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Reine Paradis - SERIES. Photographer, Director. L’ex-épouse de cet homme ne lui avait rien laissé d’autre que son chien, et voici ce qu’il fit. Le jour de ses 30 ans, l’épouse de Rafael Mantesso l’abandonna.

L’ex-épouse de cet homme ne lui avait rien laissé d’autre que son chien, et voici ce qu’il fit

Elle emmena tout : les ustensiles de cuisine, les meubles, les photographies, les porcelaines, les tableaux, etc. La seule chose qu’elle laissa à son désormais ex-époux fut un bull-terrier répondant au nom de Jimmy Choo. «A côté de mon meilleur ami Jimmy, en contemplant les murs nus, l’inspiration vint tout à coup à moi et je me mis à photographier le bonheur qu’il sentait à se promener dans l’appartement.

Quand Jimmy se coucha heureux à côté d’un mur, je pris un marqueur, dessinai tout un nouveau monde autour de lui et sentis comment le désir larvé de dessiner s’éveillait en moi », raconte Rafael. Finalement, cet artiste brésilien a créé toute une série de photographies sur des thèmes très varié pense que c’est un très bon exemple de ce que signifie tirer le meilleur parti d’une mauvaise situation. BEN ZANK - Graphic and Poetic Portraits. Neal Slavin's - happy humanity.

TRINA MERRY - Body-painting - New York. Les camouflages urbains en Body-painting de l’artiste Trina Merry, qui parvient à fondre dans le décor ses modèles dans les rues de New York.

TRINA MERRY - Body-painting - New York

Des camouflages urbains qui ne sont pas sans rappeler ceux de l’artiste chinois Liu Bolin. DOG - MINIMALISM -INSTAGRAM. JESSE MARLOW - DON'T JUST TELL THEM, SHOW THEM. HAVANA’S DISENCHANTED YOUTH. Cuba is struggling to keep its young population happy.


Despite some recent changes on the island, the youthful alienation is one of the biggest problems facing the government. Many young feel frustrated and trapped in an outmoded authoritarian society. The last generation to grow up under the Castro’s are largely alienated from the ideals of the revolution and detached from the Cuban way of politics. They don’t want to experience the same economic hardships as their parents and long for freedom of speech and – maybe even more- economic opportunities. Some youngsters might have a wary sense of possibility these days, but most still don’t see a future for themselves in Cuba and dream of leaving the island.

There is a widening gap between the have and have-nots. The social gains of the revolution, mainly free education and health care, are valued but no longer considered sufficient reasons to make sacrifices and endure austerity. Gérard RANCINAN. Enter Maria Svarbova's strange, beautifully shot world of the not-quite-human.

Carrie Boretz,-Streets of NYC. A couple on the subway, 1980.

Carrie Boretz,-Streets of NYC

Wig stand, Orchard Street, 1975. For photographer and photo editor Carrie Boretz, New York City has always been brimming with the “kissing, sleeping, daydreaming” of strangers. Her upcoming book STREET chronicles her adventures in the metropolis from 1975 to 1998, when she was driven to explore breathlessly the contours and crevices of a city rife with conflict, anxiety, and gentleness. Giuseppe Pepe – First Love. ETHAN JAMES GREEN Young New Yorkers. CASEY MESHBESHER Women of street photography.

The idea here is to have a jumping off point to some of the great work out there by women in the street genre, addressing extremely low representation in visible, published street work online, in exhibitions, and in print.

CASEY MESHBESHER Women of street photography

In a departure from a top ten type of list, this gallery is more inclusive, and includes names of the greats of yesterday, with today’s established artists, up and coming names, and some people who are relatively obscure for various reasons. This gallery aims to strengthen visibility of women in the street genre. The storm is her, Minneapolis, 2009 (Casey Meshbesher) Two years ago I started compiling links when I couldn’t find any discussion of female street photographers on the web, and found the typical percentage of some 4% of material frustrating.

Curating online street blogs, I wanted to increase this ratio in these sites, with a goal of 1/3 female, but it is a struggle to maintain even 1/5 at times, so thus the idea for this list. Alison Adcock Diane Arbus. Michelle Groskopf - TEENS. SYDNEY SIE - Surreal and Sweet Photography. Peter Menzel - 21 familles de 21 pays 1 semaine de nourriture ! Nous mangeons tous… mais pas les mêmes choses !

