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Palazzo Parisio Guide.


9 Of Malta's Most Haunted Locations - Lovin Malta. Exploring the darker side of our country Malta is renowned for its year-long sunshine, stunning beaches and friendly locals; but as with most things, it also has a more sinister side to it.

9 Of Malta's Most Haunted Locations - Lovin Malta

As an island boasting so much history, we were bound to have racked up some restless spirits along the way. These are some of the places rumoured to be haunted by all the ghosts of Maltin past. 1. The Blue Dolphin House, Valletta We'll start off light, with a quirky story from a house in St. The following day, when they returned to pick up a silver cigarette case one of the sailors had forgotten, they found the entire house in ruins. 2.

A long-abandoned mansion in Marsaxlokk that is known for its paranormal activity. 3. During the knight's reign, Grand Master De Rohan’s niece was to be married to a suitor she was not attracted to. 4. This Strait Street hotel originally started its life as a brothel. 7 Most Haunted Locations In Valletta - Lovin Malta. A while back, we gave you a list of some of the most haunted places in Malta.

7 Most Haunted Locations In Valletta - Lovin Malta

Thanks to your suggestions and keeping in mind that some of the original places were slightly out of people's way, here's a list of seven haunted or downright creepy places in Valletta you can visit this weekend...or if you dare, hang out and have a picnic at. Who knows - maybe you'll end up with more company than initially planned. Palazzo Parisio Malta. Home - Villa Bologna. 5 Best Spots to Watch Sunset in Malta.

Written by Sabine on 12 April 2015.

5 Best Spots to Watch Sunset in Malta

THE THREE VILLAGES – WHAT TO SEE AND DO. Tiny but beautiful, the villages of Attard, Balzan and Lija hold many secrets within their landscaped gardens, narrow roads and majestic houses.


It’s hard to tell where one village ends and another begins, but that doesn’t mean that Malta’s famous Three Villages are insignificant. Their lush gardens – notably Villa Bologna’s – are the fruitful remnants of the basketsful of oranges that used to be shipped to Buckingham Palace for decades. Many Grand Masters of the Order of the Knights of St John chose to build their summer residences here. Today, the villages are no longer solely populated by stately homes and never ending gardens, but their beauty and history make them a site that is definitely worth going out of your way for. Malta Mqabba Attractions : Where to go in Malta : Malta Attractions Mqabba : Where to Go in Malta. Attractions in Mqabba 1.

Malta Mqabba Attractions : Where to go in Malta : Malta Attractions Mqabba : Where to Go in Malta

Parish ChurchBuilt in 1699 and restored after severe World War 2 damage in 1947, the church is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady, with its feast held annually on August 15th.Address: Church SquareContact Person: Parish PriestTelephone No.: +356 2164 9306Email: Opening Hours: At times of Holy Mass – Sundays and Feast Days: 7:00 am, 8:30 am, 10:00 am, and 6:00 pm. Saturday Evenings: 6:00 pm in the winter and 6:30 pm in the summer. The Coastal Walks - Walking in Malta and Gozo. There is something especially fulfilling in rambling around the entire coast of an island.

The Coastal Walks - Walking in Malta and Gozo

This is particularly true in respect of Malta and Gozo as the coastal routes take you past a wide variety of impressive features, both natural and manmade. We have published the following books describing the walks around the entire coast of both islands. The Malta Coastal Walk (click for Malta Coastal sample); andThe Gozo Coastal Walk (click for Gozo Coastal sample). Each coastal walk takes you around the entire island by a route that is interesting, safe, varied and very enjoyable. The walks are not a uniform sign-posted track but a combination of limestone paths, town pavements, minor country roads and some sections across open countryside.

Anecdotes from Malta. Malta coastal walk - tower to tower. Fort St Angelo - the oldest of the fortresses guarding the Grand Harbour, is shown in the next image.

Malta coastal walk - tower to tower

> (about 2.5km from Fort St Angelo to Fort Ricasoli) From the Birgu marina (on the west side of Fort St Angelo) it is best to walk gently uphill towards Victory Square, and thence up Main Gate Street. Although it is possible to exit via the Main Gate, a slightly shorter and more quaint route is through the Gate of Auvergne, close to the Post of Castille which is at the Eastern most end of Birgu's land front. Thence one crosses the ditch (moat) on a narrow foot bridge (watching out for dogs' vsiting cards). After that it is downhill to Kalkara bay, uphill through Kalkara and downhill again to Rinella bay. Marsaxlokk. Dingli Local Council - Places of Interest. Cart-rut site updatesArticles. Churches and Chapels of Malta & Gozo. I have always been around church and liturgy since childhood, moreover I find the subject of History fascinating.

