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StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. I Had No Idea This Winter Phenomenon Even Happened. And Now I Can't Stop Looking At It... Wow! If you were walking through a clear ground during the winter, you might have noticed the dazzling white blooms and probably think that they were late blooming flowers.

I Had No Idea This Winter Phenomenon Even Happened. And Now I Can't Stop Looking At It... Wow!

Hold on a minute; before you jump to conclusions, you might want to take a close up view of those beautiful blooms and then come to a startling realization that they aren’t flowers at all… So What Were They? Frost Flowers! Frost flowers are commonly named for thin layers of ice covering long stemmed plants during the early winter or the autumn season. The beauty of this formation is that this thin layer of ice forms into an exquisite design and swirl themselves up into petals that looks exactly like a flower. Frost flowers are also known as ice blossoms or ice castles. Magical Winter flowers of Finland If you happen to visit Finland and stroll by the Little Tahkon, you may stumble upon these rare yet extremely amazing sight; a full clear land filled with these gorgeous blooms. Question of the day: 8 Incredible Places to Travel to While You’re Still Young. It’s hard to sell all your possessions, pack your backpack, and travel the world when you’re a married professional with a family.

8 Incredible Places to Travel to While You’re Still Young

When you’re young, however, risks are second nature and packing up and traveling for a year is a much easier decision to make. These eight amazing destinations range from natural wonderlands to high-octane party spots. Save your money, pack your backpack with the bare essentials, and set off on the journey of a lifetime while you’re still young and free of responsibilities. 1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia The ultimate Zen destination, Salar de Uyuni is a massive salt flat located close to the wild and stunning Bolivian Andes. Whenever Bolivia’s tropical climate calls in a rainstorm, the salt flat transforms into an incredible reflective mirror.

The area is so salty and isolated that there’s nothing around to build hotels, except for the salt. There are no parties or huge crowds, but who needs excitement when you have a natural wonder at your doorstep? The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You’re Broke. Think you don’t have enough money to travel?

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You’re Broke

Think again. Travel guru Matt Kepnes puts that myth to rest with this guide to traveling on little (or no) money. Money This is something I hear from everyone I talk to. “Matt, I simply don’t have enough money to travel.” Since this question comes up so often, I like to constantly remind people of this fact: You do not need to be rich to travel. Let’s repeat that. You do not need to be rich to travel. I sure wasn’t. Yet I managed to save enough to travel the world. What is your savings priority? A few months ago, I wrote about the importance of writing out your expenses and then cutting them to save money for your trip. “But Matt, I work a minimum wage job/am a student/live on social security/am homeless/insert other excuse here and no matter what I can do, I’ll never be able to do it.

Work Overseas – Not making enough money at your job? Working overseas often gets discounted as an option because it seems hard to do. Housesitting resources: Cost: $0. 10 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die. Here we have a combined edition of some of the most amazing hotels in the world that is a must visit before you die.

10 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die

Although, there may be many who cannot afford these locations but most of us would love to spend some quality time with our family and friends in these fantastic places. So if you were looking for a calm retreat, here you go….. 1. The Manta Resort, Zanzibar The fabulous resort is located in the remote northwestern tip of Pemba Island. 2. If you ever travel to Finland you will be amazed to find an Igloo village as part of the Hotel Kakslauttanen, in the Finnish Lapland. 3. This is a unique luxury resort made up of 32 bedroom villas. Each bedroom has a missing fourth wall which has been replaced with a spectacular view of the lush surrounding. 4. The hotel is located in Santorini and features one of the most amazing outdoor pool and full-service spa. 5.

The hotel is situated on the beach in Krabi. 22 Astonishing Places That Are Hard to Believe Really Exist. Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day, be that by professional photographers or amateurs.

22 Astonishing Places That Are Hard to Believe Really Exist

Different geographical locations, climatic conditions and even seasons offer the widest variety of natural wonders: pink lakes, stunning lavender or tulip fields, breath-taking canyons and mountains, and other places you can hardly believe actually exist! Some of the pictures in this collection will be of all natural sights you can find while traveling around the world, while the others have experienced human interference – but even in these cases, the result of such collaboration is spectacular. The Japanese learned how to tame thousands of orchids and form a romantic tunnel out of them; another one was formed all the way in Ukraine by a passing train; and what eventually ends up as hot tea in our mugs, first grows in stunning tree fields in Asia.

Feel free to add more places in the comments under the article. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine Image credits: MJiA.