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Oliver James Gosling - Freelance Web Developer

Oliver James Gosling - Freelance Web Developer
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weltunit Creative Layouts and Interactions in Web Design Creative design that differ from the usual layouts can be quite difficult to imagine and execute but when done well, they can make some of the most interesting and engaging websites. You see them almost every day – websites that make you say “I wish I had thought of that!” Designers are doing a great job coming up with and putting together a variety of highly-designed websites that feel fresh and original while maintaining usability. Odd shapes, color combinations and new navigation tools can make some of the most interesting and engaging websites. They can also be quite difficult to imagine and execute. But you never know what might start a new trend, generate a ton of clicks or just “work” in a way you could not imagine. Think Outside the Box The first question is why? Why do we always draw rectangular boxes when sketching out websites? The next question is how can we do it differently? Basic Concepts Your visitors came to your site for a reason. Don’t try to do too much. Conclusion

Alpis Design | Corporate Design,Web Design,SEO,Multimedia Miami FL Reverse Büro Klare - Thoughts from a designer/developer user experience visual design frontend dev An April Fools stunt that allows bearded men to unlock their phones with their facial hair. BeardSwipe drove over 70,000 site views, over 70,000 video views, and 5.75 million Twitter impressions. The campaign was featured in VentureBeat, The Huffington Post, and ABC News. What We Built We put together a full experience, including a social media campaign, website and app design, and a promo video to ensure the prank was fully believable. One of the most interesting aspects of our team composition was that work was self-assigned. Full website: What I Worked on I choose to tackle both design and development of the product website. Wireframes Working to get in code as soon as possible, I did a quick mockup of interactions with notes on functionality I needed to tackle straight away in code. Art Direction

Grain & Gram — The New Gentleman's Journal Web Design Ledger - Web Design Blog Naomi Atkinson Design Brittany Mederos ⤬ User Experience Researcher and Designer · Singer & Songwriter The Problem Employees were confused that the intranet was a cohesive tool because it was broken into three tools; the wiki, the staff directory, and the news. We needed to rebrand and create a seamless experience that was the intranet. The Users All employees and contractors working within the CFPB, approximately 500 daily active users. The Process The Intranet redesign was the first project that I was handed when I arrived at the CFPB. Unable to access the intranet my first two weeks because of the security process (oh government), I got together with the product owner and interviewed her to get insight into the current state of the intranet. The chief issues I noticed immediately: 1The design was not unified across the tools on the intranet. Developing with Django I worked with the backend developer to understand how the tools were connected and interacted with each other. Research & validation Wireframing for success The wireframes slowly transformed into visual comps. Refining via critique

Crafft - Agentur Eames House: Ray & Charles Eames Need Your Help Charles Ormand Eames, Jr., was born in St. Louis where he briefly studied architecture at Washington University. A fan of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the modern architecture movement, he later opened an architectural office in St. Louis. Ray Eames, nee Ray Kaiser, was born and raised in Sacramento. After graduating from a college in New York, she studied abstract expressionist painting with Hans Hofmann. Charles and Ray met at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan — Charles as a teacher and Ray as a student. Their love bloomed quietly but quickly. A month later, the newlyweds moved to Los Angeles to begin their life and career together. Charles and Ray designed the Eames Splint for the U.S. Arts & Architecture magazine introduced the Case Study program. Case Study House No. 8, which would later become known as the Eames House, was constructed. Charles and Ray honored the guest-host relationship whether designing furniture or entertaining guests at their home.


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