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DOUGIE WALLACE. Minimalist Architectural Photography by June Kim. Gray Malin. Michael Crichton Photography. Katrin Korfmann Shoot People as One Entity. Miniature Scenes With A Darkly Satirical Twist by Frank Kunert. Un Homme Trouve Des Photos En Couleur D'il Y A 100 Ans: Voici Les Indiens D'Amérique Comme Vous Ne Les Avez Jamais Vus - Ali Bosworth. Martyna Pawlak - Projets. Following est un projet photographique de va-et-vient entre le réseau social Twitter, sur le Web, et le quotidien, bien réel.

Martyna Pawlak - Projets

Une rencontre avec chacune des personnes créant son personnage, son avatar. Une rencontre IRL dans son salon, dans sa chambre, sur sa chaise, son canapé ou son lit, saisi en lumière, entouré de son univers. Toutes les photographies de la série sont consultables sur le site Internet dédié au projet I Created A Portrait Series Of Girls Between 10 And 12 And Asked Them Questions About Their Lives. When I was about eleven I remember spending a silly amount of hours (on a hot day) in my room deciding whether to put on a pair of shorts because it was a hot day; that feeling of self consciousness that suddenly descended from no-where.

I Created A Portrait Series Of Girls Between 10 And 12 And Asked Them Questions About Their Lives

I remember thinking deeply about the world I lived in. These hopes and fears shaped the adult I was to become. At that age I had left young childhood behind and I was on the cusp of adolescence, where little comments and criticisms had a huge impact on my malleable brain. Show Full Text. Brilliant Advertising Posters for Artisanal Ice Cream. Merve Ozaslan Official Homepage. Lee Deigaard Photographs the Backs of Horses as Landscapes - Feature Shoot. I had featured the work of New Orleans artist Lee Deigaard a few years ago, and I was so excited when I learned she’d be at the Living With Animals conference at Eastern Kentucky University in March so we could finally meet.

Lee Deigaard Photographs the Backs of Horses as Landscapes - Feature Shoot

I love the photographs in her series Equuleus (“part of a multi-media long-term project, In Your Dreams [Horses], exploring horse personality and individuality, sensory processing and proprioception, concepts of invitation, initiation, and trespass, and shared thresholds of experience between horse and human”) for their playful concept, their surreal, otherworldly quality, and the series’ thoughtful, poetic statement. Boundaries, the horizon, the symbolism of the horse’s back – knowing the meaning of these images to the artist makes me wholly appreciate this project. The Architecture of Hong Kong As You've Never Seen It Before - Feature Shoot. MICHAEL WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY. Waiting by Jason Larkin. Follow me on Instagram @marcobohr Jason Larkin, from the photobook Waiting, 2015 Waiting by the British photographer Jason Larkin is a series of photographs that depicts people standing in the shade as they wait for the bus.

Waiting by Jason Larkin

Photographed over a period of two years in South Africa, this is an aesthetically and formally coherent body of work as all the images have this in common: to the center of the image is a person waiting for the bus, shade from a nearby lamppost, tree or other object is at least partially covering the person’s body, whereas the exposure is set for background to the image rather than for the person waiting.

This last point might appear like a technical detail though in actual fact it has a profound effect on how the images in this series are perceived. Gérard Staron Photographie poétique - Gérard Staron Photographies. Dogs in Bed with Humans Photographed by Lisa Strömbeck. Several years ago, I saw the work Uniform by Lisa Strömbeck, based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Borrby, Sweden, when it appeared on Feature Shoot.

Dogs in Bed with Humans Photographed by Lisa Strömbeck

The photos are funny – they show dogs, cats, and rabbits up close in the laps of people donned in fur of the same color and texture, the humans and non-humans morphing into one mass with eyes, tongues, and fleshy hands. I made a note of the series and meant to feature it someday, but hadn’t gotten to it yet. At the Living With Animals conference at Eastern Kentucky University in March, I was fortunate enough to see a wonderful presentation by and meet Lisa, and get to know another project of hers, In Bed. An eerie journey through the peripheries of Vilnius. “I support the idea that all photography is fiction” writes Vilnius-based photographer Simas Lin, “Every image is a visual expression of one’s philosophy and experience so it can never be absolutely true or objective.

