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World War III

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What will happen Sept, 23,2017? Simon Parkes RE PREPARE! FOR WHAT WWIII, RESET, OR. TABU; Towards A Better Understanding. Category Archives: WWIII In a related move, President Obama said early Wednesday that he was open to cooperating with in the campaign against the Islamic State, which has asserted responsibility for destroying the charter plane and for the deadly on Friday, but only if the government of President begins targeting the militant group.

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

The timing of the Kremlin’s announcement on Tuesday, after had already begun striking Islamic State targets and had called for a united front against the group, suggested that Russia was using the moment to help repair frayed relations with the West. The Kremlin also announced that Mr. Putin and his French counterpart, François Hollande, had spoken by telephone, had agreed to coordinate military attacks in Syria and would meet on Nov. 26 in Moscow. Name the only countries without a Central Bank controlled by Rothschild’s Bank of International Settlement (BIS) in Geneva Switzerland. World War III? US Raises Alert to DEFCON-2 after Trump Launches 59 Missiles at Syria over False Flag Chemical Attack. Reported first photo of US strike on Syria last night.

World War III? US Raises Alert to DEFCON-2 after Trump Launches 59 Missiles at Syria over False Flag Chemical Attack

It’s being reported everywhere that President Trump authorized a large strike in Syria last night, firing 59 tomahawk missiles at Syrian government positions (where Russian soldiers were stationed) over what we’ve been told was a chemical weapons attack President Assad perpetrated against his own people in Northern Syria. What Is a Neutron Bomb? - Description and Uses. By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.

What Is a Neutron Bomb? - Description and Uses

Question: What Is a Neutron Bomb? Answer: A neutron bomb, also called an enhanced radiation bomb, is a type of thermonuclear weapon. An enhanced radiation bomb is any weapon which uses fusion to enhance the production of radiation beyond that which is normal for an atomic device. In a neutron bomb, the burst of neutrons generated by the fusion reaction is intentionally allowed to escape using X-ray mirrors and an atomically inert shell casing, such as chromium or nickel.

The energy yield for a neutron bomb may be as little as half that of a conventional device, though radiation output is only slightly less. Continue reading below our video Neutron bombs have a relatively short shelf-life. The antimatter factory: inside the project that could power fusion and annihilation lasers. Our ‘Men In Black’ and their ‘Dark Energy’ bombs. Founder of STARstream Research and contributing writer to The Dark Matters of Dark Energy: Is it possible to use Dark Energy to build a weapon of mass destruction?

Our ‘Men In Black’ and their ‘Dark Energy’ bombs

Recent theoretical explorations may suggest another approach to the physics of the vacuum. Some physicists have speculated that the invisible gravitating dark matter could be the other side of the invisible dark energy coin, and that suggests the possibility of manipulating the vacuum for energy release. If a controllable parameter could be found to mediate the balance between the invisible dark forces, the result would unleash the vacuum energy of creation in all of its awful power and majesty. 5 October 2011. Alert Obama Gives Green Light To UN To Invade America Martial Law WW3 Fema Dollar Collapse Footage. Putin Tells The West A Dirty Little Sercet! The New World Order Is terrified! 2016 RED ALERT! PUTIN HAS LEFT THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND IS FIGHTING THEM. Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics. 1.

Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

The Tesla Howitzer and its modes of action Source: Tom Bearden's weapons slides and Fer-de-Lance Briefing For one thing there is no delivery of any thing to any place. Bombs are obsolete. What Sets The Mediterranean Diet Apart From The Rest? Photo credit: At the beginning of every year, when just about everyone is ready to embark on a new diet in order to lose those unwanted pounds once and for all, the authorities list the top 10 diets to follow.

What Sets The Mediterranean Diet Apart From The Rest?

Most of the top 10 diets consist of popular franchises, or at the very least diet books that have made it to the best-seller list on Amazon. But one entry that shows up in the top 3 every year is the lesser-known Mediterranean Diet. How is it so popular when most people know so little about it? Nuclear war fearmongering. Nuclear war fearmongering Fear Inc [Communism was an invention of the Illuminati (Funding of Communism), as was the Cold War, so the threat of nuclear war was a hoax, quite apart from Bruce Cathie's discovery.]

Nuclear war fearmongering

See: Cold War Hoax Major George Jordan Nukes Don't Exist! Dr RAM#4: Changing The Movie : Away from Endless War. Putin Issues Desperate Warning of WWIII. Bruce Cathie Calculating an Atomic Bomb Test. The Business of War is the Cause of War. 8th May 2016 By Ethan Indigo Smith and Sergey Baranov Contributing writers for Wake Up World If you objectively and consistently observe the mainstream media and its interpretation of global events, its omissive and deceptive character soon becomes abundantly clear.

The Business of War is the Cause of War

This could hardly be called incompetence. The coverage, which is popularly called “news”, is in fact nothing but a propaganda mechanism, designed to persistently shape public opinion in favor of war. Although most prefer to believe government propaganda is a thing of the past, history shows us that it is an inherent part of any wartime society, obscuring facts and motivations in favor of those who initiate — and benefit from — war. This Won’t End Well – U.S. Just Sent an Entire Carrier Strike Group to Confront China. By Matt Agorist On Thursday, the US Navy announced they dispatched a small armada to the South China Sea.

