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World War III

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(14) Susquehanna Alchemy Public Service Announcement. Making Sense with Sam Harris #210 - The Logic of Doomsday (July 9, 2020) Antimatter weapon. Theoretical weapon using antimatter An antimatter weapon is a theoretically possible device using antimatter as a power source, a propellant, or an explosive for a weapon.

Antimatter weapon

Antimatter weapons cannot yet be produced due to the current cost of production of antimatter (estimated at 63 trillion dollars per gram) given the extremely limited technology available to create it in sufficient masses to be viable in a weapon, and the fact that it annihilates upon touching ordinary matter, making containment very difficult. The Cosmic Consequences of Space Weapons: Why they Must be Banned to Preserve our Future - The Conscious Reporter.

US Navy Says They Will Have Weaponized Lasers In Use By 2020. According to a statement from the US Navy, the agency will soon begin using high-energy laser weapons that can destroy aircraft and small boats.

US Navy Says They Will Have Weaponized Lasers In Use By 2020

The weapons are being built with $150 million in taxpayer money and according to a report from V3, the contract could eventually be worth up to $942.8 million and handled by Lockheed Martin. The technology is called High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with Surveillance (HELIOS). Lockheed has said that they plan to have these weaponized lasers in use by 2020. “Navy technicians will integrate the laser and its control systems with the ship’s power, cooling, and battle management systems. That’s an important step – an earlier Navy LAWS system was never integrated with shipboard systems on the USS Ponce for testing,” according to IEEE Spectrum.

Drones Will Soon Use Artificial Intelligence to Decide Who to Kill. The US Army recently announced that it is developing the first drones that can spot and target vehicles and people using artificial intelligence (AI).

Drones Will Soon Use Artificial Intelligence to Decide Who to Kill

This is a big step forward. Whereas current military drones are still controlled by people, this new technology will decide who to kill with almost no human involvement. Once complete, these drones will represent the ultimate militarization of AI and trigger vast legal and ethical implications for wider society.

These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. To learn how you can use to drive visitors to your content or add this service to your site, please contact us at (3) Bases Project Update 007 with Michael Prince. How swarming drones will change warfare. Image copyright Getty Images The swarm robots are coming and they could change the way wars are fought.

How swarming drones will change warfare

In February, the defence secretary said "swarm squadrons" will be deployed by the British armed forces in the coming years. The US has also been testing interconnected, co-operative drones that are capable of working together to overwhelm adversaries. Low-cost, intelligent and inspired by swarms of insects, these new machines could revolutionise future conflicts. From swarming enemy sensors with a deluge of targets, to spreading out over large areas for search-and-rescue missions, they could have a range of uses on and off the battlefield. The Era of the Drone Swarm Is Coming, and We Need to Be Ready for It. Drone swarm technology—the ability of drones to autonomously make decisions based on shared information—has the potential to revolutionize the dynamics of conflict.

The Era of the Drone Swarm Is Coming, and We Need to Be Ready for It

And we’re inching ever closer to seeing this potential unleashed. In fact, swarms will have significant applications to almost every area of national and homeland security. Key Issues: Nuclear Weapons: The Basics: The Neutron Bomb. Introduction, some felt that its relatively small initial blast and fallout was ideal for use in densely populated areas, like Europe.

Key Issues: Nuclear Weapons: The Basics: The Neutron Bomb

Other proponents argued that deployment of the neutron warhead could be used as a bargaining chip against the Soviet SS-20 missile which was viewed as a threat to NATO forces in Europe. Opponents of the weapon argued that the neutron bomb made the idea of using nuclear weapons in war more conceivable. Because the neutron bomb would devastate the whole of a target, military planners might not be as hesitant to use the neutron bomb as they would a standard fission bomb. Neutron Bomb Timeline Summer 1958- While conducting researching on developing a large thermonuclear weapon, Sam Cohen introduces the idea of removing the uranium casing from a hydrogen bomb to allow neutrons to travel great distances and penetrate even heavily shielded armor and structures.

Neutron Bomb Explained in less than a minute. USGS shows off NEW Earthquake Weapon. We All Face a Common Threat. The Coming War On China (China Documentary) All Wars Are Bankers' Wars. Full Spectrum Dominance ~ Swarming Slaughterbots Targeting Activists. The Coming Techno Apocalypse – New Dawn. Imagine, if you will, a war in the near future.

