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“It’s the Democrats fault, they won’t give us the votes needed to pass good immigration legislation. They want open borders, which breeds horrible crime. Republicans want security. But I am working on something – it never ends!”
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Raunchy, racist private fB group for US border patrol - "I'm 10 - 15"

What happens when immigrant families cross the border. 6/23/18: B Heller - Dispelling the Myths about Refugees in the Trump Era. 6/18/18: What's happening at the US border. 6/22/18: 'Going through hell' at the border: parents split from children tell of anguish. For five long weeks Evelin* had no idea where her two children were.

6/22/18: 'Going through hell' at the border: parents split from children tell of anguish

She was apprehended with them at the US border on 19 May – after fleeing violence in Guatemala – and her family was ripped apart under the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy. Evelin was prosecuted and sent to the Don Hutto immigration detention centre in central Texas. Her two children – Eddy, 17, and Lilian, nine – were left behind at a processing centre and then flown to foster care in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They were held in separate homes.

Lilian cried for her mother all the time; she remembers and relives being in detention in Texas, where she said she was once woken up at 3am, pulled by her hair, and forced to shower. Evelin, over a thousand miles away, suffered migraines and was sick with anxiety. “They wanted to kill me and the kids,” he said. “I hope that maybe she’ll come soon,” Elmer said, his voice cracking.

And in some ways this Guatemalan family are luckier than others. International Refugee Assistance Project. #DefundHate: Today, in the United States of America. 5/14/18: Vaughan and Martin’s Barrier: Tool for Empathy in Trump’s America. 7/9/18: Cruel and Usual. A Trump administration lawyer told a California federal judge Friday in a case involving thousands of migrant children separated from their parents that she could not participate in a status conference over the weekend because she had a dog-sitting commitment in Colorado.

7/9/18: Cruel and Usual

She actually said that in this case, the judge actually bought it, and so a Saturday conference was put off until today. Trust me when I tell you that more than a million Coloradans would have gladly babysat the damn dog if it would have meant a quicker resolution to the Trump administration’s self-generated crisis of “immigration enforcement.” An extra 48 hours is usually the blink of an eye in litigation like this, and it won’t affect the ultimate outcome, but two extra days must have seemed like an eternity to immigrant parents desperately seeking to reunite with their kids and to kids traumatized by the separation.

Another problem is also a persistent refrain with this administration. 12/27/18: $800M in Taxpayer Money Went to Private Prisons Where Migrants Work for Pennies. Ai-jen Poo Discusses Profit From Tent Cities 10/8/18— I Love You, America. 9/21/: Madison officials surprised after ICE arrests 6 people Friday. MADISON, Wis. - Madison city leaders were surprised Friday after U.S.

9/21/: Madison officials surprised after ICE arrests 6 people Friday

Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested six people without formal warning. During a news conference Friday, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said the arrests were made against city policy. Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said during the press conference that the department has a working relationship with ICE, however, Friday the federal agency did not follow protocol. Koval said that ICE has agreed to call the assistant police chief before making arrests in Madison, but Friday officials called the Dane County Communications Center instead.

"We're very disappointed in how ICE and the federal government are conducting themselves and we are making our best effort to work with community leaders and to make sure the rights of those individuals in ICE's custody are fully protected," Soglin said. The arrests made by ICE were targeted, according to city officials. 8/11/18: Traveling While Muslim: The Case of the Exploding Chocolate. 7/9/18: Woman w/4 year old beat 91-year-old man with brick saying, 'go back to Mexico' "I can't walk anymore," Rodriguez said in Spanish.

7/9/18: Woman w/4 year old beat 91-year-old man with brick saying, 'go back to Mexico'

"I'm in so much pain. " He'll be turning 92 in September, Rodriguez said, and he's never been hurt like this before, in a life working the fields with cattle and corn. He had traveled from Michoacan, Mexico, to visit his family in Willowbrook, California, a city in Los Angeles County, his grandson Erik Mendoza said. He makes the trip about twice a year, and takes a walk through the neighborhood every day after lunch, Mendoza said. "Everyone in the neighborhood knows him already," he said. Rodriguez said he was walking to a nearby park on Wednesday when he passed a woman and a little girl.

