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Evensford & Midland Railway. Peckforton Light Railway: How I constructed 19 semaphore signals. Corris Hill 5 inch gauge ride on railway and CMGR 16mm narrow gauge railway. Garden Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby. Appendix - Llyfni Vale Railway & Harbour Co.

Garden civil engineering

Track Laying. Garden railway tracklaying. BUILDING A GARDEN RAILWAY. We have almost reached the stage where you can get on with laying the track but first you need to decide on the foundation or sub-structure for your permanent way.


Of course you could just lay some pre-track sections on the ground, perhaps the patio or decked area, and off you go. That may be fine as a temporary arrangement but it is more a case of "playing trains" as opposed to building a semi-permanent representation of a railroad capable of prolonged operation in all weathers and you are unlikely to get the same sense of achievement or enjoyment. For a more practical and lasting solution you will need to lay your track on a firm foundation. Well laid track will withstand the elements and ensure good running characteristics with the minimum of derailments. The critical decision here is usually the height at which you wish to run and observe your railroad masterpiece. The main reason for constructing a firm roadbed structure is to hold your track firm and secure in all weathers. Peckforton Garden Railway: How to build a garden railway (or "If I knew then what I know now")

With over six years' experience under my belt, I have now reached that point where, if I was to start all over again I would be more likely to know what to do - with the precise science of hindsight!

Peckforton Garden Railway: How to build a garden railway (or "If I knew then what I know now")

I well remember, when I first started, I scoured the Internet for information about how to build a garden railway and bought all the books and videos I could find (See Where did I get my ideas from). This posting is to repay all the decent advice I gathered and to offer a few suggestions of my own based on experience. As with all my postings, I do not profess to be an expert, but I hope my jottings may be useful for someone else setting out on this adventure. This posting is divided into 9 sections: Once I hit on the basic layout, I thought of ways in which it could one day be extended. What have I learned?

I laid my track on concrete blocks (See How I laid the track). Other types of track foundations Concrete Wood. Narrow Gauge Garden Railways with the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers. With a growing membership of over 4,000 worldwide Click here to find out about Association Membership 2014 National Garden Railway Show Our 2014 National Garden Railway Show took place on Saturday 12th April at Peterborough Arena.

Narrow Gauge Garden Railways with the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers

Click here for videos and photos from the show, Model of the Year winners and more... Welcome to our site, this is the home for all those interested in the running of model Narrow Gauge trains of a suitable size and scale for use outdoors. . - Spring has arrived on the Alder Grove Railway - - Alan Leslie - The picture above is our 'Photo of the Week' which is regularly updated with pictures provided by our members. Please take some time to browse around our site using the buttons to the left and check back again soon for regular updates. Our Model of the Month for March 2014 is a bit of a departure from the normal as Nigel Town describes the building of a "cardboard coach" version of a Festiniog Railway gunpowder van. And finally... Join the Association using PayPal.