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Teaching to the Beat of a Different Drummer. Have you ever said or thought any of the following? “They just add all the numbers! It doesn’t matter what the problem says.” “They don’t stop to think! They just start computing as soon as they’re done reading the problem.” “They don’t even realize this is exactly the same type of situation as the problem we did yesterday!” Then you might be interested in trying out numberless word problems with your students. In essence, numberless word problems are designed to provide scaffolding that allows students the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the underlying structure of word problems. My Blog Posts I’ve written about numberless word problems at various points on my blog. Numberless Word Problems – This is the initial post I wrote about numberless word problems. Problem Banks Below are banks of problems organized around the CGI problem types.

Addition and Subtraction Problem Types Multiplication and Division Problem Types Other Blog Post Collection. Five Twelve Thirteen. Quanta Magazine – Illuminating Science. Desmos Art: A Definitive Guide to Computational Sketching. If you’re of the type who enjoys playing around with graphing calculator, then you might be interested in the so-called Desmos Art.

Desmos Art: A Definitive Guide to Computational Sketching

These are basically pictures and animations created in Desmos primarily through the clever use of equations and inequalities — among other features such as tables, animating sliders and regression models. Indeed, if you go to this official staff pick page, you should see that a whole bunch of creative artworks were already being created — anything from cartoon characters, landscape to logos and portraits. But here’s a problem: when you reach a Desmos artwork page, you get to see the end-result with all the equations and inequalities, without necessarily having any clue about how the sketching process comes about from the beginning to the end.

Math Vault. Steve Phelps (@giohio) Happenings from my real-life 21st-century mathematics classroom. Fun Fact: That’s the Capital of Texas Highway, which takes you right to my house!

Happenings from my real-life 21st-century mathematics classroom

Every time I try to sit down and compose a blog post about last week’s Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute… I can’t. It’s not that I don’t want to! I *literally* can’t type the words. Even with every letter in the alphabet and every word in the dictionary, anything I attempt to share here will fall short. How can I convey here the feeling I had when I walked into the first general session, realizing that nearly 400 educators with hearts like mine from nearly 40 countries were gathered there?

Registration Form: Effective Practices for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of K-5 Mathematics. Math In The Real World: 400 Examples, Lessons, & Resources. Read Math In The Real World: 400 Lessons From EconEdLink by TeachThought Staff NEW YORK, NY (February 19, 2015) Based on many of the same skills and concepts, math is a natural complement to economics and personal finance; and yet, they are rarely taught in conjunction with each other in our nation’s schools.

Math In The Real World: 400 Examples, Lessons, & Resources

The Council for Economic Education (CEE) looks to bridge that gap with their new online resource for high school teachers. With the support of sponsors Verizon, Moody’s and the Calvin K. Part of EconEdLink, CEE’s free online teacher resource, Math in the Real World contains interdisciplinary lessons aimed at teaching personal finance and economic concepts in a mathematical context. The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library. Full Table of Contents. Math Games. Math Motivators. Math Goodies. Noetic Learning - Problem of the Week. Challenge Math Online: An Online Program for Gifted, Talented and Promising Math Students. I am very excited about Challenge Math ...

Challenge Math Online: An Online Program for Gifted, Talented and Promising Math Students

The fact that the problems are chosen carefully to work on developing the skills of the kids that excel in math and to prepare them for national and international competitions is invaluable. There is little of this in school, so we intend to take full advantage of the program in the future. - Dr. Stanislavova Associate Professor, MathematicsUniversity of Kansas Welcome to Challenge Math Online. Math Contest for Elementary and Middle School Students. Julia M.

Math Contest for Elementary and Middle School Students

Hilldale Elementary, OK . We look forward to participating in the contests again next year. " Scalar Learning. 30+ Things to Do with a Hundred Chart – Denise Gaskins' Let's Play Math. [Photo by geishaboy500 (CC BY 2.0).]

30+ Things to Do with a Hundred Chart – Denise Gaskins' Let's Play Math

Are you looking for creative ways to help your children study math? Even without a workbook or teacher’s manual, your kids can learn a lot about numbers. Best of the Blog – Denise Gaskins' Let's Play Math. Digging Through the Archive Over the years, Let’s Play Math!