Churches and Chapels of Malta & Gozo

I also happen to be Maltese, born on an island that was once said to be the 'Sacred Island of the Mediterranean' of old. I am also always fascinated with church buildings from cathedrals to wayside chapels. Having all this going for me, I decided, in my retirement days, to come out with a project about the churches and chapels of the Maltese Islands of all time and post it on my own website. Walking in Malta: 33 routes on Malta, Gozo and Comino - Paddy Dillon - Google Books. Cart Ruts Malta - Maltas Cart Tracks - others aound the world. Reserves - Birdlife Malta : Birdlife Malta. Home » Reserves Our nature reserves offer a great opportunity to get closer to wildlife.

Reserves - Birdlife Malta : Birdlife Malta

Along with beautiful birds, you can also spot wonderful wildflowers and impressive insects. Click on the links below to find out more about each of our reserves, their opening hours, and how to get there. We hope to see you there soon. GħadiraGħadira Nature Reserve is a haven for wading birds. - The village inside out.


The Gardens at Villa Bologna - Gardens in Malta - Visitmalta - The official tourism website for Malta, Gozo and Comino. Villa Bologna is a grand but charming baroque Villa set in 8 acres of historic landscaped gardens.

The Gardens at Villa Bologna - Gardens in Malta - Visitmalta - The official tourism website for Malta, Gozo and Comino.

It is located next to the Presidential Palace of San Anton, in the quiet village of Attard. Within the Villa's high walls you will discover a world far removed from the bustle of Malta's tourist traffic, an oasis in the heart of Malta. You can wander through the vine covered pergolas lined with stone irrigation channels which once fed the citrus orchards for which Attard is so well know.

Malta Wine Cellars : Malta Wine Producer - Malta Wines. The Marsovin Cellars reflect the commitment and passion of four generations of wine-makers – a blend of tradition and expertise evolved over 90 years. Over 100,000 bottles and 220 oak barrels are aged in these cellars. A practice as rare as the quality it creates. All the finer labels, the varietals and classics, are matured and aged in the dark stillness of the cellars which lie adjacent to the winery at Marsa.

The wine is aged in imported barrels of French or American oak, which imparts specific qualities to the nature of the wine and its aroma. Hidden in the Marsovin Cellars, originally built in the 17th Century by the Knights of St. The Cliffs Interpretation Centre - Natural Attractions in Malta - Visitmalta - The official tourism website for Malta, Gozo and Comino. Top 5 Most Secluded (and Beautiful) Maltese Beaches. If you’re looking to enjoy complete solitude on a gorgeous beach, you’ll definitely want to check out one of the following five destinations. We’ve also included a link to the spot on the map to make things easier for you! 1. Wied il-Ghasri, Gozo This little gem is hidden away in the western part of Gozo. It is reached through Gharb village square, where a narrow path leads straight down on to this magnificent valley. Sometimes it’s easier to just let the photos do the talking. 2. Fomm ir-Rih bay is tucked away on the north-west side of Malta near Bahrija, so tucked away that even the locals need directions!

3. Hondoq ir-Rummien is located below Qala on the southern coast of Gozo. Image Source: Pete Lanman 4. St. Image Source: Felip Andanuche, Flickr 5. San Blas is a peaceful little beach of red sand located in Gozo’s northeast coast. Image Source: Mario Ray Borg, Flickr Comments. Management Plans. Travel places in Malta. Wardija Ridge Cart Ruts (Busewdien Cart Tracks or Cart Ruts) Malta. Wardija Ridge Cart Ruts Malta (Busewdien Cart Tracks) – map, location and photographs guide to these very pleasant located Cart Ruts in Malta – high up on top of a small rolling hill on the Wardija Ridge.

If you walk or hike across Malta and choose to do your walking along the Wardija Ridge then you will pass beside these Cart Ruts at Busewdien, perhaps without noticing them. Very wide and defined Cart Ruts with some unusual associated geology including Cart Ridges, Cart Triangles and Grey Rock. These Cart Tracks are located beside Triq Busewdien (Busewdien Road) between St Paul’s Bay and Zebbieh (Skorba Temples). The road is a very scenic drive across Wardija Ridge and is an alternative route towards Golden Bay. Malta Running Routes - Page 1 of 13. Where to Go in Malta. Majjistral Park. Victoria Lines Malta map, walk and photographs guide to the whole walk.

Koperattiva Rurali Manikata. Buying locally grown fruit and vegetables is good for the environment and sustains the local farmers. Every Sunday, between October and June, we sell seasonal products grown on our fields in Manikata. Visit us at The Armoury, Għajn Tuffieħa Camp, just a few metres up the road leading to Manikata from the parking lot in Għajn Tuffieħa. Honey is one of the most beneficial natural substances and has many hidden qualities.