, big thanks to those who did in the past. 300 articles (at the moment) are waiting for you to read them.

You can find little flags of countries behind some of the articles, that shows you in which other languages you can read the specific article. Theoretical thoughts can bring your skills to the next level when it becomes something normal to you due your experiences you've made. Tutorials Archives - Tiny Worlds Wargaming Blog. Today we’re going to paint something to look like painted metal which has received some scrapes and weathering along with a bit of rust.

Tutorials Archives - Tiny Worlds Wargaming Blog

This is a simple version of some of the more in-depth techniques used in military modelling and used some more common paints and tools available to wargamers without having to buy specialist equipment and is designed tp produce a quick effect for tabletop miniatures and scenery. Continue Reading In this article we will show you how to paint a quick rust effect to simulate aged ferrous metals which have spent a long time exposed to the elements. As with all our tutorials, this is not the only way to achieve a rusty effect but it does provide a quick, effective technique, especially for painting scenery and large pieces. Continue Reading. Мастерская. Поле Боя. Мастерская. Форум моделистов. Reviews:RU MODELISM. Forums - Home. Военно-историческая миниатюра своими руками. «Поле боя» - Военная история в играх и миниатюрах.