An eerie journey through the peripheries of Vilnius

And I love to use fiction to create photography”. His series Been there traces the sensual experience perceived by the photographer while journeying into the city’s atmospheric, eerie peripheries. The artist had reflected long and hard about how a photograph is in many ways just a digital record—“it needn’t be an artist who creates it” he thought, “the photographer could be replaced by a machine, we can even send drones and satellites to do the work for us”.

BROOKE DIDONATO. Lovers, la série photo qui s’immisce dans l'intimité des couples au lit. Dans sa série Lovers, Wanda Martin explore la tendresse des couples enlacés au lit et nous montre que l’amour est universel.

Lovers, la série photo qui s’immisce dans l'intimité des couples au lit

Megan Doherty. Peyton fulford - JEUNESSE - TENDRESSE. CARLA LIESCHING- SWIMMING - PISCINE. Camila svenson -ISLANDE -JEUNESSE. Justin Tsucalas - USA - JEUNESSE. - Gideon Mendel -EAU - INONDATION - CLIMAT. Each “chapter” of this video work responds to one country’s flood, exploring individual, family, and community responses.

- Gideon Mendel -EAU - INONDATION - CLIMAT

The eight chapters cover Thailand (2011), Nigeria (2012), German (2013), The Philippines (2013), The UK (2014), India (2014), Brazil (2015), and the USA (2015). Gideon Mendel. MICHAEL WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY. When LIFE Magazine Received Pics Of Still-Unknown Marilyn Monroe, They Replie... The photos were taken in 1950 with a still unknown Marilyn, by a Life Magazine photographer Ed Clark, at the suggestion of a friend of 20th Century Fox telling of the new hiring of the studios.

When LIFE Magazine Received Pics Of Still-Unknown Marilyn Monroe, They Replie...

Show Full Text “I sent several rolls to LIFE in New York, but they wired back, ‘Who the hell is Marilyn Monroe?” GILLIAN HYLAND - CUBA - INTERIEURS - PORTRAITS. Like many, London-based photographer Gillian Hyland was initially drawn to Cuba for its nostalgic appeal.


With the lack of internet and iconic 1950s cars, it can really feel like being transported back in time—bar the peeling paint on Spanish-built façades that serves as a reminder that time has passed. In 2016 she travelled to Cuba knowing that she wanted to explore the country’s culture and everyday life as it is now. The idea took form as the artist thought that while a person conveys much about themselves through their eyes and gestures, their identity is also seen and influenced by the eyes of others.

Chimères du Caire. SPENCER BYLES The Woods Creating Organic Materials. In an extraordinary act of devotion to his art, sculptural artist Spencer Byles spent a year creating beautiful sculptures out of natural and found materials throughout the unmanaged forests of La Colle Sur Loup (where he lived with his family), Villeneuve Loubet and Mougins. He worked together with elements of his natural surroundings to create artwork that blends seamlessly with the environment. Show Full Text. Sauna: Requiem from the North - Photographs and text by Robert Blombäck. This is a story of my family and our home in Norrbotten, Sweden.

Lewis Khan. Venezuela's shield-bearing protesters – in pictures. DOUBLE - REFLET - DOPPELGANGER. Benoit Lapray - ILLUMINATION - PORTABLE. Dazzling Architecture on Colorful Background. Sandra Cattaneo Adorno - OMBRES - CONTRASTES. Les statues tatouées de Fabio Viale. Amelia et le carnaval des animaux. « J’ai commencé cette série peu après le décès de ma propre mère. Ça a été le déclic. Ce projet est donc un hommage que je lui rends, aussi bien qu’à ma fille pour le temps que nous passons ensemble. Supercharged children– in pictures. Carlotta Cardana - Modern Couples. Help photographers get moreexposure for their work.Share this with your friends. Intriguing Photographs from Giuseppe Palmisano. Andreas Kamoutsis – REFLET. Elle photographie les animaux sauvés miraculeusement du marché noir. India's 10 Best Contemporary Photographers You Should Know.

