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India's 10 Best Contemporary Photographers You Should Know. Quand nous parlons avec des photos, plus que des mots. Quand les images viennent oraliser le langage.

Quand nous parlons avec des photos, plus que des mots

On le sent confusément, l’image a changé de statuts dans nos usages les plus quotidiens : les photos que nous prenons à longueur de temps, celles que nous nous envoyons, celles qui circulent dans les réseaux sous la forme de Gif ou d’autres. Mais quant à savoir ce qui se joue vraiment, comment cela engage aussi un rapport au texte, ce que ça induit comme évolution culturelle et politique, c’est beaucoup moins clair. Esclavage, photographie et mémoire - Respect mag. Surreal Burning Man Photos by Victor Habchy Will Blow Your Mind. Photographer Victor Habchy has attended the Burning Man festival since 2014, letting his camera capture a visual diary of the surreal atmosphere.

Surreal Burning Man Photos by Victor Habchy Will Blow Your Mind

His Burning Man photos document the creativity that unfolds in the Nevada desert like a surreal dream come to life. Habchy, who is color blind, demonstrates an ability to show us moments of humanity in an otherworldly setting. Jérémie Bernaert, 26 Stations Services. 未設定. Los Angeles, CA + Worldwide. Kelsey McClellan → Wardrobe Snacks. Kelsey McClellan. Patty Carroll. Architectural Self Portraits by Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís.

Dancretu.tumblr. Bernard chevalier. Ole Marius Joergensen Photography. 10 Young, Emerging & Established Photographers Still Using Film – British Journal of Photography. With film photography making a resurgence within the photography community, we’re celebrating those who are keeping the format alive.

10 Young, Emerging & Established Photographers Still Using Film – British Journal of Photography

And the revolution will be televised. Today, we announce the launch of the Intrepid Film Photography Award. The Intrepid Camera Co. is a young start-up enabling a new generation of photographers of all kinds to put down their digital cameras and embrace the world of film with their affordable large-format cameras.

For the next few weeks, we will be sharing a series of articles showcasing the top emerging and established photographers using film today, proving that film is not dead. They choose their strongest photographs and tell us what it is exactly that brings them back to using film time and time again. Diaspora: Reconsidering Africans in the West - Three portraits and texts by Dagmar van Weeghel. The “Diaspora” series highlights the importance of African settlers in Europe throughout history and in the present day.

Diaspora: Reconsidering Africans in the West - Three portraits and texts by Dagmar van Weeghel

Eerie, Fantastical Photos of Wildlife and People. Calgary photographer Philip Kanwischer’s wild subjects never stick around for long.

Eerie, Fantastical Photos of Wildlife and People

The deer, the moose, the owls, the bears, and all the inhabitants of a feral landscape are ephemeral; they appear one moment and vanish the next. Fang Tong, Soap opera. Ole Marius Joergensen, Fenêtres. Medina Dugger célèbre les coiffures nigérianes à travers des portraits colorés. Une photographe californienne rend hommage au style élaboré des coiffures nigérianes à travers une série de photos haute en couleur intitulée Chroma. © Medina Dugger Tout au long de sa vie, le photographe nigérian J.D.

Medina Dugger célèbre les coiffures nigérianes à travers des portraits colorés

Les images surréalistes de Fran Carneros - 2Tout2Rien. L’étudiant en art Fran Carneros réalise des images surréalistes qui expriment ses idées absurdes.

Les images surréalistes de Fran Carneros - 2Tout2Rien

Frappé depuis son enfance par les publicités qui utilisaient le surréalisme, il utilise désormais les joies du numériques pour exprimer ses propres délires. CitiLegs – an Instagram Collection - Photographs by, and interview withStacey Baker. A little over a year ago, Stacey Baker posted her first photo of women's legs on Instagram.

CitiLegs – an Instagram Collection - Photographs by, and interview withStacey Baker

2016 Year Top 50 Instagram on Fubiz. Créé en janvier 2016, le compte Instagram de Fubiz fête tout juste ses un an d’existence.

2016 Year Top 50 Instagram on Fubiz

Avec plus de 60k abonnés, cette nouvelle plateforme est une autre façon pour Fubiz de proposer à sa communauté tous les jours de nouveaux contenus créatifs. La fin de l’année est l’occasion de faire le bilan. Découvrez ci-dessous les 50 photos postées sur Instagram qui ont eu le plus de succès. 50. Incredible shadow of Chicago Tower over Lake Michigan by Nick Ulivieri. The Instagram Husband – Fubiz TV. Writing on the wall: urban political graffiti from Brexit to Trump – in pictures. Come Hell or High Water - Photographs and text by Coco Amardeil. The youth of today live in a time where uncertainty about the future—fueled by a distrust of politics, institutions and the media—has reached epic proportions.

