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【管理栄養士執筆】食べても太らないお菓子の選び方を紹介!おすすめレシピ10選付き (3ページ目) - macaroni. お菓子材料・パン材料なら製菓材料専門店TOMIZ(富澤商店)通販サイト. Foodagraphy. By Chelle.: Mango passion fruit panna cotta verrines. I'm a huge passion fruit lover.

Foodagraphy. By Chelle.: Mango passion fruit panna cotta verrines

Singapore's a tropical country with loads of fruits available at all times of the year as we import a lot of fruits from all over the world (from neighbouring Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and China to further countries such as USA and Australia etc). Ironically, I think I started noticing passion fruit only when I was studying in Australia. As I do my own groceries when I was studying there, I noticed immediately when the wrinkly brown fruits started appearing at the fruit stall.

I remember buying pre-packaged packs of six/eight passion fruits and scooping out the yellowy pulp and eating it with my granola and yogurt for breakfast. The sour-y tang of the passion fruit, and the crunchy bite that the seeds always perked up my simple breakfast meal. Mango passion fruit panna cotta verrines Thai mangoes; torching mangoes cubes; verrines; wiped clean... In case you were wondering, of course I had fun with my newly bought blow torch. ;) Verdict? Green Tea Donut. Have you seen or tasted Green Tea Donuts before?

Green Tea Donut

They are actually quite pretty popular in Japan. The Japanese like to make sweets and desserts with matcha (green tea powder, 抹茶) from green tea latte, green tea tiramisu, to green tea KitKat and Pocky! Well, I’m definitely not an exception; I made cookies, ice cream, Crème Brûlée and steamed cake with matcha on Just One Cookbook so far. And guess what, more green tea dessert recipes are coming (call me green tea lady!). We only eat donuts once in a while, like when there is a fundraising bake sale at my children’s school. So I bought my donut pan a few months ago thinking the baked donuts are a little healthier and easier alternatives. Since some of you might have not tried “baked” donuts yet, I thought I should quickly compare how different they are. First of all, baked donuts will NOT taste the same as donuts right out of the deep fryer. The texture is more cake-like and moist.

浓雾小镇的相册-甜食&点心做法合集. 冬瓜茶——消暑又养颜_冬瓜茶——消暑又养颜的做法_仇元风. 芒果奶酪_芒果奶酪的做法_老干部. 芒果奶酪 @ 凱蘿菜菜子の生活練習本. 夏天是芒果的盛產期 香味濃郁的芒果除了拿來當水果吃,還可以拿來入菜,做成各種芒果甜點更是一絕 因為芒果的香味真的很適合拿來做成甜點 趁著芒果盛產,芒果甜點第一道就是濃郁中又帶點清爽的芒果奶酪 材料: 容量140ml的杯子5個 鮮奶 ………………… 200ml 鮮奶油 ……………… 200ml 細砂糖 ……………… 40g 吉利丁片 …………… 5g 香草莢 ……………… 1/2條 芒果淋醬材料: 芒果肉 ………………. 150g 細砂糖 ………………. 20g 芒果丁 ……………….

芒果奶酪 @ 凱蘿菜菜子の生活練習本

做法: Mango Panna Cotta - Mango Dessert Recipes » All Recipes Eggless Dessert Recipes Fruit Recipes Sweet Dessert Recipes Indian Food Recipes. Mango Panna Cotta Mango Pannacotta ~ Mango Dessert Recipe Mango Panna Cotta ~ a simple, light and creamy dessert!

Mango Panna Cotta - Mango Dessert Recipes » All Recipes Eggless Dessert Recipes Fruit Recipes Sweet Dessert Recipes Indian Food Recipes

The ‘king of fruits’ is reigning high this summer in our local rhythu bazaar (farmer’s market) and the varieties available seem endless. I have had my fair share of mangoes in its pure form this season. Recently, I got down to incorporating it into an elegant Italian dessert, Panna Cotta (meaning’cooked cream’ in Italian). I have used agar agar (also goes by the name china grass) instead of gelatin for a vegetarian version. Tartelette. Interesting how even past 30 years old I still want mommy when I spike a fever and walk around with a box of tissues.


Wondering why I never catch a 24 hour bug or never lose my appetite when sick. Sad to see my parents leave after such good times. Amusing to see the dogs go back and forth between both bedrooms looking for them. Funny how little mishaps can turn into creamy deliciousness like these Mango And Vanilla Bean Buttermilk Panna Cottas. The morning of my parents' departure, my father and I were up before anyone else as usual. We decided to send them off with a hearty good old American breakfast and I decided to use the last bit of buttermilk I had to make pancakes. "Oh dear...I am losing my mind! "... So here we are now, parents sound and safe in France and us with two extra Panna Cottas.

Note: I am aware of the pistachio recall here in the States and I am keeping up with the grower involved. Lemon and White Chocolate Mousse Parfaits with Strawberries. Yogurt & Matcha Swirl with Mango. Green Tea Swiss Roll. Matcha Mochi Cake. Over the holiday break, I received the most interesting e-mail from a friend.

Matcha Mochi Cake

Dear Jen: I have a serious proposition for you. [Our friend] gave me a taste of your green tea mochi that you made for his birthday. It was SOOOOO good! If you would be willing to make me a batch, I'll pay you for it. Please consider! What a proposition! In any event, this green tea mocha is easy to make and definitely a crowd pleaser. Yeah, it's that good.

Matcha powder is the key ingredient in this recipe. These crumbled leaves can then be milled into a fine powder. Matcha boasts even more health benefits than normal green tea because you are drinking the entire tea leave whole instead of just steeping the leaf and extracting certain flavors from it. Because of the involved process required to make matcha, matcha costs a lot more than other green teas. I think it's worth spending the money on good matcha, because the quality of the flavor influences the flavor of your dessert so directly.