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How to Preserve a Snowflake – Scout Life magazine. SAFETY FIRST: Ask an adult to help with tools you haven't used before.

How to Preserve a Snowflake – Scout Life magazine

Snowflakes usually melt before you can get a good look at them. Here’s how to preserve individual flakes so you can study them later. Access to a freezerFreezable pouch (A large pencil case works well.)Black poster board or foam sheeting sized to fit inside pouch5 to 10 glass microscope slides5 to 10 glass or plastic slide coversGlovesLiquid (not gel) superglue or similar productOne finely bristled paintbrush (more if needed)A wide rectangular or square plastic or glass container with a tight-fitting lidSnowfall STEP 1: So it will be ready for the next snowfall, place your snowflake-capturing equipment — paintbrush, poster board or foam sheet, microscope slides, superglue and slide covers — inside the freezable pouch and store it inside the freezer. The separate plastic or glass container doesn’t have to be in the pouch, but it should be in the freezer. Very cold, dry air results in smaller, simpler-looking snowflakes. Introducing the Smalltalk Zoo - CHM. 48 Years of Smalltalk History at CHM In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the release of Smalltalk-80, the Computer History Museum is proud to announce a collaboration with Dan Ingalls to preserve and host the “Smalltalk Zoo.”

Introducing the Smalltalk Zoo - CHM

Below, computer scientist Adele Goldberg explains the vision behind Smalltalk. Everyone you know uses Zoom. That wasn't always the plan for founder Eric Yuan. Some cabinet secretaries' Zoom screen names were visible, you could see which platform the cabinet was running its computers on, and most glaringly, the meeting ID was visible for all to see.

Everyone you know uses Zoom. That wasn't always the plan for founder Eric Yuan

The significance of the moment was not lost on the team at Zoom. "That was the big aha moment," Zoom board member Santi Subotovsky told CNN Business. - The Washington Post. Financing the American Home - Net Interest. Issue #25 of Net Interest, and welcome to all new subscribers.

Financing the American Home - Net Interest

Every Friday I distil 25 years experience of looking at financial institutions into an email that explores key themes trending in the industry. If you’re reading this, but haven’t yet subscribed, join over 8,000 smart, curious people by signing up now. Financing the American Home. - The Washington Post. Why Multilevel Marketing and QAnon Go Hand in Hand. Jordan Schrandt—blond, beautiful, mother of eight, founder of The Farmhouse Movement magazine, which teaches readers how to achieve “a lifestyle of authenticity, simplicity, and kindness”—is a Royal Crown Diamond.

Why Multilevel Marketing and QAnon Go Hand in Hand

Less than 1 percent of the independent distributors who sell essential oils and related products through the Utah-based multilevel-marketing company Young Living reach that top ranking. Those who have net an average annual income of $1.5 million and resemble celebrities within the organization, counting tens of thousands of followers on social media. Their success sometimes even allows them to charge for access to advice on how to become more like them—a private Facebook group for business coaching from Schrandt costs $10 a month, and the cheapest single ticket for a recent “Diamond Bound” conference she hosted in Dallas was $309. On a Friday night in March, Schrandt shared a revelation on one of her Facebook pages. Introducing Tidal. A moonshot to protect the ocean and… Availability of cookies during an academic course session affects evaluation of teaching - PubMed.

Objectives: Results from end-of-course student evaluations of teaching (SETs) are taken seriously by faculties and form part of a decision base for the recruitment of academic staff, the distribution of funds and changes to curricula.

Availability of cookies during an academic course session affects evaluation of teaching - PubMed

However, there is some doubt as to whether these evaluation instruments accurately measure the quality of course content, teaching and knowledge transfer. We investigated whether the provision of chocolate cookies as a content-unrelated intervention influences SET results. Methods: We performed a randomised controlled trial in the setting of a curricular emergency medicine course. Participants were 118 third-year medical students. Participants were randomly allocated into 20 groups, 10 of which had free access to 500 g of chocolate cookies during an emergency medicine course session (cookie group) and 10 of which did not (control group). What's so hard about PDF text extraction? ​ There is a common view that extracting text from a PDF document should not be too difficult.