Quand nous parlons avec des photos, plus que des mots. Quand les images viennent oraliser le langage. On le sent confusément, l’image a changé de statuts dans nos usages les plus quotidiens : les photos que nous prenons à longueur de temps, celles que nous nous envoyons, celles qui circulent dans les réseaux sous la forme de Gif ou d’autres. Esclavage, photographie et mémoire - Respect mag. Surreal Burning Man Photos by Victor Habchy Will Blow Your Mind. Photographer Victor Habchy has attended the Burning Man festival since 2014, letting his camera capture a visual diary of the surreal atmosphere. His Burning Man photos document the creativity that unfolds in the Nevada desert like a surreal dream come to life.

Habchy, who is color blind, demonstrates an ability to show us moments of humanity in an otherworldly setting. The subjects run, dance, play, and embrace in a seemingly post-apocalyptic environment. Jérémie Bernaert, 26 Stations Services. 未設定. Los Angeles, CA + Worldwide. Kelsey McClellan → Wardrobe Snacks. Kelsey McClellan - FOOD. Patty Carroll. Architectural Self Portraits by Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís. Dancretu.tumblr. Bernard chevalier. Ole Marius Joergensen Photography. 10 Young, Emerging & Established Photographers Still Using Film – British Journal of Photography. With film photography making a resurgence within the photography community, we’re celebrating those who are keeping the format alive. And the revolution will be televised. Today, we announce the launch of the Intrepid Film Photography Award. The Intrepid Camera Co. is a young start-up enabling a new generation of photographers of all kinds to put down their digital cameras and embrace the world of film with their affordable large-format cameras.

For the next few weeks, we will be sharing a series of articles showcasing the top emerging and established photographers using film today, proving that film is not dead. Diaspora: Reconsidering Africans in the West - Three portraits and texts by Dagmar van Weeghel. The “Diaspora” series highlights the importance of African settlers in Europe throughout history and in the present day. Eerie, Fantastical Photos of Wildlife and People.

Fang Tong, Soap opera. Ole Marius Joergensen, Fenêtres. Medina Dugger célèbre les coiffures nigérianes à travers des portraits colorés. Les images surréalistes de Fran Carneros - 2Tout2Rien. 2016 Year Top 50 Instagram on Fubiz. The Instagram Husband – Fubiz TV. Writing on the wall: urban political graffiti from Brexit to Trump – in pictures. Come Hell or High Water - Photographs and text by Coco Amardeil. Miguel Vallinas — Fotógrafo Profesional. Galerie. Alessandro Casagrande - photographs. Christophe Maout - Photography. This Photographer Turns the Feminine Ideal on its Head. De superbes montagnes surréalistes par Anil Saxena – WikiLinks. Barbara Bouyne. Alexandra Polina /MASKS, MYTHS AND SUBJECTS. Sans titre. Une série de bombes pacifiques.

ANJA NIEMI PHOTOGRAPHY. Noorforart Gallery. Galerie Jean Louis Ramand Noorforart Contemporary. Galerie Jean Louis Ramand Noorforart Contemporary. Galerie Jean Louis Ramand. Annelie Vandendael. Astrid Reischwitz - ALLEMAGNE - TRIPTYQUE - HISTORIE. TEXTILE - PORTRAIT - INSTALLATION. KATE FICHAIRD - EPOUVANTAIL. Elsa & Johanna - LISTING. Rare captures of the wildlife with which we share our cities. Niv Rozenberg.