Peter Menzel - 21 familles de 21 pays 1 semaine de nourriture !

Preuve en est, cet incroyable reportage photographique réalisé aux quatre coins du monde dans une vingtaine de pays différent. Il nous fait physiquement réaliser à quel point nos habitudes alimentaires et familiales varient d’un endroit à l’autre ! Un travail précieux. ALEX PRAGER - Between Fiction and Reality. Atsushi Ezura- portrait - personnalité. Marwane Pallas - Poetic Nudes - Fresh Fruit - Cristina Coral - the other part of me. Leon Steele Photographer. Stephen mcmennamy – combophotos. CHARLIE DAVOLI - The surreal world-Digital Artist. Share 4 Charlie Davoli is a digital artist who combines and merges photographs to create surreal situations.

CHARLIE DAVOLI - The surreal world-Digital Artist

The final composition takes you on a dream wave into the artist’s mind. Davoli is a technical genius, the real weight of work is dropped after the photograph is taken, leaving a very thin line between fiction and reality. Catch the rest of his work here Français Comments. Nick Hannes - The Mediterranean and the Continuity of Man. In partnership with Photomed Festival, LensCulture is pleased to present a series of preview articles highlighting various parts of the upcoming festival’s program.

Nick Hannes - The Mediterranean and the Continuity of Man

The festival will run from May 26 to June 19, 2016 in Sanary-sur-Mer in the south of France. Also: if you would like to have a chance to exhibit your work at the festival (as well as in Beirut, Lebanon), learn more about their "Mediterranean Spirit" call for entries. Since we first published this series on LensCulture a few years ago, it has continually proved to be one of our most popular articles. Something about the series’ distinctive mix of deadpan humor and political, environmental savvy has made it stand out, again and again, for many, many thousands of readers. But what was on the photographer’s mind as he produced this body work, over the course of four years and 20 separate trips all around the Mediterranean?

LC: What first drew you towards the subject of the Mediterranean? Olivia Locher. Lens Between Us. Jennifer Loeber - Pleasures of the Uninvited. Through the Lens of Desire - Photographs and text by Kris Sanford. An unconventional series exploring the theme of (queer) desire by projecting new interpretations on snapshots of the past.

Through the Lens of Desire - Photographs and text by Kris Sanford

It was selected as a finalist in the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2015. Discover the work of all 31 of the winners and finalists. Relationships, real or imagined, are at the center of this work. Growing up queer, I searched for a history that spoke to me, that included me. In my family history, there were no couples that mirrored my own intimate relationships.

"Through the Lens of Desire" creates implied narratives using snapshots from the 1920s-1950s. Vernacular photographs from that era were created as private keepsakes. By purposefully selecting images that picture men together and women together, I am creating an imaginary queer past. OLIVIA BEE - Teenage Girl. Bad Day, 2013.

OLIVIA BEE - Teenage Girl

This was after a fight with Cooper in high school. Taking photos of myself when vulnerable is really important to me — I think it’s about trusting myself. And when you’re 17, feeling bad also feels really good. Max Jumped Off a Train, 2012. My little brother Max was super crazy when he was younger. Malte Jaeger. GABRIELLE CORNI - Under Water Portraits. My name is Gabriele Corni, my photographic idea was created and promoted by GALLLERIAPIÙ and it’s APNEA Humans Breathless cross-media project. An archive of one hundred water portraits exhibited in an “imaginary venue” where the space created by Claudio Silvestrin interacts with water, shaping an innovative work accessible thanks to the technological realization of Vitruvio Virtual Reality.

Through an analogy between the immersions in water and those in daily life, the project investigates the shortness of breath in today’s society, with the intention to document the emotional variety of humans in distress. Each portrayed subject writes anonymously his/her desire, which in the poetic of the work stands for the breath, his/her personal motivation to dive daily into reality. Dogs portraits. My name is Elke Vogelsang aka Wieselblitz, I’m a people and pet photographer working and living in Germany. I’m absolutely crazy about dogs. Thankfully, I am able to combine this craziness with my other passion, photography. With my dog portraits I try to explore the different expressions and characters of dogs. It’s all about emotions and personality. I love the challenge to get funny, silly or sometimes even melancholic expressions. But in these cases, when they are in my studio, they were just waiting for the next treat or listening to a crazy sound I made.

