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Holes - Louis Sachar

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Holes EdGuide. Newbery author of "Holes," Louis Sachar talks about "Holes" with interviewer Tim Podell. Etthalomdagen - Planering och arbetsuppgifter. HolesStudyGuideInteractive. Novel Study Guides for the Classroom. A complete list of the novels available How to order-- It's Easy!

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Copyright 2002 Created by Brian Thornton Louis Sachar Answer all questions in sentence form. Part One--You Are Entering Camp Green Lake Chapters One & Two Explain the irony in the name Camp Green Lake.Why will campers sometimes permit themselves to be bitten by a rattlesnake or a scorpion? Write a short biography on the author and examine some of his other novels. Chapters Three & Four Why did Stanley have a box of stationery? Chapters Five & Six Why was Mr. Pretend you are the judge in Stanley's case. Chapter Seven & Eight How do we know that Stanley is not accustomed to hard physical work? The author begins to use a new structure in this chapter. Chapter Nine & Ten Explain why the sign on the rec room said wreck room.Why in X-Ray's opinion was the second hole the hardest to dig?

Chapter Eleven & Twelve What did X-Ray ask Stanley to do the next time he found something interesting? Holes Discussion Questions. After reading Holes, use these questions to start a discussion with your students about the book.

Holes Discussion Questions

You can also use any of these questions as a writing prompt. In what ways is the saying "You can't judge a book by its cover" a good one for this story? For example, what do you expect Camp Green Lake to be like based on its name? Resting, Reading and Writing. Bläddrade bland gamla foton och hittade ett som direkt förde tanken till ett av mina favoritprojekt!

Resting, Reading and Writing

Och så här lagom till sommarledigheten kan det ju fungera som ett lästips också :-). Till sommaren är det ju skojsigt att ligga i en solstol eller i skuggan av ett lummigt träd och läsa … Medan vi skrev Focusböckerna spenderade jag många somrar letandes efter böcker vi kunde använda textutdrag ur. För oss författare var det viktigt att ha med autentiska textutdrag i FoE. Jag ville också dela med mig av roliga upplägg som jag använt i klassrummet.


Quizzes - Holes

Louis Sachar — Holes—The Book. Stanley Yelnats was given a choice.

Louis Sachar — Holes—The Book

The judge said, "You may go to jail, or you may go to Camp Green Lake. " Stanley was from a poor family. He had never been to camp before. And so, Stanley Yelnats seems set to serve an easy sentence, which is only fair because he is as innocent as you or me. But Stanley is not going where he thinks he is. The trouble started when Stanley was accused of stealing a pair of shoes donated by basketball great Clyde "Sweetfeet" Livingston to a celebrity auction. At Camp Green Lake, the warden makes the boys "build character" by spending all day, every day, digging holes: five feet wide and five feet deep. Fate conspires to resolve it all—the family curse, the mystery of the holes, the drought that destroyed Green Lake, and also, the legend of Kissing Kate Barlow, an infamous outlaw of the Wild West. Want to spend some more quaity time at Camp Greenlake?

Should you ever find yourself at Camp Green Lake—or somewhere similar—this is the guide for you. Holes: Plot Overview. Stanley Yelnats, a boy who has bad luck due to a curse placed on his great- great-grandfather, is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp, for a crime he did not commit.

Holes: Plot Overview

Stanley and the other boys at the camp are forced to dig large holes in the dirt every day. Stanley eventually realizes that they are digging these holes because the Warden is searching for something. As Stanley continues to dig holes and meet the other boys at the camp, the narrator intertwines three separate stories to reveal why Stanley's family has a curse and what the Warden is looking for.

When he was a boy, Stanley's great-great-grandfather, Elya Yelnats, received a pig from Madame Zeroni, a gypsy, in exchange for a promise. Elya's promise was that after the pig grew strong he would carry Madame Zeroni, who only had one leg, up a mountain and sing her a song that she had taught him. Stanley and Zero find a suitcase that has the name Stanley Yelnats on it. Free Study Guide for Holes by Louis Sachar.

Holes. Holes_Chapter 1-3. Holes discussion questions.