The Coming Techno Apocalypse – New Dawn

A war not fought between East and West. Not fought between nations, nor creeds nor races. A war fought brother to brother and sister to sister, father to son and mother to daughter. Machiavelli’s 27 Rules of War. Niccolo Machiavelli is best known for The Prince, his guidebook on ruling an Italian city-state.

Machiavelli’s 27 Rules of War

But for a long time after his death, Machiavelli’s Art of War was better known and more influential (alongside his Discourses on Livy, both of which were written after The Prince but published before). (As an aside, the more famous Art of War is Sun Tzu’s but that text was not actually called Art of War and may not have been written by Sun Tzu – another matter for another time.) [widgets_on_pages id=2] Directed-energy weapon. A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a ranged weapon system that inflicts damage at a target by emission of highly focused energy, including laser, microwaves and particle beams.

Directed-energy weapon

Potential applications of this technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, missile defense system, and the disabling of lightly armored vehicles or mounted optical devices.[1][2] In the United States, the Pentagon, DARPA, the Air Force Research Laboratory, United States Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center, and the Naval Research Laboratory are researching technologies like directed-energy weapons and railguns to counter maturing threats posed by fast missiles such as ballistic missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles, and hypersonic glide vehicles. These systems of missile defense are expected to come online in the mid to late-2020s[3] or later. Twelve Things You Should Know About Scalar Weapons. By Christi Verismo from ChristiVerismo Website 1 - A POSSIBLE SCALAR WAR SCENARIO The following seems like science fiction, but scalar beam weapons were invented in 1904 by a American immigrant genius called Nicola Tesla (1856 or 57 -1943) from Yugoslavia.

Twelve Things You Should Know About Scalar Weapons

Since he died in 1943, many nations have secretly developed his beam weapons which now further refined are so powerful that just by satellite one can: If either of the major scalar weapon armed countries e.g. U.S. or Russia were to fire a nuclear missile to attack each other this may possibly not even reach the target, because the missile could be destroyed with scalar technology before it even left its place or origin. Directed energy atmospheric lens could revolutionise future battlefields. At the same time, the lens could be used as a form of ‘deflector shield’ to protect friendly aircraft, ships, land vehicles and troops from incoming attacks by high power laser weapons that could also become a reality in the same time period.

The Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) concept, developed by technologists at the Company’s military aircraft facility in Warton, Lancashire, has been evaluated by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and specialist optical sensors company LumOptica and is based on known science. It works by simulating naturally occurring phenomena and temporarily - and reversibly - changes the Earth’s atmosphere into lens-like structures to magnify or change the path of electromagnetic waves such as light and radio signals. The Liberty of Iniquity and the Pending Birth of the Ages: Mysteries Unveiled. Untitled. Sentient world: war games on the grandest scale. Perhaps your real life is so rich you don't have time for another. Even so, the US Department of Defense (DOD) may already be creating a copy of you in an alternate reality to see how long you can go without food or water, or how you will respond to televised propaganda.

The DOD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual "nodes" to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR. Explaining the unimaginable: How do nuclear bombs work? - ExtremeTech. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. So, this is a bit of a touchy question. Five Millions Tons of Smoke in the Stratosphere. Following a war between India and Pakistan, in which 100 Hiroshima-size (15 kiloton) nuclear weapons are detonated in the large cities of these nations, 5 million tons of smoke is lofted high into the stratosphere and is quickly spread around the world. A smoke layer forms around both Hemispheres which will remain in place for many years to block sunlight from reaching the surface of the Earth.

Was there a secret nuclear war in the 19th century (1812-1816 or the 1840s)? - Quora. TABU; Towards A Better Understanding. World War III? US Raises Alert to DEFCON-2 after Trump Launches 59 Missiles at Syria over False Flag Chemical Attack. Reported first photo of US strike on Syria last night. It’s being reported everywhere that President Trump authorized a large strike in Syria last night, firing 59 tomahawk missiles at Syrian government positions (where Russian soldiers were stationed) over what we’ve been told was a chemical weapons attack President Assad perpetrated against his own people in Northern Syria.

What Is a Neutron Bomb? - Description and Uses. By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Question: What Is a Neutron Bomb? Answer: A neutron bomb, also called an enhanced radiation bomb, is a type of thermonuclear weapon. THE WAR IN HEAVEN - PART ONE. The antimatter factory: inside the project that could power fusion and annihilation lasers. Our ‘Men In Black’ and their ‘Dark Energy’ bombs. Founder of STARstream Research and contributing writer to Alert Obama Gives Green Light To UN To Invade America Martial Law WW3 Fema Dollar Collapse Footage. Putin Tells The West A Dirty Little Sercet! The New World Order Is terrified!

