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Breathable Designer Paint. Giellesse Snc - Inverigo (CO) Muriel Labro. SiteInspire - Web Design Inspiration. Leanne Ford, Stylist and Art Director. Leanne has been creating photo shoots as a Photo Art Director, a Creative Director and a Stylist in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and around the country.

Leanne Ford, Stylist and Art Director

Leanne's work can be seen in Rolling Stone, InStyle, People, US Weekly, Seventeen, FOAM, Parade, Bust, on ABC, the CW, CMT, E! , MTV and more. Leanne started her career in the fashion industry in New York learning design from Betsey Johnson and Heatherette. After living in NYC for a couple years, she began craving windows and sunshine. Leanne packed up the Uhaul and took her creative skills to Los Angeles where she did PR for Roxy, often sneaking over to the design department to help with concept design and photo shoots.

During this time, Leanne created her own baby clothing line which became a major and respected brand in the baby industry. Foam Magazine, a surf lifestyle magazine for women, offered Leanne the prestigious position of Creative Director and Fashion Editor of Foam. Branding & Design for Small Businesses. Bielke+Yang. Princess Tofu - i'm almost always hungry. Marketing/Business Templates. Emma Fitzpatrick Concept Designer. Los 8 principios de actuación de Mark Stevenson. Entrevista de Elsa Punset a Mark Stevenson, escritor y divulgador, autor de "Un viaje optimista por el futuro", sobre cómo los cambios tecnológicos y científicos están transformando la sociedad en la que ahora estamos viviendo.

Los 8 principios de actuación de Mark Stevenson

Referencia: «Claves para enfrentarse al mundo hoy», emisión 147 (10/03/2013), temporada 17. Redes para la Ciencia . Vi este programa el domingo y me pareció buena idea resaltar aquí lo que consideré unas buenas reglas de actuación. Mark Stevenson: Estos principios surgen de mis observaciones de individuos brillantes. Tengo mucha suerte con mi trabajo, porque me permite conocer a gente extraordinaria que hace cosas buenas todo el tiempo. Estuve investigando durante unos dos años y acabé por descubrir que todas comparten estos ocho principios.

. - 1. . - 2. . - 3. . - 4. . - 5. . - 6. . - 7. . - 8. Event opportunities. Planning your participation The planning phase is crucial to successful participation in a fair.

Event opportunities

A well-planned, creatively executed exhibition will generate results impacting far into the future. Since exhibiting always requires an investment in time and money, you should make sure that you benefit as efficiently as possible by investing in the planning phase. How to Make a Modern Resume - Guide for Visual Merchandisers. If your resume still have your photo, highlights your education, contains objectives, without theme and unbranded, now is the time for its total renovation.

How to Make a Modern Resume - Guide for Visual Merchandisers

// The Chic Type Blog. Type Love Wednesday (013) Font Name: Core MellowDownload Destination: My FontsFonts Included: 42Price: $16.80 (Originally $168.00—90% off until May 1, 2014) This is awesome!

// The Chic Type Blog

The 50 State Nicknames Browsing through Behance, I came across this awesome lettering project by C. Lee. 5 people thought this was awesome! Current Obsessions – March 2014. Effective Presentations. 40 Most Creative Resume Design Ever Seen. Been a while since you dusted off your resume, added in your most recent work and gave it a facelift?

40 Most Creative Resume Design Ever Seen

Before you do that, check out these examples for inspiration. A well-crafted resume is a great way to stand out as a candidate, and it’s not the easiest task to balance form and function with the opportunity to show off your design chops. Have a look at what other designers are doing before you head back to the drawing board, and remember: a resume’s most important function is give a potential employer a good idea of your experience as quickly as possible.

Design acrobatics are secondary to that. 1. View Resume Source 2. 27 More Outstanding Resume Designs – Part II. Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?.

27 More Outstanding Resume Designs – Part II

We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off In our first resume gallery we included a lot of professional layouts. Graphics designers, illustrators, web developers, and all digital professionals are constantly looking to the cutting edge. TheBodyShop Mexico. ¿Qué es el comercio ético?

TheBodyShop Mexico

El concepto de comercio ético se basa en que tanto marcas, vendedores como proveedores se responsabilicen de las condiciones laborales de la gente que produce los productos que vende. Se trata de garantizar que los trabajadores reciban un trato justo, digno y con respeto. La pasión que ponemos en nuestro compromiso con los derechos humanos siempre ha dado forma a la manera en la que nos relacionamos con la gente que nos abastece en todo el mundo. Creamos unas sólidas relaciones con los proveedores y trabajamos juntos para garantizar que el comercio ético sea parte fundamental de nuestro negocio, y también del suyo. Creemos que esta es la forma de realizar negocios. Projects. Portfolio Design.

Client Presentation Tips for Designers. The Best of Business Card Design. Preparing and Talking About Your Graphic Design Portfolio. 7 Tips For Creating a Print-Based Design Portfolio. How to Create an Amazing Design Portfolio. Create the perfect design portfolio: 30 pro tips. How much time do you spend improving your portfolio?

Create the perfect design portfolio: 30 pro tips

Be honest - does it showcase your best stuff? Whether your design portfolio is physical or digital, read on to discover how to create the perfect portfolio today! There's nothing more important to your career than presenting your best work in an attractive, professional and accessible way. So for this article we've spoken to leading designers, illustrators and creatives and pulled together a selection of great tips and advice for dusting off a tired design portfolio and making it the very best it can be for that design job that you've discovered on the Creative Bloq jobs board.

We've divided the tips into physical and online portfolios - let's start with the physical... Physical portfolios Physical design portfolios are one-off paper creations, so they can be tailored to the job you are applying for. 01.