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Red Ted Art - Photos du journal. Pin by Isabelle P. on Fete parents. Photos de la publication de Genevieve Delage - Genevieve Delage. Heart Punch Garlands. My friend Noeleen came over for a snowy afternoon last week.

Heart Punch Garlands

We could have busied ourselves with corn chips and trashy TV, but instead we got crafty and painted coffee filters. Yay us! There were no particular plans for what to with them, except that it be nifty looking. Well, I think we succeeded. Each heart is like a tiny abstract painting. Valentines Day isn’t typically considered a big holiday for decorating, but for this of us who are still feeling the pangs of Christmas, I’ll take any excuse to get festive I can get. MaterialsCoffee Filters Watercolor (I strongly recommend working with small tubes of watercolor rather than the flat palettes – the colors will be much richer. Not pictured.. Instructions The key to making a lot of hearts fast is to work in small batches.

One: Keeping the wet filters in stacks of five, paint the surface of each stack and watch the colors run to the lower layers. Fun Family CraftsFun Family Crafts. Glitter Rock Valentines for Kids. Need a fun Valentine craft project for your kids (or yourself!)?

Glitter Rock Valentines for Kids

Here’s a super simple one that involves three favorite art materials of every child I know—rocks, glue, and glitter. Seriously, how could you go wrong? We made these this afternoon as an afterschool playdate activity. Here’s the how-to and the (gratuitous) pics… Small rocksGlueGlitter 1. 2. 3. 4. 6 Heart Shaped Animals. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we are creating MORE Heart Shaped Animals.

6 Heart Shaped Animals

We decided to add 6 more adorable heart animals to our growing collection (make sure to check out our original heart animals). Pull out your scissors and create some adorable heart animals for Valentines Day. This post contains Affiliate links for your convenience. Watercolor Hearts Card. Welcome to Kim from The Educators’ Spin On It today.

Watercolor Hearts Card

Kim shares a lovely Valentine’s Day Art project – or Valentine’s Day Card with you today – Water Colour Hearts. They are super cute and it is a great way for kids to get arty and try out water colours. Hello I’m Kim Vij, a teacher, a mom and Pinterest Consultant. You’ll usually find me over at The Educators’ Spin On It where I love sharing ways to make everyday moments into learning opportunities. 100+ Valentine's Day Crafts & Activities. How to make a family fingerprint relief heart art canvas - Mum In The Madhouse- Mum In The Madhouse. We love making pieces of art that we can display seasonally in The Mad House.

How to make a family fingerprint relief heart art canvas - Mum In The Madhouse- Mum In The Madhouse

Last year we made a family fingerprint heart canvas and I have been thinking about making a family fingerprint relief heart art canvas since then. We finally got round to making it and it was so much fun to make and perfect for displaying in our home. family fingerprint relief heart art canvas Materials: Canvas (I love the canvas panels ones for little fingers as they can press as hard as they like without damaging the tension)Ink pads or paint.

Method Draw a heart on to a piece of paper or card and cut it out the size you want . Position the heart or hearts on the canvass and temporarily stick them down using small pieces of blue tac. Place some red and white paint on to a paper plate or palate. Take turns in dipping finger in the ink or paint and making fingerprints on the canvass. Color a Heart: An Alphabet Movement Game for Kids. We love to move.

Color a Heart: An Alphabet Movement Game for Kids

I am constantly amazed at how much my kids move during the course of the day. Although I admire their energy (and wish I had more of it), sometimes it is exhausting. I am always looking for ways to channel it so that they aren't running around in circles. Last week we created an alphabet movement game called Color a Heart! We were inspired by Nurturestore's simple play challenge with a roll of paper... so we grabbed one and started creating. Materials Needed: big roll of paper, painters tape, markers, crayons. While the kiddos were having quiet time in their rooms I rolled out a big roll of paper and stuck it to the floor with painters tape.

Then I used a black marker and drew hearts all over the paper and added alphabet letters inside each heart. Once I was done drawing hearts and writing letters, I put a bowl of crayons on the floor. 24 modèles à bricoler avec des cœurs pour la Saint-Valentin! Que des beaux bricolages faits à partir de cœurs, tout ça pour la Saint-Valentin!

24 modèles à bricoler avec des cœurs pour la Saint-Valentin!

Un billet super pratique pour les garderies et les écoles! Les enfants pourront choisir le modèle de leur choix s'ils sont assez vieux. Ou vous pourrez faire un patron à photocopier si les enfants sont plus petits! Que du cartons, de la peinture acrylique ou de la gouache, des feutres et des paillettes et des cures-pipes, rien de trop compliqué!

Même pas besoin de patron, vous êtes doués! Pour voir 8 modèles de peinture sur le thème de la Saint-valentin à faire avec les enfants, cliquez: ICI Source. Valentine's Day Handprint Craft & Card Ideas. Puffy Paint Valentines - Homemade Cards and Garlands. Make Puffy Paint Valentines Cards using our 3-ingredient puffy paint recipe!

Puffy Paint Valentines - Homemade Cards and Garlands

Such a fun Valentines craft for kids. Homemade puffy paint is very easy to make with 3 common kitchen ingredients and a bit of water. 3D paper heart. This 3D heart is both very impressive and easy to make.

3D paper heart

You will need coloured printer paper and a pair of scissors. template for print Fold the heart by the middle line. Cut the cross lines. Fold just the upper part and once again cut the lines. Before you open the heart fully, start skip-breaking the lines in their bases. We Heart Sewing for Kids. One of my love languages is time.

We Heart Sewing for Kids

And I can tell you who took the time to teach me just about every skill I cherish today. I know who taught me to sew, to crochet, to knit, to knead bread dough, to identify weeds, to mend socks, etc. Even though some of my teachers have left this world, I carry their skills within me still. (And think of them each time I use them!) 25 Valentine's Day Decorations. We continue to bring together, last year’s 31 Days of Love Series from 2014 – a series where a over 60 of my fellow bloggers came together here on Red Ted Art to share their love for crafts AND Valentine’s Day.

They shared all sorts of ideas from Valentine’s Day Cards to Gifts and now today Valentine’s Day decorations. I bring a number of these Valentine’s Day Decorations together here today and have also added some of my favourite other Valentine’s Day Decor ideas from around the web (I particularly LOVE the 3D Paper Heart Wall Art.. oh how lovely that is indeed.

So if you are looking to get crafty with the kids or to decorate your home yourself, take a look at all these wonderful ideas. There is something for everyone – from toddlers through to beginner knitters. Enjoy!


Valentine's Bookmark from Paint Chips. Bricolage St-Valentin. Bricolage St-Valentin.