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Andrei Lacatusu réduit les réseaux sociaux à des enseignes abandonnées. Desiree PALMEN. Dream me up. Charles Pétillon. Jessica Todd Harper Photography. Aoife Herrity Photography - Home. Using Format.

Aoife Herrity Photography - Home

Julien Mauve. After Lights Out2013 After Lights Out traite de l'omniprésence de la lumière dans nos sociétés contemporaines et dépeint un univers alternatif dans lequel celle-ci aurait disparu.

Julien Mauve

Chaque photo présente des manifestations lumineuses isolées prenant des formes énigmatiques, voir ésotériques, rappelant les paysages nocturnes de Robert Adams. J'ai cherché à travers cette série à attirer l'attention sur le rapport mystérieux qui nous lie à la lumière, sur la relation que nous entretenons avec elle, sur sa superficialité et la dépendance dans laquelle elle nous plonge. L'anxiété et le danger des ombres mélangés au bien être et à la sécurité. 28 photos étranges et surréalistes de Trevor Drummond. LLAPSE – Une superbe métaphore visuelle… LLAPSE – Une superbe métaphore visuelle… “LLAPSE“, une superbe métaphore visuelle sur les aspects positifs et négatifs de l’humanité, et son chemin sur la terre… Un court métrage expérimental réalisé par Julien Vanhoenacker.

LLAPSE – Une superbe métaphore visuelle…

23 nouvelles photos sombres et poétiques de Diggie Vitt. On en parle. Room 322 - Fine Art Photo Series by Francesco Ridolfi. Carolle Benitah. Nightscapes - Jakob Wagner Photography. Photographes comptemporains. Masato Seto - vitrines, cafés. Véronique Ellena. Photographes. Julien Gremaud - double exposition. Julien Gremaud 'Once blown up to large-scale photographic prints, these double images become haunting monuments to a paradoxical world where the very notion of an objective media comes into question.

Julien Gremaud - double exposition

Gremaud purposefully presents double images that create a contradiction from within: an idyllic holiday scene mixed together with a destroyed cityscape, or an image of mourners overlooking a mass grave juxtaposed with a photograph of a hectic media scrum.' From Representing the Death of Neoliberalism, an essay on Julien by Marco Bohr. About the artist Julien Gremaud (b. 1984, Switzerland) lives in Jongny/Vevey and works in Lausanne. Maja Daniels' Touching Series On Alzheimer's Patients. Photographer Maja Daniels is studying aging.

Maja Daniels' Touching Series On Alzheimer's Patients

Her photo series “Into Oblivion,” shows the raw and fragile lives of those living in an Alzheimer’s ward. Working in a geriatric unit in France, the Swedish photographer Daniels spent three years documenting life for the residents. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s were kept in a locked ward as a protective precaution due to their innate tendencies to wander and get lost. Top 10 Analogue Photographers. Analogue photography always had and still has a certain fascination as you still need to have some general knowledge about the act of taking pictures and the results are kind of unpredictable.

Top 10 Analogue Photographers

Thus we love and admire photographers who are using film, transforming it into beautiful images. The following list of our ‘Top 10 Analogue Photographers’ is actually comprised of regulars on iGNANT, who are certainly amongst our favourite photographers. We focused on ten photographers that are all depicting a similar topic, succeeding in capturing the beauty of women. Though if you click on their names, you’ll be able to discover much more of their talent. Enjoy. Lukasz Wierzbowski. Petrina Hicks. Animated Cinemagraphs of City Life and Nature. Strasbourg-based photographer Julien Douvier utlilizes a variety of techniques to create these beautifully meditative cinemagraphs of urban life and nature.

Animated Cinemagraphs of City Life and Nature

He films and edits every image with an obsessive attention to detail, a fact not lost on several fashion clients that have commissioned Douvier to bring their brands to life recently. via colossal. Sms, communication. London-based street photographer Babycakes Romero has captured a thought-provoking photo series...

sms, communication

Read more Wedding and lifestyle photographer Adam Opris has captured an impressive photo series titled... Read more “Slittens” is an amusing site that features submitted photos of adorable kittens... Read more American photographer Gray Malin has created “Dream Series,” a funny and surreal... Cris Benton, a retired professor of architecture and former department chair at UC... Christopher McKenney - Work. Cosmic Surgery - Cosmic Surgery Since leaving University in 2010, Alma has been working on self-portraits, being her own willing and available model.

Cosmic Surgery -

LAURA STEVENS. Sparklers - Los Angeles. Dorothy-Shoes. Valentin Astier. Rites de passage - Andrew Lyman photography. Andrew Lyman is an artist living, working, and attending school in Savannah, US for the time being.

Andrew Lyman photography

Lyman is driven to create and learn from his daily experiences and his immense group of inspired friends. We unveil his Fleeted Happenings project below, as the most outstanding from his portfolio. Ken Hermann - Flower Man. Flowers are a hugely important part of Indian culture, used in everything from temple rituals to festivals and parties – and Malik Ghat flower market is the largest of its kind in India. Located in Calcutta, next to the Hooghly river, it attracts more than 2,000 sellers each day, who flock to peddle their blooms amid frantic scenes. Commercial photographer Ken Hermann first visited Calcutta three years ago, when he was shooting coal miners, one of the three or four personal projects he tries to complete every year.

