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John Ford. Nikola Tesla - Limitless Energy & the Pyramids of Egypt. New Book: Life in the Reich. LIFE IN Hitler’s Reich was better than anywhere else on earth.

New Book: Life in the Reich

For nearly 13 years, ordinary workers enjoyed a lifestyle equaled only by the rich and famous. From 1933 to 1945, Hitler’s Germany led the world in fashion, medicine, cinema, manufacturing, superior lifestyle, transport facilities, public services, cutting-edge science, healthcare, and education. Citizens there were said to be the happiest people on earth; the German standard of living and quality of life have never been equaled. The claim that this was achieved through investment in “militarism” is absurd. If that technique worked, the US would be by far the richest nation on earth, richer than all other countries combined. The Reich’s prosperity sets an example that damns the hideous failures of the victors’ crooked system. LIFE IN THE REICH by Mike Walsh 12,000 words; 224 pictures, including collages. New stories every day! FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM exposes Fox News. Conquests: Genghis Khan. Paul von Hindenburg. Paul von Hindenburg 1932 als Reichspräsident Leben[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten] Familie[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten] Paul von Hindenburg als Kadett in Wahlstatt (1860) Hindenburg im Kreise seiner Familie, 1917 Hindenburg als Major, um 1890 Paul von Hindenburg entstammte väterlicherseits einem alten ostpreußischen Adelsgeschlecht, der Familie von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg.

Paul von Hindenburg

Militärische Laufbahn[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten] 1890 leitete er die II. Hindenburgs Aufstieg während des Ersten Weltkrieges[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten] Otto (Griechenland) Otto, König von Griechenland König Otto I. von Griechenland König Otto vor griechischen Ruinen – ein romantisches Porträt Da er bei Regierungsantritt noch nicht volljährig war, erhielt Otto zunächst einen Regentschaftsrat, der aus dem Finanzexperten Joseph Ludwig von Armansperg, dem Juristen Georg Ludwig von Maurer, dem Verwaltungsfachmann Karl von Abel und Generalmajor Karl Wilhelm von Heideck bestand.

Otto (Griechenland)

Die Regentschaft schuf die administrativen Grundlagen eines modernen Staates. Die Gesetzgebung orientierte sich an deutschen Vorbildern, selbst das bayerische Reinheitsgebot für Bier war in Griechenland gültig. Die Mitglieder des Regentschaftsrates zerstritten sich jedoch bald. Bevor die Haupt- und Residenzstadt 1834 nach Athen verlegt wurde, residierte der Hof in Nafplio. 1841 bezog Otto in Athen das von Friedrich von Gärtner erbaute Schloss, das heutige Parlamentsgebäude. Unterschriften der Delegierten der Nationalversammlung unter der Verfassungsurkunde von 1844 An seinem 20. 12.

Ancient Egypt Akhenaten the Nephilim God King. BEHIND THE GREAT WALL/Qi Jiguang Documentary. FDR Early Years. Elizabeth's Pirates (British History Documentary) Genghis khan history. FDR Volume 1. Mr Churchill Addresses Congress - SOUND. History Most Hated - Genghis Khan. Joseph Stalin: The Red Terror. Marduk. Marduk (Cuneiform: 𒀭𒀫𒌓 dAMAR.UTU; Sumerian: amar utu.k "calf of the sun; solar calf"; Greek Μαρδοχαῖος,[1] Mardochaios; Hebrew: מְרֹדַךְ‎, Modern: Mərōdaḵ, Tiberian: Merōḏaḵ) was a late-generation god from ancient Mesopotamia and patron deity of the city of Babylon.


When Babylon became the political center of the Euphrates valley in the time of Hammurabi (18th century BC), Marduk slowly started to rise to the position of the head of the Babylonian pantheon, a position he fully acquired by the second half of the second millennium BC. In the city of Babylon, Marduk was worshiped in the temple Esagila. Marduk is associated with the divine weapon Imhullu. His symbolic animal and servant, whom Marduk once vanquished, is the dragon Mušḫuššu.[2] "Marduk" is the Babylonian form of his name.[3]

The Ark of the Covenant. The American Counter-Revolution in Favor of Liberty. This book presents the case that the origins of American liberty should not be sought in the constitutional-reformist feats of its “statesmen” during the 1780s, but rather in the political and social resistance to their efforts.

The American Counter-Revolution in Favor of Liberty

There were two revolutions occurring in the late 18th century America: the modern European revolution “in favour of government,” pursuing national unity, “energetic” government and centralization of power (what scholars usually dub “American founding”); and a conservative, reactionary counter-revolution “in favour of liberty,” defending local rights and liberal individualism against the encroaching political authority. This is a book about this liberal counter-revolution and its ideological, political and cultural sources and central protagonists.

American revolution modern European revolution American founding modern American state state-building Liberty versus government anti-statist resistance. When Churchill Met Stalin. Sacred bull. The Procession of the Bull Apis by Frederick Arthur Bridgman, oil on canvas, 1879 In prehistoric art[edit] 20,000-year-old cave paintings in Lascaux, France Aurochs are depicted in many Paleolithic European cave paintings such as those found at Lascaux and Livernon in France.

Sacred bull

Their life force may have been thought to have magical qualities, for early carvings of the aurochs have also been found. The impressive and dangerous aurochs survived into the Iron Age in Anatolia and the Near East and were worshipped throughout that area as sacred animals; the earliest remnants of bull worship can be found at neolithic Çatalhöyük. The Biggest Ancient Mysteries That No One Has Ever Been Able To Solve. The History Room. The Hope: Churchill & the Jews. The Jazz Age (Documentary) The Legacy of Winston Churchill - Professor Vernon Bogdanor. Think Anomalous. Timeline - World History Documentaries. Top 10 Insane Rulers in History. World War Two 1945 the Wheelchair President b05vlzsn default.

Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years, 1929-39.