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Narrow gauge

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Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition. Building a Mamod Loco. I've been appealing for and acquiring parts for a loco for a while, after winning a pair of frames and wheels for silly money (silly = not much) on OFAS a while ago.

Building a Mamod Loco

I already had a pair of wheels with rods that No.2 son and I got for another project but were never used! So I resold the second pair at a profit which paid for a rear drag beam and went towards a new steam distribution block, both from Dream Sream. Mike Cooke came up with a cab, and so we currently have... Oh, and I couldn't resist these little spectacle glass brasses... It's coming together. SLIM RAILS - Links to the Narrow Side. Giles Favell - 10 1/4" Gauge Railways. LOCOMOTIVES'No.2' - 'The Priest', page 2, page 3 2-4-2 T 'Priest''ALICE'D7054 - a genuine Diesel Hydraulic Hymek Katie's 9FJordi's Railcar DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION PAGESScaleConstruction Information Profiling Boxes and tanksPractical Tips.Powered Rail Rolls Constructing Points De-rusting 'Alice's tenderMiscellanious Data1/4 ton Side Tipping Wagons OTHER PAGESFOR SALEH.S.E.

Giles Favell - 10 1/4" Gauge Railways

Guidance on 'Safe operation of miniature railways, traction engines and road vehicles'Hand Signals Miniature Steam Locomotive Management Dad's PageAidan's PagePhoto Album of Miniature SteamChat about Chatter The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2003 where we built a temporary 10 1/4" railway Great Dorset '04 Gala at the Evesham Vale Light Railway 2004 Update 24th July 2009 Jordi Gill has sent a dozen photos of his completed Pullman in 10 1/4" - take a look (towards the bottom of his page...) A rather unusual rail vehicle born of necessity (...about 3/4 of a tonne) Update 28th March 2009 Update 2nd November Contact me at Hit Counters.

Narrow gauge simulation

Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition. NarrowGauge - modellinglinks. Scratch built paper model of Polish narrow gauge locomotive - - Forums - G Scale Forums - Rolling Stock. Small scale live steam books, magazine, videos. Magazines: In addition to large-scale live steam standby Live Steam magazine, there are several publications which cater wholly or partially to the gauge 1 live steam crowd.

Small scale live steam books, magazine, videos.

Steam In the Garden magazine Steam in the Garden LLC PO Box 335 Newark Valley, NY 13811 USA Phone: 607-642-8119 Published bimonthly. Payable via check, VISA, Mastercard & Discover. Web site: E-mail: The longest-running magazine devoted to small-scale live steam. The magazine's publishers have compiled an online INDEX of all the articles which have appeared in Steam in the Garden.

Garden Railways magazine Subscriptions: Kalmbach Publishing Co. Correspondence: Garden Railways Magazine PO Box 460222 Denver, CO 80246 USA tel. 303-377-7785 published bimonthly. Focused entirely on outdoor, large scale (almost exclusively gauge 1) railroading. There is a Web site for Garden Railways magazine: Garden Rail magazine published bimonthly. GartenBahn "Das unabhängige Magazin für Gartenbahn und Live-Steam" Web site:


o16.5. Narrow gauge prototypes. The Virtual Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition. PUFFING BILLY" in 1/20 inch scale. PUFFING BILLY" in 1/20 inch scale.

PUFFING BILLY" in 1/20 inch scale

Narrow Gauge Heaven: information on UK and worldwide narrow gauge railways. Narrow Gauge World (July / August 2007) (Right) Another Paul Windle special, this one uses two Bachmann 0-6-0 chassis’ to make an accurate representation of the 0-6-0+0-6-0 Arakan Garratt.

Narrow Gauge World (July / August 2007)

The motor for the front unit is in the boiler and smokebox, the motor for the rear unit is in the cab and firebox. Extra fittings are a generator, works plates and the two headlights, which came off the discarded ‘N’ gauge bodies. (Centre) This Backwoods Miniatures Class NGG16 Garratt was built for me by Neil Sayer, simply because I honestly lacked the confidence to build it. I asked him to finish the model in SAR livery and he has done a superb job. It does not see much running as the pony wheels are prone to derail, which seems to be a common fault with these models. (Lower) This Backwoods Miniatures Lynton & Barnstaple 2-6-2T Lewwas one I built myself.

Work reliably. Editor’s note: More of the locos which run on the ‘Gairloch and Wester Ross Railway’ will feature in a future issue – and will then take a look at the layout itself. 177x001.jpg 657×453 pixels. The Internet home of UK Narrow Gauge Railways. Narrow Gauge World. Having already established an international reputation for its coverage right across the international narrow gauge scene, with top quality photography and impressive use of colour, Narrow Gauge World has recently undergone a significant update.

Narrow Gauge World

The magazine now features much more extensive news coverage, along with feature material that looks beyond the headlines. While the popular broad-brush coverage of the narrow gauge, yesterday and today, remains, the magazine is becoming widely regarded as the standard-bearer for all those involved in, or simply fascinated by, today’s narrow gauge. The free trial issue of Narrow Gauge World includes some eight pages of news from the UK and across the globe, together with focus features on a new locomotive for the Hayling Seaside Railway in Sussex and the latest developments in India. There is also a five-page News Gallery featuring top quality photography. So once you’ve enjoyed your free trial, why not ensure that you don’t miss out in future?

Continuous springy beams. Effect of moving fulcrum points on springrate Variations in the positioning of fulcrum points can have dramatic implications for springrate.

Continuous springy beams

The following diagrams illustrate comparative deflections and axle loads in an example of a symmetrically-weighted 3-axle symmetrical wheelbase of 6'6" + 6'6" (26mm + 26mm). The deflection curves shown in the following diagrams show the effect on deflection of equal forces applied at each axle. The axle loading values given apply when the axles are equally deflected, as would be the case when sitting on flat track.

In the above cases, where the outermost fulcrum points are kept at the same positions, it can be seen that lengthening the middle span will increasingly shift the outer axle deflections away from the point of maximum deflection of that part of the beam. CSBs without outer fulcrums All the above plots have outer fulcrums.