What's so hard about PDF text extraction? ​

After all, the text is right there in front of our eyes and humans consume PDF content all the time with great success. Why would it be difficult to automatically extract the text data? Turns out, much how working with human names is difficult due to numerous edge cases and incorrect assumptions, working with PDFs is difficult due to the extreme flexibility given by the PDF format. The main problem is that PDF was never really designed as a data input format, but rather, it was designed as an output format giving fine grained control over the resulting document.

- The Washington Post. A working VAX 11/780 - revisited. Almost a year ago, I created my first VAX-11/780 on simh.

A working VAX 11/780 - revisited

This is Release 1.1 of the project, based on the Pi Zero. Javascript PDP 11/70 Emulator. Digital equipment corporation • maynard, massachusetts console PDP 11/70 Emulator - v3.1 August 2020 This emulator came about because years ago I was a programmer for RSTS/E on a PDP 11/45 and had admired the console idle loop light pattern - but I couldn't quite remember how it looked.

Javascript PDP 11/70 Emulator

Given the unavailability of real systems it became time to write an emulator! I was going to start with a PDP 11/45 emulator but the extra memory of a PDP 11/70 became far too attractive (a whole 4MB!). Collections: Where Does My Main Battery Go? – A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry. This week, we’re going to have a bit of fun.

Collections: Where Does My Main Battery Go? – A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry

We’re going to take a look at a science fiction ship design – the eponymous Battlestar Galactica – through the lens of some ship design principles developed for early dreadnoughts. We’re going to be talking about gun position. We want to start by actually identifying the main battery on the Galactica (and others of it’s class, the Jupiter-Class in the lore of the series) and noting the gun positions. This is actually quite difficult in the show – the shaky cam and use of close-ups often makes it hard to know exactly what part of the ship you are looking at when any of the batteries fire. All mammals poop in 12 seconds and there’s an equation for the ‘duration of diarrheal defecation’ National Emergency Library : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming. Texts eye favorite 3 comment 0 viii, 184 pages : 20 cm Topics: Computer games -- Programming, Computer games -- Design, Computer graphics favorite 0 xvi, 482 p. : 24 cm Topics: Android (Electronic resource), Application software -- Development, Mobile computing by Wall, Larry; Schwartz, Randal L.

The Man Who’s Spending $1 Billion to Own Every Pop Song. When Mercuriadis was eight, an older cousin arrived from Greece to live with his family in Nova Scotia and brought with him a stack of records. “He knew everything about girls, he knew everything about drugs, and he knew an awful lot about music,” Mercuriadis says. “And I become interested in all three of those things.” In 1982, determined to find a job in the music industry, he called the Toronto office of the then-upstart label Virgin Records every day for months until it hired him in the marketing department. What is Growth.Design? Supreme, and the Botmakers Who Rule the Obsessive World of Streetwear. Early on a steamy June morning in Plantation, Florida, Matt Steiner sits working at his parents’ 10-person dining room table.

It’s the start of summer vacation, and he is joined by his buddy Chris, who is freshly home from his first year at college. Between yawns the two send tweets and check emails, but mostly they wait for 9 am. SPACESPOT on Instagram: “Camera’s capture rate changes up when put into different lighting! Did you know this? In the shadows, the camera uses a slower shutter…” At Dynamicland, The Building Is The Computer — Carl Tashian. Walking into Dynamicland, a computational research lab and communal computer in Oakland, the first thing I notice is the array of projects spread out across several work tables and the kitchen countertop. 3D printed math sculptures, stuffed animals, kids toys disassembled for parts, and a MIDI keyboard connected to a Raspberry Pi.

There’s enough art supplies to rival any Kindergarten classroom: markers and crayons, glue sticks, silly putty, felt tokens, pipe cleaners. LMGTFY - Search Made Easy.


