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PORTFOLIO VOL. 2 - PORTFOLIO CREATION. I have developed several architectural portfolios that have each served a specific purpose in both my academic and professional career.


My first was to get me into graduate school. I then made a second portfolio of my graduate work to take with me into job interviews and send out to firms. My third was based on experiments through this site and was meant to be a synopsis of my understanding of visualization. Housie University - Architecture. London Metropolitan University. Architecture Portfolio -Vongvanij by Ben Vongvanij. Architecture Portfolio by Christopher Esper.

Portfolio 2014 by Michala Lietavová. Lost Type Co-op. Architecture Portfolios. What About Portfolio Interview? Q.

What About Portfolio Interview?

What makes a successful portfolio? A really successful portfolio is the one that highlights your capacities. A portfolio is something very personal that should reflect the best characteristics of the author. 2008 undergraduate architecture portfolio by John Locke. Portfolio ideas. Architecture Portfolio Ideas. 2011 Graduate Architecture Portfolio by Christos Bolos. Architecture Portfolio -Vongvanij by Ben Vongvanij.