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How to Make Marshmallow Fondant

How to Make Marshmallow Fondant
This time I decided to make it with those mini fruit flavored marshmallows. I had to sort them by colour first. I figured they would add a little bit of flavor to the fondant so I wouldn't have to add much flavoring oil. I use gel colours to dye my fondant but regular food colouring will work too. You won't be able to get really dark colours without making your fondant sticky, but for lighter colours you can just even it out with more icing sugar. I also had lemon oil and coconut flavoring on hand.. oh la la the value brand (which still works fine). Step One: Take a couple of handfuls of marshmallows and put them in a microwave safe bowl. I like to make smaller batches because its easier to add the colour to the melted marshmallow than it is to work the colour into the fondant later. Step Two: Stick the marshmallows in the microwave for ten seconds at a time until the are puffed up and easily stir into a goo with a wooden spoon. Step Three: Step Four: Fondant with the icing sugar kneaded in.

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rainbow ice cream cone cake bites....! to occupy some time during hurricane irene this past weekend, made these goodies!......which were made with some left over frozen cupcakes....and didn't really feel like making a new batch of buttercream just for instead of cake bites made with crumbled cake and frosting...they are made with marshmallow fluff...!....and you may be thinking....."where's the rainbow"....? [real life foodie adventures] This holiday season was a week shorter than usual and boy, oh boy, am I feeling it. Three days before Christmas and I’m not done shopping. Three days before Christmas and I’ve barely put a dent in my planned holibaking list. I mean, really… I haven’t even made a single cookie! My brain keeps screaming, “but I’m not ready!” Unfortunately… the calendar pays no attention and time keeps on spinning past.

I've made it and it is wonderful! Tasty and really easy to work with. It stays much softer than fondant too. by jennmariec Apr 13

This looks like a good idea - I hate how fondant gets hard and is hard to work with. I have a bag of marshmallows and lots of colours it is a must try! by jean48 Apr 12

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