RESTAURANT OF MISTAKEN ORDERS. (40) Johnny Cash on 60 Minutes. It’s time to get rid of the lottery. Infinite Construction Kit by Marvin Minsky. This is an essay titled “Infinite Construction Kit” written by Dr. The Spies of Comic Con 2019. How to package your ideas using the Winston star. I came across this advice serendipitously by reading a random Hacker News comment. The advice shows up towards the last 10 minutes of an Artificial Intelligence lecture by Patrick Winston. Patrick Winston of MIT CSAIL has died. Patrick Winston of MIT CSAIL has died. Programmer interfaces.pdf. Changing the Way America Goes to War. Joy Programming Language, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University. The language Joy is a purely functional programming language that was created by Manfred von Thun. Whereas all other functional programming languages are based on the application of functions to arguments, Joy is based on the composition of functions.

Most People Use LinkedIn Wrong - What is the Actual US Divorce Rate and Risk? - Public Discourse. Is A Backpack As Good As A Parachute When Jumping Out Of A Plane? : Shots - Health News. A study found that parachutes were no more effective than empty backpacks at protecting jumpers from aircraft. The most persuasive word in the dictionary – Bignoggins. Masters of Automation. Butterick’s Practical Typography. How to remember anything, according to science. Buzzfeednews. Voodoo Funeral Home. Steps to Becoming a Veterinarian — Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Major — Penn State University. There are 30 veterinary schools accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in the U.S.

A new way of blogging about Common Lisp. The Graduation Speech: Excellent Advice Not Just For Students. Tales from the far-flung Faroes. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella practices one mind-training exercise every morning. Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning. Committee on Oversight and Government Reform - Democrats. Pranking My Roommate With Eerily Targeted Facebook Ads. The Weird Science Behind Chain Restaurant Menus. The Surprises Never Eend: The Ulam Spiral of Primes – Good Math, Bad Math. Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you. The Looming Pension Crisis. Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link. How US nuclear force modernization is undermining strategic stability: The burst-height compensating super-fuze. The two mental shifts highly successful people make.

#the5: See what I'll be talking about at #IBMThink - "Inevitable disruption, avoidable failure". #IBMChampion then register to attend. Riding Around Baltimore With the Repo Man. How to work with galleries and collectors as an emerging artist. Fx​Solver - Equation Library.Graphing Calculator.Math Solver. NYC Space/Time Directory. Index. Wednesday, January 17, 2018. Why speak with Dr. Jordan Peterson? An adventure into the place that scared me.

Death Is a Process, Not a Discrete Event. Written Feedback to Support Students' Higher Level Thinking About Texts in Writing. Audiogram/ at master · nypublicradio/audiogram. Wi-Fi hacking is nothing new. The Ag Tech Market Map: 100+ Startups Powering The Future Of Farming And Agribusiness. Become the CEO of Your Own Life. Where do ideas come from? The Future of College? - The Atlantic. 15 solar eclipse maps you need to study before the astronomical event of a century. A Stanford researcher's 15-minute study hack improves test grades by a third of a grade — Quartz. Wall Street Journal subscriptions with miles: get 8+ cents a mile in value. United States of America travel guide. The Arkansas mass executions on Easter Monday must be stopped. View Opportunity. View Opportunity. View Opportunity. Small Business CRM & Marketing Software All-In-One.

Ensuring. Data Imaginist - Announcing ggraph: A grammar of graphics for relational data. NASA Is Harnessing Graph Databases To Organize Lessons Learned From Past Projects. To be more productive, get scientific about your playlist selections — Quartz. Online Tools. 7 Ways Social Media Has a Role in Education. NASA Software Catalog 2017 18. Condorcet Internet Voting Service. President Trump thinks all confrontation is a zero-sum game; he's playing a different game than everyone else.

Were They Prepared For Retirement? Financial Status At Advanced Ages In The Hrs And Ahead Cohorts w17824. Timeless Tips for 'Simple Sabotage' How to Build a Probability Microscope - Issue 44: Luck. Dark Patterns - User Interfaces Designed to Trick People. ML30: Marvin Minsky.