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Tips for Teachers: Creating a Teaching Portfolio Online | Master in Educational Technology E-portfolio. The Master's e-Portfolio represents the assessment used in lieu of the comprehensive examination for the Educational Technology program at The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College. The electronic portfolio, or e-Portfolio, reflects progress and growth over time.

Each student will select, review, evaluate, and show works that reflect the achievement of six professional responsibilities addressed in the M.Ed. program. The e-Portfolio may include as many items as necessary to demonstrate proficiency in the six professional responsibilities. These responsibilities were adapted from the NCATE standards developed by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) to define the field of educational technology and to specify the knowledge base for the field. e-Portfolio Timeline 18 Hours: Each student will begin to develop an e-Portfolio within the first 18 hours of program.

PDF). 36 Hours: Responsibility #1: Leadership and Professional Development. 1. Digital Portfolio System. I was fortunate to be asked to present at the Google Education Summit in Hawaii last week and during one of my sessions a participant asked how we implement our digital portfolios system. I have discussed the process in various settings, but I don’t think I ever really mapped the process out step by step in detail with diagrams, examples and templates. So, here goes. The Digital Portfolio Process I break the management of student digital portfolios into three distinct stages that build off each other. First, the digitization of student work. Second, collecting the work in manner that's easily organized. Third, students publishing exemplars of the work that best reflects their interests. Stages of Portfolio Types.

Initially this stage is the equivalent of the traditional bulk folder where anything worthwhile gets stored. Here, not every formative assessment that a students completes is digitized, but certainly the more important summative assessments. How I explain this to my students is, UCF College of Education and Human Performance: Instructional Design & Technology Program. Please Note: The information contained on this page, along with related links, is currently in draft form and has been posted to test with and gain input from various stakeholders.

The current plan is to complete and begin implementing the portfolio assessment system with new students entering the program starting Fall 2006. A portfolio is a purposeful collection of an individual's work that exhibits the individual's efforts, progress, capabilities, and achievements in one or more areas. The primary purposes of the Instructional Technology portfolio assessment system are to: The information and materials presented here (and on linked pages) represent an initial draft of Instructional Technology Online Portfolio Assessment System. In Fall 2005 and Spring 2006, student volunteers (primarily from EME6207) will be testing and refining our portfolio assessment system. The following information have been prepared to guide candidates through the portfolio assessment system: Top 8 Portfolio Sites | Notes On Design. It is 2012, and time to connect with other designers for inspiration, collaborations, job leads and general networking.

We rounded-up 8 amazing portfolio sites to get your work up and seen. There are plenty of sites like these out there, but we think these are the crème de la crème, enjoy! Behance Network Maybe the most well known and popular portfolio site out there, Behance Network allows professional designers to showcase their work and discover creative work for hire. Used by recruiters, editors, top creative companies and more, this is the “LinkedIn” for the creative community. Behance Network also connects designers to partner sites to provide a well-rounded and industry-insightful experience through the 99% blog and Action Method. Membership – Free Dribbble An invite only portfolio platform, this unique website has a layout that is a hybrid of Pinterest and Twitter.

Membership – Free: Upgrade available for “players” only CarbonMade Coroflot Flavors Cargo Krop This is serious business. Showcase your skills with an electronic teaching portfolio. Teachers have long used portfolios to highlight their education and teaching experience, show evidence of growth, and share examples of their own learning experiences in the classroom. A portfolio is a valuable tool when seeking a new position, for assessing professional growth in an existing position, or to keep a record of your teaching career. In a typical oral question-and-answer interview, you can explain how you taught a certain lesson or unit, but with a portfolio, you can show evidence of how and why the way you taught that lesson worked best for your class.

Your portfolio might even include a reflection that explains how you changed the instruction method or materials used, and how the lesson has evolved since the first time you taught it. Sharing student work as part of your portfolio can illustrate how the students responded to the lesson as well. The ups and downs of Google Sites Security and privacy will always be a concern, thanks to FERPA. It’s not all perfect. Setting up.