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Andrew Lyman photography Andrew Lyman is an artist living, working, and attending school in Savannah, US for the time being. Lyman is driven to create and learn from his daily experiences and his immense group of inspired friends. We unveil his Fleeted Happenings project below, as the most outstanding from his portfolio

Darcy Padilla Photography Andrew Zuckerman Photography Alec Soth’s Archived Blog Ljubisa Danilovic Ken Hermann - Flower Man Flowers are a hugely important part of Indian culture, used in everything from temple rituals to festivals and parties – and Malik Ghat flower market is the largest of its kind in India. Located in Calcutta, next to the Hooghly river, it attracts more than 2,000 sellers each day, who flock to peddle their blooms amid frantic scenes. Commercial photographer Ken Hermann first visited Calcutta three years ago, when he was shooting coal miners, one of the three or four personal projects he tries to complete every year. On that trip, the Dane, now 35, visited the flower market, and ever since held on to the idea of returning to take portraits of the sellers, their magnificent garlands often appearing in stark contrast to their own dusty and sweat-soaked attire. He returned two months ago, accompanied by a local interpreter, and approached various traders with a view to taking their picture. I paid some of them; others were happy to do it in exchange for prints; Bloom with a view

马良 - Maleonn Photomicrography Competition Franck Vogel Gregg Segal - 7 Days of Garbage Rotator powered by <strong>EasyRotator for WordPress</strong>, a free and easy jQuery slider builder from Please enable JavaScript to view. All Images © Gregg Segal Artist’s Statement: “7 Days of Garbage is a series of portraits of friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances with the garbage they accumulate in the course of a week. – Gregg Segal Artist’s Bio: Altadena, CA Gregg Segal studied photography and film at California Institute of the Arts.

katz23 Ein kleiner Fotograf zeigt seine Welt aus der Katzenperspektive. Mein Name ist Fritz und ich wohne auf der Katz23. Seit September 2007 ist eine Mr-Lee-Catcam in unserem Besitz. Als Bausatz bestellt und zusammengetüftelt. Man trägt sie an einem Halsband durch die Gegend. Ist alles vollautomatisch. Der erste Probelauf mit mir war ein Reinfall. Alle guten Dinge sind DREI. Viele Fotos habe ich 2007 bis 2009 mit der kleinen Catcam geschossen. So erstaunlich waren meine Bilder, dass ich weltweit in der Presse dafür beachtet wurde und sogar ganze Fernsehteams auf der Katzenstraße Berichte über mich drehten (MDR, ZDF, RTL, VOX, PRIMA TV aus der Tschechei). Mitlerweile habe ich Halsband und Kamera abgelegt, und geniese meinen wohlverdiensten Katzen-VorRUHEstand. My name is Fritz and I live at 23 Cat Street. I wear it on my collar and it's very compact, with 1.3 megapixels. My first attempt wasn't so successful. Third time lucky. My pictures went around the world: internet, press, TV.

Russia in color, a century ago With images from southern and central Russia in the news lately due to extensive wildfires, I thought it would be interesting to look back in time with this extraordinary collection of color photographs taken between 1909 and 1912. In those years, photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944) undertook a photographic survey of the Russian Empire with the support of Tsar Nicholas II. He used a specialized camera to capture three black and white images in fairly quick succession, using red, green and blue filters, allowing them to later be recombined and projected with filtered lanterns to show near true color images.

Julien Gremaud - double exposition Julien Gremaud 'Once blown up to large-scale photographic prints, these double images become haunting monuments to a paradoxical world where the very notion of an objective media comes into question. Gremaud purposefully presents double images that create a contradiction from within: an idyllic holiday scene mixed together with a destroyed cityscape, or an image of mourners overlooking a mass grave juxtaposed with a photograph of a hectic media scrum.' From Representing the Death of Neoliberalism, an essay on Julien by Marco Bohr. About the artist Julien Gremaud (b. 1984, Switzerland) lives in Jongny/Vevey and works in Lausanne. Have a look at the preview of the Foam Magazine Talent Issue 2014

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