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100 Top Photographers From Around The World You Should Follow Now. The world is a little more beautiful when you know how to capture it, and photographers from all over the globe use their camera as a paintbrush to fill the canvas of life with breathtaking masterpieces.

100 Top Photographers From Around The World You Should Follow Now

Social media platforms like Instagram are tailor-made for shutterbugs to put their work out there and inspire the next generation of artists. The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough talented photographers – the real issue is finding the standouts among countless amateurs and professionals. That’s why we’re here – we’ve combed through hundreds of the top photographers online to bring you the absolute best of the best from around the world.

Whether you’re a budding artist yourself, or you just appreciate perusing some stunning visuals, click “follow” on these accounts to fill your newsfeed with outstanding images. Brazil For similarly eye-opening photography with a uniquely human touch, check out his website, his Instagram, and his Twitter. Catch him online, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

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Paola Guigou Photographe. Les photos surrealistes style Inception de Laurent Rosset - 2Tout2Rien. Incredible Murals Created with Denim Jeans. Muriel Bordier. Colored Garments In Contortion By Arielle Bobb-Willis. Contemporary Photography. Help photographers get moreexposure for their work.Share this with your friends.

Contemporary Photography

Mona Lisas, Five © Pep Ventosa. Composite image of Mona Lisa and another painting from the Louvre Museum. © Pep Ventosa Explore Categories EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD! Over 60 pages of advice from Magnum Photographers Inspiring words of wisdom and encouragement from some of Magnum's greatest photographers. *By downloading the Wear Good Shoes PDF, you agree to receive email from LensCulture and Magnum Photos. MATTHEW PILLSBURY » Photograph Categories » Tokyo. Menu Photograph Categories Tokyo © 2016 Matthew Pillsbury.

MATTHEW PILLSBURY » Photograph Categories » Tokyo

Bodypaintings by Trina Merry. Behind TIME's Teen Anxiety Cover With Lise Sarfati. LensCulture - Contemporary Photography. Les instagrameurs voyage font-ils vraiment un job de rêve ? Paysages idylliques, road-trips, villes exotiques, et autres ballades sauvages, Instagram ne manque pas d’images qui vendent du rêve.

Les instagrameurs voyage font-ils vraiment un job de rêve ?

Entre le dernier OOTD de blogueuse mode, les selfies de vos potes et les photos de café crème ou de burgers artistement mises en scène, il y a de fortes chances que votre fil d’actu Instagram compte nombre de clichés fantastiques de lacs de montagne américains, du désert de Bolivie, des falaises norvégiennes, ou encore de forêts de pins baignées dans la brume. Avec plus de 100 millions de publications marquées du hashtag #Travel (et ses centaines de variantes comme #Travelgram #InstaTravel, #neverstopexploring, etc) la photographie de voyage et d’aventure est une valeur sure sur le réseau social.

Portrait - homme politique. Stéphane Lavoué De Pierre Soulages à Salman Rushdie, de François Hollande à Vladimir Poutine, artistes, hommes politiques, acteurs ou intellectuels ont tous posé face à l'objectif de Stéphane Lavoué.

Portrait - homme politique

Aussi à l'aise dans l'art du portrait que dans la photo de reportage, cet habitué des grands magazines internationaux est né à Mulhouse en 1976. Juicy tour - selfie - école - Max Slobodda - rue - detail - humour. Stop by the corner. Dereglement climatique. Jonathan may. Stephen mcmennamy – combophotos. Pawel Franik -Solitude In Vast Public Spaces. For the series 'On his own', Polish photographer Pawel Franik captures moments of solitude in vast public spaces.

Pawel Franik -Solitude In Vast Public Spaces

Instead of loneliness, the minimal photographs celebrate the beauty of being alone. By placing his subjects in the center of each photo, he not only portrays an individual in the need of alone time, but zooms in on a place where each person can be in their own private emotional space. On the inspiration for his work, the photographer says: "We live in a world of tremendous acceleration and where there is a constant quest for our purposes.

In a world where there is no place for the proverbial 'minute for one's own self', the time when you can stop, talk to your own thoughts and feel the desirable harmony is imporant. " Evelyn Bencicova - Socialist Regime-rangement -ecole - batiment. Born in Slovakia and living in Vienna, photographer Evelyn Bencicova captures life under a socialist regime for her series 'Asymptote'.

Evelyn Bencicova - Socialist Regime-rangement -ecole - batiment

The project was realized in cooperation with art director Adam Csoka Keller. In her work, which we've featured before, the 22-year-old focuses on the conceptual and visual aspect of photography. The compelling images show people wearing identical masks in symmetric formations and a cold architectural environment. In a statement about the series, Bencicova says: "This project should serve as a complex illustration of the era and a kind of eye-opener especially for the younger generation, which often lacks interest and a deeper insight into what life under the socialist regime actually looked and felt like.

" All images © Evelyn Bencicova. Kamil Kotarba - Interaction In The Digital Age - portable - absence. In the series 'Hide And Seek', photographer Kamil Kotarba reflects on how the rise of mobile screens negatively influences the way we connect and interact with others.

Kamil Kotarba - Interaction In The Digital Age - portable - absence

His photographs capture daily scenes, such as a dinner for two and an evening on the couch, yet only show arms attached to mobile phones without the bodies. On the inspiration behind the series, Kotarba says: "A virtual world always competes with a real world. Instead of focusing on interaction with other people, we prefer to stare at a small mobile screen which constantly offers us new incentives. The incentives which we choose without any restrictions of space and time in which we are currently in.

Thanks to this diversity, this form of activity seems to be far more interesting than what we are doing. The real life happening around just eludes us. Underwater - Pool Photography. Liga Skadina. Leslie Hall Brown - DUALITIES. Isabella Ståhl - Photography -Suede. Paris' - La Petite Ceinture. Stretching 32 kilometres around the city centre of Paris lies la petite ceinture, a railway built more than two centuries ago that now sits unused.

Paris' - La Petite Ceinture

The line was built out of a necessity to efficiently transport goods and people in a city that was still reliant on horse-drawn carriages. With the boom in automobiles and the expansive underground system, the need for the railway eventually disappeared. Since going out of operation in 1934, the infrastructure has remained in tact. Subtle changes have occurred, but mostly just the flowers and small trees that have sprouted from its bed. French photographer Pierre Folk became absorbed by its presence.

Much more than just a documentation of these abandoned spaces, the series proposes a universal idea about how we – as a species – constantly question, reconsider and transform our territory. The series underlines our tendency to radically transform our surroundings when there is a shift in technology. Guillaume Amat. Guillaume Amat is a French photographer who is based in Paris.

Guillaume Amat

In 2007 he joined Millennium Images Ltd., Signatures-photographies agency in 2008 and participated to collective projects on the French Landscapes called “France(s) Territoire Liquide.” Guillaume is dedicated to long-term projects which produce photographic narratives. His field of action is not limited to a single area, never ceasing to question photographic representation and the way to transfigure reality. Anna Grzelewska. Dans le sac des réfugiés. Le bateau ivre - Clémentine Schneidermann-irlande-jeunesse-foire.

Des cheveux roux. PHOTOGRAPHIE - Les roux font l'objet de nombreuses blagues, souvent à caractère discriminatoire. C'est pourquoi une photographe française dénommée Michelle Marshall a décidé de capturer leur beauté à travers une série de clichés saisissants. 14 of China’s Finest World Monument Replicas -CHINE - MONUMENT -FACTICE. It's called "duplitecture" — and it can be found across the country Here Are 14 of China's Finest World Monument Replicas China Daily/Reuters Laborers work on scaffolding near a full-scale replica of the Sphinx at an unfinished movie and animation theme park in Chuzhou... A Chinese statue of an oil bubble in Karamay, Xinjiang province caused a stir recently for bearing an uncanny resemblance to the reflective, bean-shaped Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago by Anish Kapoor.

But the 2006 artwork is far from the only iconic monument knocked off by Chinese developers. Kouichi Chiba. Guda Koster. Cesar Ordoñez -Tokyo - JAMBES - HUMOUR. To designate the reality, Buddhism uses the word Sunya, which means empty. It is also the name given to the number zero. The observer fills the reality that without their presence would be empty, in the same way that the mathematician can’t work without a number: the zero, a kind of antithesis of a number. The photographer César Ordóñez proposes us an approach to Japanese reality from ashimoto term, which could translate as a part of a foot of a woman who is intuited through the folds of a kimono. Erica Simone Nue York. Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen est né d'une interrogation à propos des vêtements et de leur importance dans la société d'aujourd'hui. La mode et les habits que nous portons valent comme un langage : ils nous permettent de dresser un portrait silencieux de qui nous sommes et de qui nous voulons être, offrant à la société une impression de nous-mêmes — quelle qu'elle puisse être.

La mode tend aussi à nous différencier et à nous placer dans des catégories sociales variées, ainsi qu'à traduire un certain état d'esprit ou un sentiment particulier. « La Parade » : une websérie documentaire en forme de conte post-industriel. C’est un peu la « série de l’été » dans l’univers des webcréations francophones, et elle nous emmène dans les cultures dites « populaires » du Nord de la France.

