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USA Torture and Crimes Against Humanity

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Trump administration suppresses CIA torture report - NationofChange. Log In - New York Times. The Art—and Anger—of Japanese Internment Camp Silk Screeners. In the late 1930s, Michihiko Wada—Mike to his friends and family—graduated from the University of Redlands, in California, and headed east to study engineering.

The Art—and Anger—of Japanese Internment Camp Silk Screeners

Wada, a slim man with an easy smile, left most of his family—his parents, his sisters—out West. He began building his own life in New York, earning his graduate degree and setting off on what looked to become a promising career. But then, in February of 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066. One by one, Wada’s family members received arrest warrants. Mike left his job in New York and headed back home, where he too was shipped off to an internment camp. There, he temporarily changed careers. “He came back from New York knowing full well he would get swept up in the evacuations,” says Mitch Homma, Mike’s great-nephew. As the historian Melvin Yazawa explains in his history of Camp Amache, the Western “relocation centers” that housed 120,000 detainees were constructed hastily.

Crimes Against Humanity: Why Is Henry Kissinger Walking Around Free? Two months ago, hundreds of thousands of Chileans somberly marked the 40th anniversary of their nation’s September 11th terrorist event.

Crimes Against Humanity: Why Is Henry Kissinger Walking Around Free?

It was on that date in 1973 that the Chilean military, armed with a generous supply of funds and weapons from the United States, and assisted by the CIA and other operatives, overthrew the democratically-elected government of the moderate socialist Salvador Allende. Sixteen years of repression, torture and death followed under the fascist Augusto Pinochet, while the flow of hefty profits to US multinationals – IT&T, Anaconda Copper and the like – resumed. Profits, along with concern that people in other nations might get ideas about independence, were the very reason for the coup and even the partial moves toward nationalization instituted by Allende could not be tolerated by the US business class. Obama’s Grotesque Hypocrisy over Cluster Munitions.

I remember a visit to Laos in 1995.

Obama’s Grotesque Hypocrisy over Cluster Munitions

It had been over two decades since the US had been relentlessly bombing that small peasant country day and night, primarily with anti-personnel bombs, and the country seemed to have returned to its tranquil past. But walking around the sleepy capital city of Vientiane, I was puzzled at seeing a surprising number of young children of varying ages hobbling around on crutches with one and sometimes parts of two legs missing, or arms missing, often with faces disfigured.

I asked a Lao official why there were so many such kids, and he explained they were victims of the “bombis” — small fragmentation bomblets dropped by US forces in the secret war on Laos that had not exploded, and that remained buried in farmers’ fields until found or inadvertently disturbed by peasants or, more often, children working or playing. In Their Own Words: CIA Cables Document Agency’s Torture of Abu Zubaydah. For 20 days in 2002, the CIA interrogated Abu Zubaydah at a secret “black site” prison in Thailand, believing him to be a top al-Qaida operative with information about impending attacks on the United States.

In Their Own Words: CIA Cables Document Agency’s Torture of Abu Zubaydah

Through recently released cables obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union and Zubayadah’s own account to his lawyers, which has also been recently declassified, a chilling picture has emerged of just what transpired on those days and who oversaw it. According to John Kirakou, a former CIA counterterrorism official, the “chief of base” personally managing the operation was Gina Haspel. CIA Cables Detail Its New Deputy Director’s Role in Torture. In August of 2002, interrogators at a secret CIA-run prison in Thailand set out to break a Palestinian man they believed was one of al-Qaida’s top leaders.

CIA Cables Detail Its New Deputy Director’s Role in Torture

As the CIA’s video cameras rolled, security guards shackled Abu Zubaydah to a gurney and interrogators poured water over his mouth and nose until he began to suffocate. They slammed him against a wall, confined him for hours in a coffin-like box, and deprived him of sleep. The 31-year-old Zubaydah begged for mercy, saying that he knew nothing about the terror group’s future plans. Nine young children killed: The full details of botched US raid in Yemen - The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Relatives of people killed in the raid gather in one of the decimated houses.

Nine young children killed: The full details of botched US raid in Yemen - The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Photo by Nasser al Sane Planned for months, it was decided over dinner. The raid on a village in rural Yemen reportedly aimed to capture or kill one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and deliver a stinging blow to al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP), a militant network the US had been trying to dismantle for more than a decade. Log In - New York Times. Log In Don't have an account?

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Sign up here » Facebook Google or Forgot password? Log In - New York Times. Pentagon Program Trained Foreign Torturers & Rapists. Foreign officers who attended top Pentagon schools were later accused of rape, murder, genocide, and coups, according to State Department reports.

Pentagon Program Trained Foreign Torturers & Rapists

By Lauren Chadwick, Center for Public Integrity The Defense Department trained at least 17 high-ranking foreigners at some of its top schools who were later convicted or accused of criminal and human rights abuses in their own countries, according to a series of little-noticed, annual State Department reports to Congress. Those singled out in the disclosures included five foreign generals, an admiral, a senior intelligence official, a foreign police inspector, and other military service members from a total of 13 countries, several of which endured war or coups.

Several officers committed crimes within a few years of their training. Others committed crimes more than a decade later. A senior Congolese military officer who attended a year-long program at the U.S. Multiple agencies with little accountability Thank You! Claros remains imprisoned. Judge orders preservation of ‘torture report’ A federal judge has ordered the government to preserve a Senate report documenting alleged abuse and mistreatment of detainees in CIA custody, potentially opening another avenue for the eventual declassification and public release of the unabridged report.