Come Hell or High Water - Photographs and text by Coco Amardeil

The mass of contradictions created by past generations has left them with a lot of grey areas. Miguel Vallinas — Fotógrafo Profesional. Galerie. Alessandro Casagrande - photographs. Christophe Maout - Photography. This Photographer Turns the Feminine Ideal on its Head. The book, Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze, reflects on how a new generation of women are taking the art world by storm. From Izumi Miyazaki's cute and cruel femininity to Maisie Cousin's juicy erotica, the 40 women featured are redefining the female gaze. As part of a series, TIME speaks to five pioneering photographers who are bending the rules of self image, sexuality and exploitation, starting this week with Juno Calypso, an award winning photographer from London, who explores the constructed world of beauty through the surreal and disarmingly attractive character of Joyce, played and photographed by the artist herself.

TIME: What exhausts you about the “feminine ideal”? Juno Calypso: What exhausts me is the repetition of it. And the fact that you can’t escape it. De superbes montagnes surréalistes par Anil Saxena – WikiLinks. Barbara Bouyne. Alexandra Polina /MASKS, MYTHS AND SUBJECTS. Sans titre. "le baiser est la plus sûre façon de se taire en disant tout" Guy de Maupassant.

L'Amour il n'y a rien d'aussi lourd de sens et d'aussi profond qui ne rende aussi léger. A mon amour. Thibault Stipal, Paris 2013 Tes baisers Il y eut le premier. Une série de bombes pacifiques. Faites de savon, d’ampoule ou d’éponge, les bombes de Petros Efstahiadis ne risquent pas de blesser quelqu’un. Avec son projet insolite, l’artiste grec a souhaité dénoncer l’absurdité de la violence et la paranoïa ambiante. ANJA NIEMI PHOTOGRAPHY. Noorforart Gallery. Laetitia Lesaffre is a painter and photographer. In her exploration of reflection, she seeks to capture the dark side and the intimacy of her subject. She thus reveals another interpretation of the body, of the portrait. The eye must first distinguish graphic lines serving a composition in which the color is sometimes a dominant pictorial force. With a style on the edge of painting, the artist develops a meaning that call out beyond a simple vision.

In this exploration, the artist uses a personal technical approach to achieve this almost abstract and enigmatic effect. Galerie Jean Louis Ramand Noorforart Contemporary. Julie Poncet, née en 1982, elle est auteur-photographe. Galerie Jean Louis Ramand Noorforart Contemporary. Suzanne Moxhay Drawing from an archive of collected material, Suzanne Moxhay creates intricate and complex photomontages. Her method was derived in part from the early filmmaking technique of matte painting, where backdrops were painted on sheets of glass and integrated by the camera with the live-action on set.

Galerie Jean Louis Ramand. Johann Fournier est photographe, illustrateur et vidéaste. Il vit et travaille entre Avignon et paris. Au cours de ses créations marquées par la poésie, il a construit une imagerie forte, caractérisée par un onirisme mélancolique, absurde ou inquiétant. Annelie Vandendael. Astrid Reischwitz - ALLEMAGNE - TRIPTYQUE - HISTORIE. TEXTILE - PORTRAIT - INSTALLATION. KATE FICHAIRD - EPOUVANTAIL. Elsa & Johanna - LISTING. Rare captures of the wildlife with which we share our cities.

Occasionally when returning from a party in the early hours of the morning, a fox crosses our path on the deserted city streets while everyone else is sleeping. A brief encounter, but a reminder that we share our urban environments with other animals. French photographer Laurent Geslin‘s Urban Wildlife offers a window onto the wildlife with which we unknowingly coexist. The photographer has lived in many cities, but it was upon leaving London that he first discovered the real, complex ecosystems that exist within our conurbations. “Urban wildlife was not very popular twenty years ago” writes the artist, “wildlife photographers wanted to show ‘pure’ nature”.

In London he saw scavengers, predators and their prey. Landfill Dogs. Niv Rozenberg. Pop Color for the Aizone Campaign - COULEUR. Mathilde de l'Ecotais Cuisine - food- cook. Il y a les autres… Et elle. Là où le photographe culinaire traditionnel met en scène le plat figé pour l’éternité dans son apprêt compassé, Mathilde de l’Ecotais voit, avec son objectif et surtout son esprit, au plus profond de la matière pour en extraire toute la subtile et voluptueuse poésie.

Ses photos sont aussi créatives que les mets qu’elle saisit, à l’instant de leur acmé. Ses clichés invitent le spectateur à un voyage infini, sans limites, entre la structure et la déstructure. Dompté par son regard, le plus banal des légumes, devient ns oeuvre d’art abstrait. Biankaschumann. De jolis légumes découpés - food.

Florent Tanet découpe et assemble des fruits et légumes pour faire ces natures mortes. [Via] Favorite Food. Dan Bannino is a talented Italian photographer, art director and artist who currently lives and works in Turin. Dan likes to translate ideas into images, making photos that are telling stories. Redhead Portraits B- Vitaliy Zubchevskiy. Vitaliy Zubchevskiy is a talented self-taught photographer and retoucher from Tarascha who currently lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine. Alexey Lovtsov- PLAGE - NEIGE -HUMOUR. Beon Sleeps. Animated Gifs Tell a Story of War and Hope on 'Syria Street'

Cast No Evil - Photographs and text by Alia Ali. Sois Belle - Photographs and text by Annelie Vandendael. Faux semblants (Chau-Cuong Lê)