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Hidden Places Secret Spaces, Hidden Bars & Restaurants. Best balconies and rooftops – Part 1 | City of Melbourne What's On blog. Recently we asked our fans and followers to name their favourite balcony or rooftop in Melbourne. If the enthusiastic responses are anything to go by (we’ve lost count of the number of exclamation marks used) our love for open spaces and city views did not waver during winter. Fortunately for us outdoor-loving souls, Melbourne has no shortage of quality bars offering a perch above the city streets. Siglo Bar With one of the most impressive views in the city, Siglo is the icing on the cake for the building that houses The European (ground floor) and The Melbourne Supper Club (level one).

Flanked by the beautiful Princess Theatre, and facing Parliament House (pretty as a picture at night), Siglo offers an elegant, sophisticated balcony experience with an extensive drink list. Emerald Peacock There’s plenty to admire at the Peacock. Vintage wallpapers give each space its own distinctive look. Madame Brussels The darling of Melbourne’s balconies is Madame Brussels. The Kinks - Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues, 1972. Vysotskiy. Thank God I’m Alive | Russian Resurrection. Genre: Drama Duration: 128mins Format: Digital Director: Petr Buslov Cast: Sergey Bezrukov, Oksana Akinshina, Andrey Smolyakov, Ivan Urgant, Vladimir Ilyn Facts Highest Grossing Film, Russian Box Office 2011 A biopic based upon the life and death of one of the USSR’s most beloved singer-songwriters, Vladimir Vysotskiy. The film explores the ‘man’ behind the legend and the cult of personality that surrounded one of Russia’s original ‘rock stars’.

This long-awaited film from the acclaimed crime film director, Petr Buslov ( Bummer ) and written by Vysotskiy’s son, has been critically acclaimed and loved by generations that worship the legend of Vysotskiy’s music and personality. Vysotskiy , the movie, is something more; it is a realistic yet grim insight into the corruption that existed in the 1970s Soviet Union. Powerfully directed, brilliantly acted, controversial, gripping and uncompromising. Next film title > What is Melbourne's Quirkiest Eatery? - Melbourne.

With all of the great places to eat in melbourne, we're not looking for the most wonderful, but the weirdest. From places with interesting decor, or themed nights, or places that just serve very interesting food. We're looking for Melbourne's most unique eateries. We've tracked down some interesting ideas, but we want to know what weird and wonderful places you've discovered. Found a Place with a Penchant for Taxidermy Josie Bones is one eatery with a bit of a twist. From the Trotters to the Heart at Josie Bones Perhaps one of the most unique dining experiences in Melbourne is Zingara. Learn how to take great photos from a professional photographer - just $99 4.0/5 from 1 review Another interesting Melbourne food concept that is certainly quite unique, is the chain of Lentil As Anything restaurants.

A Vegetarian Breakfast at Lentil As Anything There are definitely other interesting places. So let us know the unique places that you've shared a meal. Find a Restaurant in Melbourne | Find hidden Restaurants... Melbourne Arts, Music, and Entertainment. Who’s Eddo? How do you become successful (and funny) enough to make a living from comedy? It’s a question thousands of would-be comics would love an answer to.

Anne Edmonds is one local who’s found out, and she’s done it with nary a breakfast radio or TV contract in sight. A Comedian's Guide to the Comedy Festival With a mountain of comedians to sift through in this year’s Comedy Festival, sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source. We asked seven comedy festival veterans to pick their favourites from the dizzying list of known, and unknown, names. Diego Mathuez: From Venezuela to the MSO Diego Mathuez came to classical via Venezuela’s El Sistema, a program designed to get children – rich or poor – playing music. Uncovering the Secrets of Brunswick Street - Melbourne.

Uncovering the Secrets of Brunswick StreetMy journey to fill the pages of Lionel's Melbourne brought me to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy where many have ventured but few have uncovered its secrets. Tram 112 ran along the strip, dotted with what seemed to be a shambolic ensemble of high fashion boutiques, multi-ethnic restaurants, florists, second-hand stores, cafes, art galleries, organic grocer, salons, book stores, jewellers, bars and housing. The pedestrians were a muddling of stencilled street wear, clean shaven suits, T-shirt and old jeans, Haute couture and studded skunks in Doc Martens. Learn how to take great photos from a professional photographer - just $99 4.0/5 from 1 review I was in bohemian central. I had stared into a piece of her soul and read an espresso of Melbourne in a multicoloured demitasse. Feeling like Heston Blumenthal faced with a complex dish, I was eager to deconstruct and decipher how the differing elements interacted and flavoured Brunswick Street.

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