2016 RED ALERT! PUTIN HAS LEFT THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND IS FIGHTING THEM. Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics. 1. Nuclear war fearmongering. Dr RAM#4: Changing The Movie : Away from Endless War. Putin Issues Desperate Warning of WWIII. Bruce Cathie Calculating an Atomic Bomb Test. The Business of War is the Cause of War. 8th May 2016 By Ethan Indigo Smith and Sergey Baranov Contributing writers for Wake Up World If you objectively and consistently observe the mainstream media and its interpretation of global events, its omissive and deceptive character soon becomes abundantly clear. This Won’t End Well – U.S. Just Sent an Entire Carrier Strike Group to Confront China. By Matt Agorist. The Great Nuclear Hoax - The Myths of Atomic Age. Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Zionist Bankers Behind Every World War (720P) Donald Sutherland Explains the Real Meaning of Hunger Games and Why its Message Must be Understood.

By Matt Agorist Hollywood actor, Donald Sutherland, just dropped a bombshell on the military industrial complex. Sutherland, who plays President Coriolanus Snow in the blockbuster movie series Hunger Games, was recently asked what the movie was really about – he held no punches in his answer. If there’s any question as to what it’s an allegory for I will tell you.It is the powers that be in the United States of America.It’s profiteers.War is for profit. Pentagon’s 2016 Defense Budget: $1.6 Billion for a Proxy Army Against Russia. Here’s Why The Privatization Of War Must Stop NOW.

WWIII - Syria, Russia & Iran - The New Equation. Know World War II, Avoid World War III. Future Military Sensors Could Be Tiny Specks of ‘Smart Dust’ — War Is Boring. Maps Of War: Visual History Of War, Religion, & Govt. Joel Skousen - The Globalists & World War 3. The Chinese Cyber-Attack and What Comes Next - Dave Hodges Exclusive. MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN - "DEFINED" Windows on the World: The Smart Green Genocide. War is always by Deception.

The First Casualty of War is the Truth. “Lies Which Soldiers Kill and Die For” Law of War Manual June 2015. Global strategic war plans-pdf. Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns? Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare » Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare. Senior NATO Official Claims We’ll Be at War by Summer. China: The Key to The New World Order. WW3 In Now, But Not As We Know It - ITS A WAR ON US! The Secret Cause of World War 3. "D" Weapons Use Appliances to Spy on Homes, Internet as Cyber Battleground: “World War III is a Guerrilla Information War" World War III may have already begun: U.S. empire vs. Russia, China and North Korea. Finally Bipartisanship: Nearly Every Member of Congress Votes to Move US Closer to WWIII.

WW3 Foretold in 1967: Islam vs. Zionism Until All is Destroyed. War is a racket. The Geopolitics of World War III. The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous. WW3: ISIS to Blow up an American City. Gaza is an Engineered Flashpoint for WW3. Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it - US changes nuclear strategy to first strike: Analyst. Towards a World War III Scenario: America’s “Contingency Plan” to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons.

BREAKING! Obama Uses "War Powers Act" To Insert 275 U.S. Special Forces Into Iraq. The New World Order And The Rise Of The East. The Truthseeker: US plans 'first strike' on Russia (E40) Dr Deagle Show 2014/02/27 - TIM ALEXANDER / CHRIS HARRIS. Russia, China and the West Working Toward Same Goal. CIA and FBI Work with Fascists in Ukraine as ‘War in Europe’ Unfolds.

Bombshell Leaked Info! China Preps For HUGE EVENT In North Korea!!! SOUNDING THE ALARM: Obama doing to the U.S. military what no enemy on Earth could do. The Mass Marketing Campaign For World War III. David Icke - World War 3 & The Falling Pawns (Viewer Discretion Advised) 100 Years of War Propaganda and Lies. The Dollar Collapse And WW3 HAS BEGUN, MUST SEE ! WW3 Approaches - Tim Rifat. Good and Evil - Tim Rifat. Russia gears up for World War 3. Covert chemical warfare/and a time bomb in Ukraine. The Road to World War 3. September 2013 Breaking News Mounting evidence suggests Israeli strike on Iran approaching. Top Obama official WE will kill the dollar WWIII already underway. China Moves Against The Dollar. China-Japan Spat Could Lead to World War III. Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert ?