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Grégoire Alexandre

Grégoire Alexandre

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AJ Heath - Bhutan - In Pursuit of Happiness Bhutan - In Pursuit of Happiness Project info Landlocked between the economic powerhouses of India and China, the small Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan provides a fascinating case study for the effects of globalization and indeed the self-conscious resistance to this same global change. In the last decade the Kingdom of Bhutan has undergone a rapid transition, from a closed Buddhist Kingdom to a constitutional democracy and is now admired worldwide for its uncompromising pursuit of Gross National Happiness. But as Bhutan development accelerates, its government and people are engaged in a battle to preserve its culture and keep its unique identity alive. Traditional ways of living and cultural practices, particularly those in rural communities, are quickly disappearing in the quest for new lifestyles and less laborious job opportunities.

Photography by Henryk Lobaczewski Sydney based Henryk Lobaczewski never really planned to be a photographer, let alone a fashion photographer: “- While studying graphic design I got a job straight out of university as an Art Director for Lorna Jane, and they hired me under the pretense that I’d shoot their monthly look books as well. I had never used studio lights before. They bought me two. Judy Dater - Partie 2 Consuelo cloos – 1980 – Crédit photo: © Judy Dater Self-Portrait in Grasses – 1981 – Crédit photo: © Judy Dater Linda’s dream – 1975 – Crédit photo: © Judy Dater Maggie – 1970 – Crédit photo: © Judy Dater Zahid Sardar – Crédit photo: © Judy Dater

Call for Submissions: Photos Taken at 'Magic Hour' Woman on a balcony, Tripoli, Lebanon © Vianney Le Caer “Magic Hour” is typically defined as the first and last of the day, when the sun approaches the horizon, casting an indirect and ineffable glow over the earth and its inhabitants. For our latest group show, we’re not looking for a subject or a place; instead, we’re looking for an elusive and enchanted moment in time. BEST OF THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS 2013 Sort Photographers by Sidebar Active Members:Featured Photographers:Submitted Photos:Selected Photos: Copyright © 2014 One Eyeland, Site Design / Development by 1pointsize

Good Things Come Together - Photographs and text by Jordi Pizarro This great portrait photography series was selected as a finalist in the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2015. Discover more inspiring work from all 31 of the winners and finalists. In Kodinhi, a small town in southern India, good things come in twos. Confounding both doctors and several scientific studies, this small town in Kerala has the highest rate of twin births in the world. Portraiture: the Paradoxes and Politics of Looking - Essay by Rebecca Horne Paradoxes lie at the heart of great photographic portraits. We know a photograph can’t actually "capture" anything essential about people in the photographs. More often what we are seeing is powerfully influenced by context, our own biases and preferences and those of the photographer. Intellectually, we are aware that we can’t know a person from simply looking at them, much less from a mute photograph. However, emotionally and spiritually, the temptation to try and do just that is too powerful to ignore.

Behnaz Babazadeh -Self-Portraits -Burqas Made of Candy Gummy Bears Fruit by the Foot Years ago, a young lady named Behnaz Babazadeh showed up to her school in the United States wearing a burqa.