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Brooke shaden

Brooke shaden
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Carl Kleiner fleurs installations Chanel / No 5 - Ylang ylang, neroli, lemon, iris, vanilla, sandalwood and amber. Collaboration w. ANDREW STELLITANO Design Design Inspiration Search Results You should follow Designspiration on Twitter and Facebook for site news. — Shelby Designspiration Search Color Mediumsmalllarge Discover Ads via The Deck Intuitive Company is hiring a Digital Experience Designer in Philadelphia, PA View all jobs Trending Related / typography, poster, print, logo, art design found in saves, collections, people Page 1 of 50 12345 ... 47484950Next » Begin typing to search Select up to 5 colors then press enter to search Sign in Forgot your credentials? Report this Why are you reporting this image? Report Is this your intellectual property? Reported You may only select up to 5 colors

The Downside of Art Going Viral West Point photographs by Kristine Potter in her Greenpoint studio, 2010 (photo by the author for Hyperallergic) I first encountered Kristine Potter‘s work in her studio in Greenpoint in 2010. I remember her West Point series, known as The Grey Line, which consisted of large black and white images of cadets at the military academy. She came across as protective of the images and allowed me to photograph them only obliquely, and from a slight distance. The above photo conveys a great deal about the work and its scale. Kristine Potter (photo courtesy the artist) Potter, who still lives and works in Brooklyn, comes from a family of military men, so the project was very personal. Then, last week, Buzzfeed writer Gabriel H. The comments on the Buzzfeed article don’t come across as particularly offensive compared to the usual banter and taunts found online, but they were enough for Potter to request that the images be removed. Nevertheless, people react when an article gets “censored.”

Optionen für Suchergebnisse - Websuche-Hilfe Sie können Ihre Suchergebnisse mithilfe der Optionen oben auf der Ergebnisseite filtern und anpassen. Suchen Sie beispielsweise nur nach Websites, die in den letzten 24 Stunden aktualisiert wurden, oder nach Bildern einer bestimmten Farbe. Einstellungen Möchten Sie Ihre Sucheinstellungen ändern? Filter hinzufügen Wählen Sie oben auf der Suchergebnisseite eine Filteroption wie Bilder oder News aus. Bestimmte Arten von Ergebnissen finden Einige Optionen sind nicht in allen Sprachen verfügbar oder werden nur angezeigt, wenn Sie in Ihrem Google-Konto angemeldet sind. Oben auf der Suchergebnisseite finden Sie einige Optionen, mit denen Sie Ihre Ergebnisse nach Inhaltstyp filtern können. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel eine neue Kamera kaufen möchten, suchen Sie nach "Digitalkamera" und klicken Sie auf Shopping. Beispiele: Bilder Maps Shopping News Videos Bücher Flüge App Ergebnisse filtern Nachdem Sie die gewünschte Art von Ergebnissen (z. So erhalten Sie zum Beispiel Bilder von roten Planeten:

Jarrett Murphy Landscape Photography - nuit, lumière Scholar Sobre esta página Nossos sistemas detectaram tráfego incomum na sua rede de computadores. Esta página verifica se é realmente você, e não um robô, que está enviando as solicitações. Por que isso aconteceu? Esta página aparece quando o Google detecta automaticamente solicitações vindas de sua rede de computadores que parecem violar os Termos de Serviço. Esse tráfego pode ter sido enviado por um software malicioso, um plug-in de navegador ou por um script que envia solicitações automáticas. Às vezes, pode-se solicitar que você resolva um CAPTCHA caso esteja usando termos avançados normalmente usados por robôs ou caso esteja enviando solicitações muito rápido.

Des projections publiques nocturnes L’artiste et photographe français Philippe Echaroux utilise un projecteur pour placer des images lumineuses géantes sur des bâtiments, des arbres et/ou des espaces publics qu’il photographie ensuite en pose longue pour créer des oeuvres de street art temporaires et invisibles. [Via] Logo Design Inspiration: Top 10 Galleries to Check Out A fine way to jumpstart any design project is to look at inspiring visuals, especially when your creativity is a bit depleted. After reviewing many sites, in this roundup, I’ll present my handpicked, top favorite websites for seeing examples of beautiful logos. 1. Logopond (Gallery) With loads of logos to look at (over 4,700 to date), the ability to search keyword tags (like "circle" if you’re looking for circular logos) a community forums, and the ability to see top logo designs based on user votes — Logopond is one of my favorite sites to go to for logo design inspiration. 2. Launched in 2008 as a project by highly-regarded and accomplished graphic design blogger, Jacob Cass, this site features one exceptional logo design per day. 3. Although not strictly a logo design gallery, Creattica still boasts an extensive collection of over 3,000 top-notch logo designs in their Logo category. 4. 5. 6. Typebased is a unique logo design gallery because it only exhibits typographic logos. 7. 8. 9.