"I didn't even bump into her kid," Rodriguez said. Police are looking for "a female suspect and three to four male suspects" in the assault, the LA County Sheriff's Department said in a statement Monday night. Authorities don't know at this time if any weapons were used or what the motive might have been, the statement said. 6/25/18: Dems Want Info on Kraninger Zero Tolerance Policy. 6/25/18: 'I pray they let me in': Asylum seekers face long wait at border. Nogales, Mexico - Guadalupe and her two-year-old daughter have been waiting at the port of entry to the US in Nogales, Mexico for days.

6/25/18: 'I pray they let me in': Asylum seekers face long wait at border

The 22-year-old fled her home state of Sinaloa, Mexico more than two weeks ago after she found out the father of her daughter was part of a drug cartel in the area. "He wanted to keep our child and he started to threaten to kill me," Guadalupe, who asked not to use her surname, told Al Jazeera. "I knew I couldn't talk to the police because they are afraid of them too," she said. "That would be signing my own death sentence. So I got really afraid and ran away … and came here. " The young mother and her daughter were one of 10 families who waited outside the official port of entry in Nogales over the weekend. For those who regularly cross the border, seeing families, like Guadalupe's, sleeping on blankets and waiting at the crossing is a relatively new sight. 6/24/18: Trump slammed for calling to deport migrants without due process. President Donald Trump has said undocumented people entering the United States should be immediately deported without any judicial process, drawing sharp criticism from rights groups who say such a move would be illegal and violate the constitution.

6/24/18: Trump slammed for calling to deport migrants without due process

"We cannot allow all of these people to invade our country," Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday, as he reiterated his tough stance on immigration. "When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came. "Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and law and order. Most children come without parents," he said, adding that immigration must be based on merit. In response, Omar Jadwat, director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Immigrants' Rights Project, called Trump's suggestion "both illegal and unconstitutional". 6/24/18: Border patrol agents are stopping people on highways in New England to check their citizenship. On Interstate 95 near the remote northern Maine town of Lincoln this week, the Border Patrol said it made nine drug seizures and two arrests for immigration violations during an 11-hour checkpoint operation in which agents asked motorists about their place of birth and citizenship status.

6/24/18: Border patrol agents are stopping people on highways in New England to check their citizenship

The federal agency -- one of several at the center of a growing humanitarian crisis involving 2,300 children separated from their parents at the Mexico border -- said in a statement that Wednesday's checkpoint in Maine was "a means of preventing smuggling organizations from exploiting existing transportation systems to travel to the interior of the United States. " Customs and Border Protection says the US Supreme Court has affirmed the agency's ability to ask motorists' citizenship status, even if they have no suspicion. Agents use training and questions to make decisions about a traveler's citizenship or residency, it said.

6/23/18: Trump calls for deporting illegal immigrants with no judges or court cases. 6/23/18: Government details how separated families will be reunited — eventually. WASHINGTON (CNN) – The Trump administration is releasing its plan for putting back together the thousands of families it separated at the border — but the reunions won’t happen quickly.

6/23/18: Government details how separated families will be reunited — eventually

In a release Saturday night, the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services said 2,053 children were still in the custody of HHS and awaiting being returned to their parents. Under the plan, however, those children will keep waiting in custody, with reunifications only happening once the parents’ deportation proceedings are completed. The families will either be reunited before deportation or, if the parent is released from detention, after the parent applies to serve as the child’s sponsor under HHS rules.

As part of the reunification effort, the government is building out better organized databases linking the parent and children’s information and whereabouts and working to better facilitate communication between them, the fact sheet said. 6/22/18: Texas town denounces 'twisted and shameful' camp for migrant children. The white buses and vans swing off the highway and slow but do not stop as they trundle through the dusty, sunbaked streets of Tornillo.

6/22/18: Texas town denounces 'twisted and shameful' camp for migrant children

They have no markings, no sirens and you cannot discern the passengers, only silhouettes. They pass the cotton and alfalfa fields and bleached trailer homes of Aguilera road and vanish into a US border post ringed by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. When the vehicles emerge and return to El Paso they are empty. 6/22/18: Jogger who accidentally crossed U.S. border detained for 2 weeks. A visitor from France says she was jogging along the beach south of White Rock, B.C., when she crossed the U.S. border without realizing it.