This Won’t End Well – U.S. Just Sent an Entire Carrier Strike Group to Confront China

Consisting of the John C. Stennis aircraft carrier, two cruisers, two destroyers, and the 7th Fleet flagship, the US is making their mission clear — we are not scared of kicking off World War III. The Great Nuclear Hoax - The Myths of Atomic Age. Jeff Rense & Eustace Mullins - Zionist Bankers Behind Every World War (720P) Donald Sutherland Explains the Real Meaning of Hunger Games and Why its Message Must be Understood.

By Matt Agorist Hollywood actor, Donald Sutherland, just dropped a bombshell on the military industrial complex.

Donald Sutherland Explains the Real Meaning of Hunger Games and Why its Message Must be Understood

Sutherland, who plays President Coriolanus Snow in the blockbuster movie series Hunger Games, was recently asked what the movie was really about – he held no punches in his answer. Pentagon’s 2016 Defense Budget: $1.6 Billion for a Proxy Army Against Russia. By Melissa Dykes For a $612 billion bill, you’re probably thinking “$1.6 billion… is that all?” In the 2016 defense budget, hundreds of millions of dollars — funds that could be spent improving America for Americans — are openly going to train and arm “rebel” forces in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine in what amounts to little more than a thinly veiled proxy war with Russia (and a payday for American defense contractors). Via RT: Some $600 million has been earmarked for a program to support the “appropriately vetted” Syrian rebels, fighting against both the government in Damascus and Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS and ISIL).Section 1225 of the NDAA allocates $531.5 million directly to the Syria Train and Equip program, and directs an additional $25.8 million to the US Army and $42.8 million to the US Air Force, to cover the costs of their participation.

“Appropriately vetted?” Here’s Why The Privatization Of War Must Stop NOW. WWIII - Syria, Russia & Iran - The New Equation. Know World War II, Avoid World War III. By Tony Cartalucci An Asian state aggressively expanding its military, bullying its neighbors, illegally fortifying islands, and bent on regional, then global domination – sound familiar? Are you thinking it’s China 2015? No, it is Japan 1937-1944. Future Military Sensors Could Be Tiny Specks of ‘Smart Dust’ — War Is Boring. In the 1972 science fiction story The Unknown by Christopher Anvil, three space pilots find themselves plagued by “ultra-miniature spy-circuits.” Tiny computers used for espionage and no bigger than a speck of dust. “They drift in like dust motes,” one space pilot says. “But you have no control over where they drift. An air current, or a static charge, can completely foul up your arrangements.” In 1972, dust-sized electronic spies were far-out stuff.

Maps Of War: Visual History Of War, Religion, & Govt. Joel Skousen - The Globalists & World War 3. The Chinese Cyber-Attack and What Comes Next - Dave Hodges Exclusive. MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN - "DEFINED" Windows on the World: The Smart Green Genocide. War is always by Deception. The First Casualty of War is the Truth. “Lies Which Soldiers Kill and Die For” A number of years ago I read portions of a book entitled The First Casualty: From the Crimea to Vietnam: The War Correspondent as Hero, Propagandist and Myth Maker by Phillip Knightley. Knightley points out in that book that in order to start (and then perpetuate) a war, a nation’s leaders have to lie, and the lies usually start with the war correspondents or “embedded” journalists who obediently only tell pre-approved sugar-coated, heavily censored versions of what is really happening in the war zone.

Conservative editors, who are sensitive to the demands of patriotic advertisers, typically edit out the unpleasantness that has been written by their more progressive journalists, who want to write the truth, even if it is gory truth. It is a historical reality that aggressive nation-states often cunningly provoke their intended nation-victims into drawing “first blood”. That is a tactic that most bullies employ, even inexperienced playground bullies. Lies Which Soldiers Kill and Die For. Law of War Manual June 2015. Global strategic war plans-pdf. Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns? By Tony Cartalucci Since ancient times an army required significant logistical support to carry out any kind of sustained military campaign. In ancient Rome, an extensive network of roads was constructed to facilitate not only trade, but to allow Roman legions to move quickly to where they were needed, and for the supplies needed to sustain military operations to follow them in turn. In the late 1700s French general, expert strategist, and leader Napoleon Bonaparte would note that, “an army marches on its stomach,” referring to the extensive logistical network required to keep an army fed, and therefore able to maintain its fighting capacity.

For the French, their inability to maintain a steady supply train to its forces fighting in Russia, and the Russians’ decision to burn their own land and infrastructure to deny it from the invading forces, ultimately defeated the French. ISIS’ Supply Lines. Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare » Geoengineering Is Biological Warfare. When highly toxic materials are sprayed into skies around the globe as part of the ongoing climate engineering assault, these materials must inevitably fall to Earth and be inhaled and/or absorbed by every single living organism. Senior NATO Official Claims We’ll Be at War by Summer. By Joshua Krause Last week, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler posted a rather disturbing tweet.

