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Make Creamy Ice Cream With Just One Ingredient

Make Creamy Ice Cream With Just One Ingredient
Yes, that's right; you heard us. Creamy, soft-serve style ice cream with just one ingredient — and no ice cream maker needed! What is this one magic ingredient that can be whipped into perfectly rich and silky ice cream, with no additional dairy, sweeteners, or ingredients needed whatsoever? If you guessed BANANA, congratulations! You're right! What? "That's the sort of thing you discover," she sighed, "when all your friends are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-allergic, and you're on a sugar-free diet." It turns out that frozen bananas are good for more than just dipping in chocolate. Some bananas, depending on their ripeness, have a bit of that green aftertaste. Have you ever tried frozen-banana ice cream? Want more detailed instructions and step-by-step photos? → Step-by-Step Instructions for One-Ingredient Ice Cream Now try more flavors... → Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream 5 Ways: Peanut Butter, Nutella, and More (Images: Faith Durand)

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Top Five Watermelon Frozen Desserts If you love watermelon, you will love these top five watermelon frozen dessert recipes. From simple watermelon ice pops to beautiful ice cream bombes, this top five list covers a wide range of watermelon desserts. Although watermelon is available all year in the United States, much of that is imported. The peak season for domestic watermelon is May through August, and you will find the ripest, sweetest watermelons during that time. If you are going to make one of the top five watermelon frozen desserts, you should look for those sweet summer melons. Watermelon Sorbet

Rainbow Cake in a Jar I’ve always had a penchant for sunshine in a jar. Doesn’t the very phrase itself, “sunshine in a jar,” roll off your tongue and fill your mouth with magic? While I’ve never yet found myself a sunshine in a jar, I think we may have just concocted it in our kitchen tonight. Make Your Own Homemade Snickers Bars - Food - Lifehacker @Jason: The experience of it! It's like asking a chef why they cook, they do it for the fun of it. Sure, you could buy the candies for 17 dollars, but that's no fun. Now making them, that's something you can tell your friends about. Molten Lava Cakes I love these little babies. Surprisingly, this has been the first time I’ve ever made them myself. While preparing these Chocolate Lava Cakes I learned that they are super-fun to make. They are also surprising. That is what you find out when you dig into them.

Hungarian Sour Cherry Strudel Hungarian sour cherry strudel Although I've spent the majority of my life in the US, I was actually born in Budapest. My mother was a great cook, and I grew up eating all sorts of Hungarian dishes. Strudels filled with apples, cherries, or sweetened farmer's cheese were a popular dessert at our table. With the wide availability of frozen phyllo dough, strudels are easier to make than pie, can be assembled ahead of time, and held in the freezer until you are ready to bake.

Easy Homemade Granola — A Southern Fairytale Homemade Granola, delicious crunchy, sweet, crispy and fruity. I remember eating granola as a kid; my mom made the most amazing granola. Doused in chilled milk or snatched from a bag in my tiny fist, my mom’s granola was better than any boxed version. As an adult and admitted food and recipe obsessed person, it’s somewhat embarrassing to admit that homemade granola is one thing I’ve never tackled. (until now One of my favorite go-to recipe blogs, fellow redhead and all around favorite people ever, Heather of Home Ec-101, posted the Easiest Homemade Granola Ever recipe and I must admit, I was inspired. Involtini: Feta & Prosciutto Rolls - David Lebovitz I was having drinks at a friend’s house last night, who is a cuistot, the French slang for a cook. I don’t think you’d say cuistat for a woman, but whatever you want to call us, the conversation pretty much stayed on one topic: Food. We talked literally for hours while we drank brisk sauvignon blanc and picked apart an amazing wedge of 30 month-old Comté cheese from a giant wedge on a cutting block positioned strategically between us. For some reason, the conversation turned to food intolerances and allergies, which aren’t all that well-known in France.

Caramel Apple Cupcakes September is finally here and all I can think about are all of the apple recipes I want to dig into. I’ve already lit my fall candles to get in the mood since we kind of have to fake the seasons over here in Florida. These caramel apple cupcakes smelled divine baking in the oven! These are super simple using a doctored cake mix but taste just like fall.

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