Aide aux mères en difficulté

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L’association des Maisons Bethléem - Eglise catholique du Var
Emmanuel SOS Adoption
Maison Magnificat, maison d'accueil familiale pour les femmes enceintes en détresse
Mère de Miséricorde France Mère de Miséricorde France Mère de Miséricorde is an “association of the faithful of diocesan right” recognized in 2002 by Bishop Square, Bishop of Albi. It was founded in 1981 by two young doctors and it offers to serve people facing the possibility of abortion or its consequences. Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, the association offers alternative and practical help to women facing the possibility of an abortion . We also welcome people, man, woman or couple, who possess the woulds of an unborn child (ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, IMG), to help them move forward on the path of grief and/or to receive and pardon.