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BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY. The purity of humanity exists.


It is there in the mountains, the ice fields, the jungle, along the rivers and in the valleys. Jimmy Nelson found the last tribesmen and observed them. He smiled and drank their mysterious brews before taking out his camera. He shared what real people share: vibrations, invisible but palpable. Death-Defying Pathways Along China's Yellow Mountain. Would you be brave enough to trek a pathway called The Bridge of Immortals?

Death-Defying Pathways Along China's Yellow Mountain

Situated in Huangshan (aka Yellow Mountain), a mountain range in the southern Anhui province of eastern China, the bridge, above, is located at a vertigo-inducing height between two giant, jagged granite peaks that dares adventures to cross its path. It is not the only risky walkway along the mountain range, though. Cenote Angelita: An Underwater River Photographed by Anatoly Beloshchin. It seems improbable, but these photographs by Anatoly Beloshchin tell the story of a hidden underwater river in in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula called Cenote Angelita or “Little Angel”.

Cenote Angelita: An Underwater River Photographed by Anatoly Beloshchin

While it appears as though the divers are hovering in the air above a small creek, the photos were shot entirely in a submerged cave formed from collapsed limestone bedrock called a cenote. The river itself is actually a sort of illusion due to a phenomenon called a halocline, where waters with different levels of salinity form into layers because of a variation in density. According to Beloshchin, Cenote Angelita is comprised of fresh water until about 29 meters when it switches to a 1-meter layer of hydrogen sulfide, after which the entire cave bottom is filled with saltwater from 30 to 60 meters deep. Five unforgettable rail journeys : Australia. There are few more memorable ways to travel than by train.

Five unforgettable rail journeys : Australia

From rail odysseys through the outback to day trips in Britain, here are five ways to get on board. Five Of The World's Most Mystifying Ghost Towns. Bompas & Parr Tutti Frutti Boating Experience - IncrEdibles At Kew Gardens 2013. IncrEdibles Festival Summer 2013 - What's On At Kew Gardens. Artist Captures The Ruins Of Stars Wars. There's something captivating about the futuristic structures that provide the backdrops for George Lucas's iconic Star Wars series.

Artist Captures The Ruins Of Stars Wars

Like the plot's settings, the buildings and locations seen in the movies look like they are from a completely different galaxy. While that galaxy is repeatedly described as "far, far away," who knew that these buildings, such as Luke Skywalker's home, could be found here on Earth? Splash out: the world’s most amazing waterfalls. The bigger they are, the harder they fall – feel the power of the planet's mightiest and most beautiful waterfalls. 1.

Splash out: the world’s most amazing waterfalls

Most beautiful abandonned places on earth. Villa Epecuen: The Town That Was Submerged For 25 Years. Back in the 1920s, a tourist village named Villa Epecuen was established along the shore of Lago Epecuen, a salt lake some 600 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Villa Epecuen: The Town That Was Submerged For 25 Years

Lago Epecuen is like most other mountain lakes, except for one important difference. It has salt levels second only to the Dead Sea, and ten times higher than any ocean. Lago Epecuen’s therapeutic powers have been famous for centuries. Legend holds that the lake was formed by the tears of a great Chief crying for the pain of his beloved. It is said that Epecuen — or “eternal spring” — can cure depression, rheumatism, skin diseases, anaemia, even treat diabetes. By late nineteenth century, the first residents and visitors started to arrive to Villa Epecuen and set up tents on the banks. Images from around the world. Images from around the world. Thasos Grece. Wunderland in 4 minutes - model building - model railway Hamburg. Select the destination for your trip - Get Paid to Travel. A Year in the Life of a Full-Time Traveler. You are here: Home / Blog / A Year in the Life of a Full-Time Traveler All my life, I’ve dreamed of traveling the world.

A Year in the Life of a Full-Time Traveler

And in 2011, I achieved what I once thought was impossible without winning the lottery: I became a full-time traveler. And it wasn’t how I pictured. You DON’T need to be insanely rich to travel the world. I’m incredibly fortunate to have built myself a life rich in time and location independence with enough money to get by. How to Make Money While Traveling. Wanna travel for a long period of time but have no money to do so?

How to Make Money While Traveling

No ideas how to sustain your finances on the road? There are tons of ways to refuel your travelling funds as long as you have the means to do so. The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide - StumbleUpon. Thrill : Unusual & Unique Hotels of the World. Home : Unusual & Unique Hotels Of The World. The Other Mystery of Easter Island.

Moai statues Easter Island is branded into popular consciousness as the home of the mysterious and towering moai statues, but these are not the only curiosity the South Pacific island holds.