Les photos surréalistes de Cal Redback Une sélection des jolies photographies surréalistes de l’artiste français Cal Redback, basé à Paris, qui explore les relations entre nature et individu, mais aussi la fragilité du corps humain et de l’esprit à travers des compositions et des montages poétiques. Images © Cal Redback Download Plugin Download the Plugin To use the WikiHouse plugin you must be running Google SketchUp version 8 or above. To install WikiHouse follow the 'Download the Plugin' link on this page: Download the zip archive and extract the Ruby script into your Google SketchUp Plugins folder (usually located in 'Google/Google SketchUp 8/Plugins'). The WikiHouse plugin provides 3 main features: 'Get Models', 'Share Model', and 'Make This House'. The 'Get Models' menu item opens up a browser window within SketchUp displaying the WikiHouse website and library of models (located here under 'Browse Designs'). Select 'Get Models' from the WikiHouse menu. The 'Share Model' menu item opens up a browser window within SketchUp with the upload form for sharing your design to the WikiHouse website and library. You can either share your entire model or specific parts. The 'Make This House' menu item will attempt to create a set of cutting templates from selected elements in you model.

Sasha O Photography Sasha O is a portrait photographer based in Belgium. Her “365” project depicts self portraits ranging from beautiful to disturbing and everything in between. They leave the viewer wanting more while taking them into a place of self discovery. When I saw these images I could not help, but be inspired. I found Sasha’s face to be completely captivating with her expressive eyes and cupid bow lips. She reminds of a character from one of my favorite books as a child, it was a copy of my mother’s “Beauty and the Beast” from 1963 written by Marie Leprince De Beaumont. More info: Flickr | 500px | Facebook

Michael Schneider A Beginner's Guide To Constructing the Universe: The Mathematic Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science The Timeless Alphabet: An introduction to the symbolic language of numbers and shapes My writings and classes introduce participants to the timeless, symbolic language of numbers and shapes which appear as the forms of nature, as symbols of religion and mythology, in the proportions of worldwide art and architecture, and in fairy tales and folk sayings. Just a few numbers and their shapes compose this archetypal alphabet upon which the designs of the universe, from atoms, flowers, seashells to the human body and galaxies and are based. The symbolic significance of numbers and shapes is not arbitrary or cultural but comes from their timeless characteristics, their properties alone, and the ways they relate with others. We don’t need any math background to learn the gentle alphabet of nature’s design language. The most important reason for these studies is their healing and uplifting property. Come learn the language of your native world!

« Le philosophe », imagé par le duo EPECTASE EPECTASE est un duo crée en mars 2012, par le photojournaliste Corentin Fohlen et son ami documentariste performer Jérôme von Zilw. A deux, ils parcourent les lieux absurdes et les paysages étriqués pour en donner une seconde vie et « apporter de la poésie dans un monde sinistre ». Né par hasard, d'une idée de transformer un décor attristé, le duo applique leurs idées. Pourtant opposés mais complémentaires, les artistes forme un vrai duo. Issu du grec, "epectase" désigne un terme théologique. « Epectase » est une tension intérieure vers Dieu ou la mort pendant l'orgasme. Ils choisissent pour décor, une architecture sinistre, des zones pavillonnaires, des forêts alignées, un univers banal qu'ils reconstruisent. « En traction, en suspension, en imminence de chute, un corps que nul artifice ou trucage ne vient seconder. Amours mièvres (31 mars 2012. L’impact (13 décembre 2013. Le lecteur peut se demander ce que le duo cherche à partager. Le mambo du caniche (19 mai 2012. Ah bon ?

250+ Free, Vintage Graphics: Flourish Vector Ornaments Wow, if you're looking for high quality free vector graphics, then you've landed on the right article. We've roundup up a massive collection of free vector flourishes. These graphics are composed of a wonderful mix of vintage elements, floral ornaments, swirly design mixes, and are all made of beautifully curved vector art. These retro designs are great for adding a classic feel and to separate areas of information in your work. These lovely vector flourishes are available in EPS, SVG, AI and other vector formats for free download. Whether you're an Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or prefer another vector software package, you can download these sets and use them in your next design. Many of these graphics are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Free Flourish Ornament Graphics for Vector Designers Vintage Vector Flourishes and Ornaments This free pack is filled with 85 vector ornaments. It's put together from genuine retro, nineteenth century type foundry catalogs.

Qu'est-ce que j'aime Brooke Shaden... Sans doute une de mes photographes préférées. by missgeorgette Jun 27