Paper Faces ━ Héctor Sos. The “Paper Faces” project was created with the intention of linking CreadorVol paper use, paper for the publishing industry as natural, alive and nearby, hence the metaphor and the relationship established between paper and face. From this idea and the need to show the qualities of paper on a four-color printing process is a series of distinctive structures made of paper that cover the faces of the different models and then photographed them. Project for Rosa Lázaro Studio.

Photography: Xabier Mendiola. Julian Birbrajer. It has been a life long obsession to explore language and time by means of photography. Often I find myself creating new work exploiting the specific context of a newly discovered place through my wide-angle lens. The sources of inspiration are generally words and concepts, and often, in a physical sense, more often than not, flea markets and cemeteries. I have chosen, mostly in order to create a general label for my work, the term ”Photolinguistics”. I am ordinarily not fond of genre classification, but it is an endevour to create an artistic identity, with image and language being its main elements.

When I was studying linguistics at the university, I discovered Ferdinand de Saussure and his thoughts on the arbitrary relationship between ”le signifiant” (the sound, the word, the sign, the form) and ”le signifié” (the concept/object, the meaning, the content), i.e. that there is no given connection between them, that it is a question of convention.

Jane long photography. Jane Long - Dancing with Costica. The Dancing with Costica series initially came about when I decided to brush up on my retouching skills. After finding the Costica Acsinte Archive on Flickr I became fascinated with the images and their subjects. I wanted to bring them to life. But more than that I wanted to give them a story. I wanted there to be some ambiguity about the images. Things that are almost real or not quite right. I will probably never know the real stories of these people but in my mind they became characters in tales of my own invention…star crossed lovers, a girl waiting for her lover to come home, boys sharing a fantasy, innocent children with a little hint of something dark. Personnages mis en scene. Charlotte Yonga. Agnieszka Rayss.

I photographed a process without which life Warsaw would be impossible. We draw water from beneath the Vistula and return it to the river. These places are seldom seen. Mysterious places, at the heart of the city, but un-urban, by the river, but hidden beyond thick growth. The relationship between the river and the city is something absolutely fundamental, physical. My theme is the exchange that goes on between the river and the city, the water circulation cycle. I photographed water supply devices (because water is drawn from under the bottom of the Vistula) and sewage treatment machinery (because sewage is dumped in the river – until quite recently in its “raw” form, now usually decontaminated). Oaxaca : Björn Árnason. Björn Árnason.

Home. ​Lettres Grandes with Clémence Poésy. As the sun sets on the banks of the Seine, Clémence Poésy settles into a vintage ride to read a love letter written by poet Paul Éluard, to his first wife, Gala, on Friday May 15, 1936, several years after she had left him for Salvador Dalí. Poésy takes on the tone of a modern-day Gala, a self-assured seductress, who was famously a muse to a whole slew of Surrealist artists and writers, including Max Ernst and André Breton.

Reading the letter with a hint of regret, she stands firm by her decision to trade in the poet for the painter. Directed by Elsa Klughertz, the intention was to convey the sense of undated emotion that is tangible in personal letters. Daniel Gordon - Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts. Inspirational Photographers. Ipseity - lisa sorgini. Jean-baptiste courtier- natation synchronisée - cascadeurs - escrime. Des portraits de cascadeurs- moto - soldat. Lucia fainzilber autoportrait camouflage. Gail Albert Halaban - fenêtre - nuit. Today’s Paris Through Pictures from 1944. Ethereal Photography Series. Iconic Art Masterpieces Recreated on Socks. Camouflage par Axel Chang et Camille Mazier. Romain Courtemanche. Kyle Thompson -  Portfolio. ZHANG KECHUN- chine - paysage. Philipp Engelhorn - Qingdao Beach - chine. Ludovic Florent @Metz #Photo #portrait #reportage. Photography -VAN GOGH PAUL GAUGUIN.

Charlotte Abramov « La Cuisine » Michel Semeniako - Nuits chromatiques. Xiaomeng Zhao - Bicycles in Beijing. Clarissa Bonet - ville - lumière - Parade. Portfolios. Justin Bettman. Set in the Street. Matthias Jung - house. Petros Koublis. Sarah Choi - street orange color. CHARLOTTE ABRAMOW. Hannah altman. VB-Photos. « Diaspora » Self Portrait. Julie Blackmon. Elisa Larvego. House Inside Myself. The Urban Yoga - danse. The Cuban National Ballet by Peter Hapak- danse. Dancers Ludovic Florent - danse. Dancers Among Us - Jordan Matter - danse. Veronika Marquez-danse. Caroline Boyer-maison - foyer-travail. DOGS in CARS. JAVIER RIERA. Daniel rueda Instagram. Mickael Jou — danse. Paul Octavious - About. Paul Octavious - Lean With It. Double Je - Emmanuelle Brisson. Kelly Nicolaisen. Sydney Sie: Gradient Colors and Female Forms.