6/22/18: Jogger who accidentally crossed U.S. border detained for 2 weeks

So began a two-week nightmare that landed her in a prison jumpsuit. Cedella Roman, 19, didn't know it at the time, but as she ran southeast along the beach on the evening of May 21, she crossed a municipal boundary — and, shortly after, an international border. As the tide started to come in, she veered up and onto a dirt path before stopping to take a photo of the picturesque setting. She turned around to head back — and that's when she was apprehended by two U.S. Border Patrol officers. "An officer stopped me and started telling me I had crossed the border illegally," she told CBC News.

6/22/18: Trump tweets that immigrants' stories of sadness and grief are phony. 6/22/18: Trump policy of detaining children 'may amount to torture', UN says – live. More from Guardian reporter Rory Carroll, who is speaking to locals in Texas about Trump’s latest immigration announcements: Donald Trump often expresses love for combat veterans but his plan to house migrant children on military bases is irking some of them. “Oh Jesus no,” said Troy Gill, 51, a former marine who served in Iraq and Somalia. “They’ve not earned the right. They should not be there.” Sick and disabled veterans in desperate need of housing were not able to live on bases so it would be an insult to host undocumented migrants there, he said.

His buddy Joshua Woods, a 46-year-old army vet, agreed. The two were in El Paso, Texas, on Friday for a Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association gathering but spoke in a personal capacity. 6/21/18: Emails suggest 'zero tolerance' effectively on hold. The decision by Customs and Border Protection to put a hold on referring adults caught crossing the border illegally if they arrive with their children comes after President Donald Trump signed an executive order asking his agencies to keep families together at the border -- though it did not order a halt to prosecutions. The suspension of referrals flies in the face of what the Justice Department was telling reporters was operational Thursday, leaving the impression of an administration at odds with itself on a policy that has generated weeks of outrage and emotional reaction even from some of the President's most loyal supporters. The move comes as officials have been unable to provide the media with answers as to how Trump's executive order will be implemented for more than a day, even as thousands of families affected by the initial "zero tolerance" policy remain separated and in some cases split up over thousands of miles.

Further confusion. 6/20/18: Housing A Separated Migrant Child Costs More Than An Admiral's BAH. To take a migrant child from her parents at a U.S. point of entry, place her in a just-erected government tent city, and keep her separated from family costs the federal government a whopping $775 per child per night, according to the Department of Health and Human Services — more than twice what it would cost to house the children in detention with their families, and nearly six times more than a brigadier general’s or rear admiral’s housing allowance for New York City.

Related: 11 States Pull National Guard Off Border Missions To Protest Child Separations » That amounts to a cost of about $23,573 per child per month, on average. By comparison, an unaccompanied active duty flag officer with a rank of O7 receives a basic allowance for housing of $4,053 per month to live in New York City, one of the military’s most costly BAH locations.

6/21/18: Fate of 2,300 separated children still unclear despite Trump's executive order. Donald Trump may have signed an executive order to end the separation of families at the southern border, but his administration is not making any special efforts to immediately reunite the 2,300 children who have already been separated from their parents under his “zero tolerance” policy. The lack of action has created an additional burden for groups that provide legal and social services to immigrants, flooding non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with cases. “We would prefer the government to not separate families,” said Megan McKenna, from Kids in Need of Defense (Kind) which offers legal services to unaccompanied children. “But if that has to be the policy then they need to ensure there is a clear protocol that ensures the constant communication between the child and the parent. It’s the only humane thing to do.

6/20/18: Migrant Kids Update: Trump Fixed It! Act 1. 6/20/18: Trump signs executive order to keep families together at border, says ‘zero-tolerance’ policy will continue. WASHINGTON (AP) — Bowing to pressure from anxious allies, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday ending the process of separating children from families after they are detained crossing the U.S. border illegally. It was a dramatic turnaround for Trump, who has been insisting, wrongly, that his administration had no choice but to separate families apprehended at the border because of federal law and a court decision.