With a statement that one could only assume to be a reference towards Russia, Schindler wrote “Said a senior NATO (non-US) GOFO to me today: 'We’ll probably be at war this summer. China: The Key to The New World Order. WW3 In Now, But Not As We Know It - ITS A WAR ON US! The Secret Cause of World War 3. By Truth Never Told. "D" Weapons Use Appliances to Spy on Homes, Internet as Cyber Battleground: “World War III is a Guerrilla Information War" Though it has remained officially unsaid, the powers that be have all-but-officially designated the American people as their enemy in a foggy battleground that has become global, nebulous, highly technological and extremely paranoid. Homeland Security and FBI protocol have set the stage for profiling Americans as potential threats, while the rising police state have often cracked down with a heavy hand and perhaps a SWAT raid. World War III may have already begun: U.S. empire vs. Russia, China and North Korea.

Finally Bipartisanship: Nearly Every Member of Congress Votes to Move US Closer to WWIII. Eric ZuesseActivist Post It’s a bill authorizing Obama to supply weapons to the bankrupt Ukrainian Government to exterminate (and/or drive out into neighboring Russia) the people in the areas of Ukraine’s southeast that had voted 90% for the Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, whom Obama overthrew in a bloody coup in February 2014; but, of course, that’s not how it’s worded. WW3 Foretold in 1967: Islam vs. Zionism Until All is Destroyed. War is a racket. Written in 1935 by Major General Smedley Butler. The Geopolitics of World War III. The "War On Terror" Is A Fraud - It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Continuous. WW3: ISIS to Blow up an American City. Gaza is an Engineered Flashpoint for WW3. Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it -

US changes nuclear strategy to first strike: Analyst. A US-made nuclear weapon (file photo) The United States has changed its military doctrine in favor of using nuclear weapons for preemptive purposes, an analyst writes for Press TV. Towards a World War III Scenario: America’s “Contingency Plan” to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons. U.S. plans to attack Iran with a mix of nuclear and conventional weapons have been in readiness since June, 2005, according to Michel Chossudovsky. a distinguished authority on international affairs. “Confirmed by military documents as well as official statements, both the U.S. and Israel contemplate the use of nuclear weapons directed against Iran,” writes professor Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal.

BREAKING! Obama Uses "War Powers Act" To Insert 275 U.S. Special Forces Into Iraq. The New World Order And The Rise Of The East. The Truthseeker: US plans 'first strike' on Russia (E40) Dr Deagle Show 2014/02/27 - TIM ALEXANDER / CHRIS HARRIS. Russia, China and the West Working Toward Same Goal. CIA and FBI Work with Fascists in Ukraine as ‘War in Europe’ Unfolds. Bombshell Leaked Info! China Preps For HUGE EVENT In North Korea!!! SOUNDING THE ALARM: Obama doing to the U.S. military what no enemy on Earth could do. The Mass Marketing Campaign For World War III.

David Icke - World War 3 & The Falling Pawns (Viewer Discretion Advised) 100 Years of War Propaganda and Lies. The Dollar Collapse And WW3 HAS BEGUN, MUST SEE ! WW3 Approaches - Tim Rifat. Good and Evil - Tim Rifat. Russia gears up for World War 3. Covert chemical warfare/and a time bomb in Ukraine. The Road to World War 3. September 2013 Breaking News Mounting evidence suggests Israeli strike on Iran approaching. Top Obama official WE will kill the dollar WWIII already underway.

China Moves Against The Dollar. China-Japan Spat Could Lead to World War III. Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert ? Obama Must Start World War 3. OBAMA GAVE CHINA PERMISSION TO iNVADE THE UNITED STATES FROM THE PACIFIC OCEAN WHEN THE DOLLAR DIES. Obama and the plan for World War 3 - Best documentary film 2013. World and War Updates.... Ww3 - Must happen by Spring - Dollar will collapse in 2014. Webster Tarpley: Obama's Blank Check for World War III. War Lies They Don't Want You to Know About. Syria's War: The Next Phase. US setting stage for another global war. US Hawks Want War on Iran. Unmanned: America's Drone Wars. Alert: Israel Is Closing All It's Embassies And Consulates Worldwide. Israel Prepares For WW3 'First Strike' & Prepared For Malaysia Flight 370 Terrorist Attack 2 Months Before It Went Missing! (Video)

WW3 Alert: Philippines Sends More Warships To South China Sea (Video) Nuclear Deal With Iran Prelude to War, Not "Breakthrough" While the World Watches the Iran Talks, Japan and China Move Closer to War. Color Revolutions 101: The Making Of A Controlled Revolution. Approaching Iranian warships raise EMP threat. Why 57 (War?)Ships Off East Coast? EMP? Nukes? Invasion? WW3 Nuclear War - 1 Trident Submarine Carries 28 - 100 Megaton Warheads ! 1700 Hiroshima's. Terminator Robots to Take Over the Battlefield by 2023?