Best of the Blog – Denise Gaskins' Let's Play Math

Blog has grown into a sprawling mess of 1,000+ posts and resource pages. It gets harder every year to find the particular activity or game you’re looking for. I write primarily about math, but I have other interests as well, and sometimes those sneak through onto the blog — a bit of fiction, some Shakespeare, and of course, stories about my kids. A couple years back, I put together the following lists of my top 10 (more or less) favorite blog posts from each category. Skim. Don Cohen - "The Mathman" - 1930-2015. Announcing the Big Internet Math-Off. This Summer, I’m trying something new: I’ve enlisted a few of my favourite mathematicians to take part in a tournament we’re calling The Summer’s full of instant knock-out tournaments to identify the people at the apex of all sorts of avenues of achievement.

Announcing the Big Internet Math-Off

I thought, I’ve got a load of fun maths friends, who always tell me about some cool new maths thing whenever I meet them, why not find out who knows the most fun maths? The Big Internet Math-Off will be a four-round tournament pitting interesting maths things against each other. The mathematician who gives the most interesting thing, as decided by you, goes on to share another fun maths thing in the next round.

In order to make the whole thing hang together, I’m going to call the person who wins The World’s Most Interesting Mathematician*. Carnival of Mathematics. The Carnival of Mathematics is a monthly blogging round up hosted by a different blog each month.

Carnival of Mathematics

The Aperiodical will be taking responsibility for organising a host each month, and links to the monthly posts will be added here. To volunteer to host a forthcoming Carnival (see below for months needing a host), please contact Katie. The Carnival of Mathematics accepts any mathematics-related blog posts, YouTube videos or other online content posted during the month: explanations of serious mathematics, puzzles, writing about mathematics education, mathematical anecdotes, refutations of bad mathematics, applications, reviews, etc.

TEACH FURTHER MATHS - SUPERB POWERPOINTS FOR TEACHERS OF A LEVEL MATHS & FURTHER MATHS - Puzzle of the Month. The Aperiodical. Longtime friend of the Aperiodical, artist, mathematician and #BigMathOff semifinalist Edmund Harriss has come up with a new puzzle/toy/exploration set, developing his Curvahedra system.

The Aperiodical

We asked him to explain the maths behind it in this guest post. Curvahedra is a flexible system of connectors that can make all sorts of different things, combining puzzles (and self-created puzzles) with art. You can get your own to play with, explore, prepare for Christmas (they make great decorations, wreaths and presents) at our online store, and get 15% off with the discount code APERIODICAL. Videos – Eugenia Cheng. Current Events – The Intrepid Mathematician. Blog – Eugenia Cheng. Something from nothing? MathTango... : books. Black Friday has arrived so time for some end-of-year stocking-stuffer book recommendations: My two favorites for the year were “The Mathematics Lover’s Companion” by Edward Scheinerman and “Foolproof” by Brian Hayes. I’m a sucker for what I call “buffet” books (that cover several different topics briefly, instead of focusing on a single theme), and these both fall in that category. Top 100 Math Blogs for Students and Mathematics Teachers.

1. Math Only Math Kolkata About Blog Math Blog by Priyanka Ghosh having experience in teaching Mathematics for the past ten years in –Kolkata, India. Presenting math-only-math to kids, students and children. Doing Maths – from worksheets to wonderings. Math for Love. In the run up to the upcoming year of Math Teacher Circles, we decided to offer a kickoff workshop for 4th – 8th grade teachers to drum up some excitement for the upcoming year. (The “we” in this case is myself, from Math for Love, and Jayadev Athreya of the Washington Experimental Math Lab, run through the UW.) This partnership (M4L + WXML) led a series of eight Math Teacher Circles last year, for K – 8th grade teachers, and they were great. The model is one of my favorites: teachers opt in to meet once a month to study topics in math and pedagogy, then try things out in their classroom between sessions.

The circles are a fantastic way to meet and collaborate with colleagues from other schools, focus on fascinating and critical issues in math teaching, and energize your practice. MIT Mathematics. In mathematics you don't understand things, you just get used to them. - John von Neumann PRIMES includes three sections: MIT PRIMES is a free year-long after-school program that offers research projects and guided reading to high school students living within driving distance from Boston. Program participants work with MIT researchers on exciting unsolved problems in mathematics, computer science, and computational biology. PRIMES-USA is a free year-long distance mentoring math research section for high school juniors from across the United States (outside of Greater Boston).

Artofproblemsolving. Who Wants to Be a Mathematician. ClickersInMathematics. ​Open Up Resources Announces First Full Math Curriculum—And Its Plans for Profitability.