Here is my not so serious but hopefully amusing picture series “Dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity“. Top chefs fridge. Markus Henttonen - PLAGES - VUE AERIENNES -NUIT - ILLUMINATION - Jean-Francois Rauzier- VILLE - EMPILATIONS - Catherine Balet - Photographer - Strangers. Adrienne Salinger- Poignant Photos of 1990s Teenagers in Their Bedrooms. Gavin Fred H “I’m not a nostalgic person,” says Albuquerque-based photographer Adrienne Salinger, “I’m not wired that way.” She keeps a single copy of her book In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms, filled with images she made in the 1990s, but she doesn’t feel sentimental about it, even if the rest of the world does. The portraits were intended as a revolt against media portrayal of adolescence, the films, television, and magazines that imposed (often adult) ideals onto young people.

The thing about a teenager’s bedroom, she explains, is that it defies classification. In order to honor the ambiguities and shifts in her subjects’ sense of self, she includes with her images passages from extensive hours-long interviews, recorded and transcribed from video tape. “Every single person deserves time to tell their story,” she explains. Aline Smithson: Self & Others. Aline Smithson Founder and Editor, Lenscratch After a career as a New York Fashion Editor and working along side the greats of fashion photography, Aline Smithson discovered the family Rolleiflex and never looked back.

Now represented by galleries in the U.S. and Europe and published throughout the world, Aline continues to create her award-winning photography with a 50-year-old camera. On the Lineage of Portraiture: From August Sanders til Today - Text and selections by Sebastian Hau. And thus, in portrait photography, it’s as if my eye and my mind could find nothing to hold on to. But finally, a surprising sentence by August Sander showed the door: he said that photography was made to be "turned over," as in a magazine. This odd little phrase greatly helped me appreciate his work, first of all. And by going through his work, page by page, my eye was suddenly able to rest on an individual portrait of his.

I was stopped in wonder at his compositions, the expressions he captured, the exquisite balance between distance and closeness. In the same way, I have been looking at Oliver Sieber's work for a long time now and through it, learning about his long-term research and deep involvement. Portraits of Adolescence - Hellen van Meene. Dutch artist Hellen van Meene is widely known for her distinctive style of photographic portraiture and her exceptional use of light. In her timeless photographs, young women and men are depicted as if they were under some sort of spell, stuck between their vulnerability and discomfort, as well as a latent sense of solemn grace. When we look at her work, wordlessly, we are plunged into the lives of these strange yet delicate characters, captivated by their silent stories.

What is the hidden secret behind the subjects' postures and facial expressions? Are these ambiguous, yet intimate, moments masterfully staged, or unself-conscious poses? We first discovered her work thanks to the insight of the LensCulture Insider (and GUP Magazine Editor-at-Large) Erik Vroons. George Popescu - Mauritanian Desert Train. One is free to travel on top of the iron ore train that crosses the Sahara desert from the mine at Zouérat, in northern Mauritania, to Nouadhibou harbor, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa, as seen on 1st of September 2015. The travelers, usually traders that transport food and live animals, have to endure strong winds and temperatures that can reach 50 degrees Celsius in the summer, during the 20-hour trip. A donkey is loaded using ropes while other two donkeys wait to be boarded on top of a train loaded with iron ore that crosses the Sahara desert from the mine at Zouérat, in northern Mauritania, to the Nouadhibou harbor, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa, as seen on 1st of October 2015.

It’s free to travel for the traders that transport food and livestock, but they have to endure a 20-hour trip with periods of strong wind and temperatures that can reach 50 degrees Celsius in the summer. Passengers without tickets ride open-top in the train wagons. All images © George Popescu. Aaron Tilley - Anxious anticipation. Adrenaline, explains writer Jordan Kushins in Issue 19 of Kinfolk Magazine, settles in not while we find ourselves in the midst of crisis but the moment beforehand; it’s the anticipation, not the actual event that gives us a chemical high. To illustrate this phenomenon, London-based photographer Aaron Tilley teamed up with set designer Kyle Bean to create In Anxious Anticipation, a series of images meant to induce our bodies into mimicking a primitive and instinctual flight, fight, or freeze response.