Judge orders preservation of ‘torture report’

U.S. Log In. The torture itself was horrific enough. Beatings, hangings, sleep deprivation, waterboarding, mock executions — a litany of abuse authorized by the United States government against terrorism suspects held in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, and for which no one in any position of power has ever been held accountable. But taking fuller stock of the damage inflicted during those dark and brutal days is a continuing task. A series by The Times that began this month details the psychological and emotional scars that haunt the men, potentially hundreds, who suffered at the hands of interrogators at secret C.I.A.

“black sites” around the world and at the military detention camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. CIA’s new torture documents: Fresh details of the horrors of “enhanced interrogation techniques” The CIA just released a cache of newly declassified documents relating to the since-discontinued program of “enhanced interrogation” it conducted at the behest of George W.

CIA’s new torture documents: Fresh details of the horrors of “enhanced interrogation techniques”

Bush. They make for a bracing read, even if much of the information they contain was previously made public. But there are a few fresh details contained in the document dump, and they help strengthen the broadly accepted case that the Bush administration’s torture regime was both brutal, slipshod, and ineffective. 'The Assassination Complex': Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald Probe Secret U.S. Drone Wars.

A suface-to-air missile is fired during a live military drill overseen by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un at an undisclosed location, March 20, 2013. Former Guantánamo Chief Summoned by French Court Over Torture Allegations. A French judge has summoned the former chief of Guantánamo Bay, retired U.S. General Geoffrey Miller, to appear in court on March 1 to face allegations of torture against detainees. Miller presided over the U.S. military prison in Cuba from 2002 to 2004, shortly after then-President George W. Bush approved the use of so-called “enhanced interrogation” tactics, including waterboarding, hooding, stress positions, sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, removal of clothing, and exposure to extreme heat or cold.

DN! Guests Jason Cone executive director of Doctors Without Borders USA. This is viewer supported news Donate Doctors Without Borders (MSF) continues to demand an independent war crimes probe of the U.S. bombing of its hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, after releasing its own preliminary investigation. REVEALED: The boom and bust of the CIA’s secret torture sites. Former CIA Detainees Are Suing The Psychologists Who Developed The Torture Program. APA FINAL Report 7. An (in)effective interrogation. In early July, the American Psychological Association (APA) released an independent report detailing collusion between the APA and the Bush Administration on abusive interrogation techniques. No, You Cannot Know This Man's Account of His Torture by the CIA. CIA torture appears to have broken spy agency rule on human experimentation. US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post-9/11 ‘collusion’

Leading group of psychologists faces a reckoning following repeated denials that its members were complicit in Bush administration-era torture. Psychologists Shielded U.S. Torture Program. Dick Cheney should — and eventually will — be tried as a war criminal: former International Court judge. The world’s most distinguished expert in international human rights law believes Dick Cheney should – and eventually will – stand trial for war crimes.

Have Millions of Deaths from America’s ‘War on Terror’ Been Concealed? How many days has it been Since I was born? How many days ‘Til I die? Do I know any ways I can make you laugh? Or do I only know how To make you cry? ― Leon Russell, Stranger in a Strange Land. Amid Torture, Experts Say CIA's Other Crime Was 'Human Experimentation' After the Central Intelligence Agency was given authority to begin torturing suspected terrorists in the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, newly published documents show that another of that program's transgressions, according to experts, was a gross violation of medical ethics that allowed the agency to conduct what amounted to "human experimentation" on people who became test subjects without consent. John Oliver Has Helen Mirren Read The Most Horrible Parts Of The Torture Report.

"These are War Crimes": Shocking Details Emerge of U.S. Resident Majid Khan’s Torture by CIA. This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. “It was a toe-to-toe, behind-the-scenes battle”: Inside the war over the CIA torture report. Fugitive Facts Escape from APA Headquarters. Former Bush Official With Ties To CIA Torture Program Now Advises Obama Interrogators. American Psychological Association Bolstered C.I.A. Torture Program, Report Says. New York Times calls for Cheney, Bush officials to be investigated and prosecuted for torture.

'Torture Report' Reshapes Conversation In Guantanamo Courtroom. Dick Cheney and the Worship of Torture. Ex-Bush Official: U.S. Tortured Prisoners to Produce False Intel that Built Case for Iraq War. I Am Not Corn: Guantánamo Diary Reveals 14-Year-Long Vision of Hell. Report: CIA Paid Psychologists $81 Million For Ineffective Torture Techniques. Stephen Colbert’s one mistake: The monstrous Henry Kissinger shouldn’t get to laugh his sins away.

Timeline: The Tortured History of the Senate’s Torture Report. The Top Ten Torture Documents You Need to Read. The United States and Torture. Defenders Of The CIA's Torture Program Dig In. America's Got Torture. CIA Torture Report - Disinfo. Jon Stewart: ‘Puppet master’ Dick Cheney’s mind is ‘the scariest f*cking place in the universe’ America, nation of torturers: Stop saying “this isn’t who we are” — here’s the real truth. Torture in a Dick Cheney Minute. CIA Detainees - Silk. The Other Torture Report: The Secret CIA Document That Could Unravel The Case For Torture. Put the evil bastards on trial: The case for trying Bush, Cheney and more for war crimes. Getting Away with Torture. The CIA’s Road to Infamy. The CIA’s Road to Infamy.