The news in recent days has been dominated by searing images of children held in cages at border facilities, as well as audio recordings of young children crying for their parents — images that have sparked fury, question of morality and concern from Republicans about a negative impact on their races in November’s midterm elections. Read Trump’s full executive order on family separation He said his order would not end the “zero-tolerance” policy that criminally prosecutes all adults caught crossing the border illegally. In 2016, the 9th U.S. 6/20/18: 11 States Pull Natl Guard Off Border Missions To Protest Child Separations.

Eleven US states have cancelled agreements to send members of the National Guard to the US-Mexico border as part of a growing backlash over the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant families trying to enter the US. 6/20/18: What Trump's family separations executive order does. The order also seeks more authority to detain those families together until the end of their immigration proceedings. That process will begin immediately, which is likely to be met with swift legal challenges, though the order does acknowledge that current law may restrict their hands. But there are no new special procedures for children already in custody, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. It's a reversal from days of claiming that, in its decision to refer all adults crossing the border illegally for criminal charges and thus sending them away from their kids and into the hands of the Justice Department, the administration had no choice but to separate families.

6/20/18: Trump Signs Order To End His Family Separations Policy. President Donald Trump signs an executive order to end family separations, during an event in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, June 20, 2018. Standing behind Trump are Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, left, and Vice President Mike Pence. 6/19/18: Uproar Over Trump's Migrant Separation Policy Reaches a Fevered Pitch. 6/19/18: Congressional Democrats are calling for Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign. 6/18/18: Trump Gets Blasted for Breaking Up Migrant Families. 6/18/18: Family Separation - John Oliver. 6/18/18: Coulter calls immigrant children 'child actors' 6/18/18: Recording captures cries of children separated from parents at US border. Audio obtained by the investigative news outlet ProPublica captures the heartrending cries of 10 Central American children after they were taken from their parents by immigration authorities at the border last week.

The children are just 10 of about 2,000 who have been separated from their families since the Trump administration began enforcing a “zero tolerance” policy at the border, sending every unauthorized border crosser – including asylum seekers – to jail to face prosecution while their children are placed in government care. Amid growing outrage from the public and elected officials, the government has begun providing the press limited access to view the shelters and cages where the children are being held. But the audio published by ProPublica provides another dimension to the portrait of these unaccompanied minors, who have not been allowed to speak to journalists. 6/18/18: J. Bush to Trump: ‘Children shouldn’t be used as a negotiating tool’ Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday called on President Donald Trump to end the “heartless policy” of separating parents and children who cross the U.S. border illegally. 6/15/18: 2K children separated from parents at US border over 6 weeks.

6/14/18: Sessions Cites The Bible In Separating Children From Parents. 6/12/18;: Am. Bar Assoc. sends letter to DOJ/DHS expressing strong opposition to family separation. 6/9/18: Honduran Man Took His Life After Son Taken Away at US Border. Untitled. 5/29/18: Hidden Horrors of “Zero Tolerance” — Mass Trials and Children Taken From Their Parents. But now, in federal courts like Morgan’s, not only are parents finding themselves charged with the crime of “illegal entry,” but the government is breaking up families, sending children to detention centers, often hundreds of miles from their mothers and fathers, or to distant foster homes. These family separations had been occurring intermittently since last fall, and mass trials have been occurring off and on since “Operation Streamline” was first introduced in 2005. But on May 7, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the U.S. government will prosecute “100 percent of illegal southwest border crossings.”

6/19/18: I Stand For The Flag, But The Flag Doesn’t Stand For This. As the CEO of Task & Purpose, I’ve tried to create a community that is above partisan politics and all that divides us today. I’ve also tried to make this a place that gives voice to multiple sides of an issue. If our community, those of us who have shared experiences in battle and in service, cannot discuss things we don’t agree on, our country is truly f*cked. Getting to Know You: Kathy Kraninger. Racism. Immigration. G2KU: Kirstjen Nielsen. Troxel v. Granville. United States Supreme Court case Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000),[1] is a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States, citing a constitutional right of parents to rear their children, struck down a Washington state law that allowed any third party to petition state courts for child visitation rights over parental objections.

Impact[edit] The Supreme Court stated that "the interest of parents in the care, custody and control of their children—is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by this Court. The plurality opinion stated at the outset that statutes allowing grandparent visitation orders to be imposed over parental objection "present questions of constitutional import.

" The Supreme Court flatly declared that "the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody, and control of their children. " Somos el Muro.