Rather than pursuing the obvious images associated with the anxiety hormone, Tilley chose to translate the effects of adrenaline in pristine still lifes. The word “still life” itself might not in fact be accurate in describing these pictures, in which inanimate objects are frozen precariously in the exact moment before some horrible and irrevocable event. All images © Aaron Tilley and Kyle Bean for Kinfolk Magazine. Tomasz Liboska - Polish Re-Enactors. Krzysztof with daughter, Wehrmacht soliders. Poetic Landscapes Marry the Earth and the Female Body. The White Sands of New Mexico stretch for hundreds of miles in either direction. As the sun sets over the dunes, the once-burning sand cools, bears only the footprints of three women. Behnaz Babazadeh -Self-Portraits -Burqas Made of Candy. Gummy Bears Fruit by the Foot Years ago, a young lady named Behnaz Babazadeh showed up to her school in the United States wearing a burqa.

Her mother had told her she didn’t have to wear it and even feared the other children would mock her for it, but the child likes her hijab and decided to wear it anyway. When she arrived at the doors, the security guard told her she would not be allowed inside unless she removed the fabric from around her face. Géraldine Lay. Portraiture: the Paradoxes and Politics of Looking - Essay by Rebecca Horne. Paradoxes lie at the heart of great photographic portraits. We know a photograph can’t actually "capture" anything essential about people in the photographs.

More often what we are seeing is powerfully influenced by context, our own biases and preferences and those of the photographer. Intellectually, we are aware that we can’t know a person from simply looking at them, much less from a mute photograph. However, emotionally and spiritually, the temptation to try and do just that is too powerful to ignore. Anthony Thornton - Alone Together. Good Things Come Together - Photographs and text by Jordi Pizarro. This great portrait photography series was selected as a finalist in the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2015. Discover more inspiring work from all 31 of the winners and finalists. Call for Submissions: Photos Taken at 'Magic Hour'

Homework - young polish poster designers - gallery, graphics, posters, design. Steve dierkens - now isn't here for long. AJ Heath - Bhutan - In Pursuit of Happiness. People of Color Star in These Fearless Revisions of Master Paintings. Michael George Photography - OVERVIEW. YINCHEN CHEN - Companionship. Lissa Rivera - Beautiful Boy. Thomas Morel-Fort - Nights souls. Portraits of Young Lovers at Their Most Raw, Intimate Moments. Caroline Cutaia's Portfolio. Libérer nos corps imparfaits – POULET ROTIQUE. Miguel Vallinas — Fotógrafo Profesional. The Roots Of Identity Explored By Miguel Vallinas – Swimming Pool - By Maria Svarbova. Peechaya Burroughs - BALLONS.

Anna Cazenave Cambet. Evan James Atwood. BEHIND PHOTOGRAPHS. Saba Alizadeh - IRAN - DOUBLE EXPO - SOUVENIR - Cairo, Egypt - VUE D EN HAUT. Jalal Sepehr - IRAN - TAPIS. Dina Litovsky -BAL DES DEBUTANTES. Jorge Pérez Higuera - RITUELS - VIEQUOT - HUMOUR. Jennifer Loeber - Gyrle. 'Under-Cats'- Perspective. Female Body - Botanicals - NATURE - PORTRAIT. Ethiopian Tribe - Rubbish -Jewellery - RECYCLAGE - BIJOUX. Daily Life - Darth Vader - HUMOUR. Visual story telling. RAPHAEL DE BENGY - couples éphémères du métro. HUIS-CLOS ( Chassary&Belarbi) Manger-collectif-fauxamis. Village AFRICAIN. Bruised bottoms: the multicoloured markings of Roller Derby – in pictures.

Identical twin daughters - JUMELLES. Among Twins: A unique project that travels across Europe to photograph and celebrate twins. Leon Steele Photographer. Everything We Touch - Photographs and text by Paula Zuccotti. Marinka Masséus - Silent Voices. Susan Swihart - About Face. Astronaut Suicides By Photographer Neil Dacosta – Adrien broom photography. Marseille: Outsider - Photographs and text by Pierre Belhassen. Anne Hoerter - Botany Portraits. Deborah Oropallo - Guise. Grégoire Alexandre.

Christophe Huet.