The Other Mystery of Easter Island

Where the moai are fascinating for their unknown purpose and mysterious craftsmen, the island's lost language of Rongorongo is equally perplexing. The unique written language seems to have appeared suddenly in the 1700s, but within just two centuries it was exiled to obscurity. 12 of the World’s Most Mysterious Monuments & Ruins. 12 of the World’s Most Mysterious Monuments & Ruins Article by Steph, filed under Abandoned Places in the Architecture category. Around the world, in places as diverse as Homestead, Florida and Yonaguni, Japan stand monuments and ruins whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows exactly why Stonehenge was built, how a set of manmade ruins came to be submerged deep in the ocean or who commissioned a giant carved granite set of post-apocalyptic instructions for rebuilding society on a remote hill in Georgia.

Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse (images via: Wired) The Mysterious Dancing Forest of Kaliningrad. Located on the thin Curonian Spit that splits the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea, lies one of the strangest natural phenomena on Earth. Known as the Dancing Forest by caretakers of Curonian Spit National Park and as the Drunken Forest, by locals, this unusual pine forest is made of trees of various shapes, most of them twisted in circles and spirals, along the ground. According to tourists, the Dancing Forest looks more like a site near Chernobyl, with 20-year-old pines tied into natural knots and loops, like lumpy contortionists.

Ten Strange Places. Untapped Cities. Silencio. Nations & Countries. Magical Uba Jabuticaba Tree. Jabuticaba. The Jabuticaba (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒabutiˈkabɐ or ʒabutʃiˈkabɐ]) (Plinia cauliflora) is a fruit-bearing tree in the family Myrtaceae native to Minas Gerais and São Paulo states in southeastern Brazil. Related species in the genus Myrciaria, often referred to by the same common name, are native to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia. The tree is grown for its purplish-black, white-pulped fruits; they can be eaten raw or be used to make jellies and drinks (plain juice or wine). Other common names include Brazilian Grape Tree, Jaboticaba, Jabotica, Jabuticabeira, Guaperu, Guapuru, Hivapuru, Sabará and Ybapuru (Guarani). Description[edit] Tree[edit] Jabuticaba tree Fruit[edit] The fruit is a thick-skinned berry and typically measures 3–4 cm in diameter. Leaves of Plinia cauliflora Several potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory anti-cancer compounds have been isolated from the fruit.[3] One that is unique to the fruit is jaboticabin.

Cultural aspects[edit] References[edit] Jabuticaba. Colosso dell'appennino di giambologna. Villa di Pratolino. Pratolino, the lower half of the garden, by Giusto Utens, 1599 (Museo Topografico, Florence). The Villa di Pratolino was a Renaissance patrician villa in Vaglia, Tuscany, Italy. It was mostly demolished in 1820: its remains are now part of Villa Demidoff, 12 km north of Florence, reached from the main road to Bologna.

History[edit] Colosso dell'appennino di giambologna. Lavender fields of France.

999 Lists to complete before you die

In America. Zombie SWAT Training - Zombie Battle London (as seen on TOWIE) Description Current Availability[Updated: May 2013] Please book ASAP - this experience gets booked up fast! The Zombie Battle Experience in London currently runs on 1 Saturday and 2 Sundays per month. Please let us know if you would like to request an alternative date and we will do our best to accommodate you. April: Sunday 20th - 4.30pm - 8pm Sunday 27th - 5.30pm - 9pm May: Sunday 11th - 5.30pm - 9pm Saturday 17th: 5:30pm – 9pm Sunday 18th:11:30am – 3pm & 4:30pm – 8pm June: Saturday 7th: 6.30pm - 10pm Saturday 8th: 5:30pm – 9pm Sunday 15th: 11:30am – 3pm & 4:30pm – 8pm Saturday 22nd: 5:30pm – 9pm. 2.8 Hours Later - Asylum - Home. 2.8 Hours Later: Asylum - The Ultimate Zombie Infection Experience. If you’re a horror flick fan, you probably remember 28 Days Later, one of the best, most realistic zombie movies ever made. It told the story of a small group of survivors fighting for their lives in zombie-infested England.

Now, a game company is giving people the chance to experience their fear in an adrenaline-packed street game called 2.8 Hours Later. Run For Your Lives - 5K Zombie Obstacle Race. If you’re a big fan of zombie movies and video games, and always wanted to experience a zombie apocalypse in real life, this is your big chance. Run For Your Lives is a unique 5k obstacle course race where contenders have to get passed man-made and natural obstacles while chased by brain-eating zombies.

20 free attractions in London. Who cares if London's hotels and restaurants tend to be on the expensive side? No city in the world has more free stuff to do. In addition to world-class museums without a ticket admission, you get the parks, canal walks, super markets (Portobello Road Market at Notting Hill Gate, Camden Market at Chalk Farm Rd, wonderful Columbia Road Flower Market at Gosset St in East London etc) and maybe some royal-spotting, and you can fill a life.