On that trip, the Dane, now 35, visited the flower market, and ever since held on to the idea of returning to take portraits of the sellers, their magnificent garlands often appearing in stark contrast to their own dusty and sweat-soaked attire. He returned two months ago, accompanied by a local interpreter, and approached various traders with a view to taking their picture. “There were different reactions,” says Hermann. Gregg Segal - 7 Days of Garbage. Rotator powered by <strong>EasyRotator for WordPress</strong>, a free and easy jQuery slider builder from Please enable JavaScript to view. All Images © Gregg Segal Artist’s Statement: Philippe Ramette. Manu Fauque - Diane Sagnier. Eric johansson. Blossom Duy Anh Nhan Duc Floral. John Fulton. Marina Gondra. Kristine Thiemann. Kristine Thiemann. ZHANGXIAO PHOTOGRAPHY. Alex Kisilevich. Julie poncet. Andrew Lyman. Climbers Atop A Mountain In The Swiss Alps.

Hyper Realistic Drawings on Wood. Basé à Singapour, Ivan Hoo est un artiste qui maîtrise l’art du dessin hyperréaliste avec brio. Il réalise ses fabuleuses esquisses sur des supports en bois et expose le modèle à côté du dessin. Le résultat est impressionnant tant la ressemblance avec l’objet réel est marquante. À découvrir en images. Bertil Nilsson- corps - danse. Berta Vicente Salas - home. Ilse Leender Mimetisme. Romina Ressia Photography. Pensive Portraits - Therapists. Sebastian Zimmermann, “Martin Bergmann, PhD” (all images © Sebastian Zimmermann) “In contrast to other medical specialists’ offices with their practical equipment of examining tables and rolling tools, the therapist’s work space has few obvious demands beyond seating for clinician and patient,” psychiatrist and photographer Sebastian Zimmermann writes in an introduction to Fifty Shrinks. The recently self-published monograph has 50 portraits of New York City therapists in these offices usually only seen by patients, where each detail of the space was specially chosen to support their personal practice.

Sebastian Zimmermann, “Michael Eigen, PhD” In her essay for the book, architect Elizabeth Danze calls these offices “floating vessels, places of sanctuary and protection, healing, and reconciliation.” Peter Funch Coincidences. Even with the advent of digital photography, good modern street photography is surprisingly hard to come by. There are a handful of photographers today that keep the scene fresh and exciting, with some of them bridging the gap between photography and art to create something new and affecting. Peter Funch belongs to that second group with his photographs of weird and curious coincidental coincidences. Couch Surfing. Normalerweise handelt es sich beim Couch Surfing um Plattformen, über die man sich quasi auf der ganzen Welt eine Couch von einer wildfremden Person kostenlos mieten kann, um auf dieser einen oder mehrere Tage zu nächtigen. Philippe Chancel. Injures trotskistes. Frank Yamrus - Rune Lagu-bouteilles d'eau.

In this series of typological photographs, plastic bottles that house our drinking water come under the camera’s lens. There are over 3,000 brands of bottled water worldwide, 180 in the United States. In 2006, the global bottled water industry reached $50 billion. Just thirty years ago commercially produced bottled water barely existed in the United States. Today, Americans are the leading consumers of bottled water at 32 billion liters per year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, one in five Americans drinks only bottled water. Benoit Lapray photography and creative retouching. The City, Incredible Post-Apocalyptic Dioramas of Abandoned Public Spaces by Lori Nix. Urban Dancer. France-based professional photographer Dimitry Roulland has created this beautiful photo series of dancers and gymnasts in urban settings… Pierre Folk petite ceinture. Brooke DiDonato. SAM POLCER. Mike Campau Digital Artist.

Christopher J. Photography - Fine Art. Nick Dolding : Lifestyle. Los Angeles Advertising Photographer. Concept Photography Collection. Daniel Arsham New Wesite coming soon. Tongue In Cheek: A Photo Series Of Couples French Kissing. Ever wonder what it actually looks like when you’re making out – really going at it – tongue and all? One photographer took it upon himself to shoot couples doing just that. Often tongue on tongue action can be kind of grotesque, and rarely are we given the chance to examine it closely.

Participating is always a good time, but witnessing from a relatively objective perspective – as someone not really invested – is kind of odd, and definitely uncomfortable if you linger too long watching. In film, if you’re lucky, you see a big juicy tongue slide its way in between hungry lips, but just for a second then it’s gone. Whether in public or in document, it’s hard to get up close and personal with a kiss when you’re not one of the ones doing it. Rankin, a publisher, director, and commercial photographer living in London, set out for closer inspection of the French kiss in his series Snog. Architecture. Découverte de cette belle série et des distorsions, avec ces architectures déformées par Nicholas Kennedy Sitton, un photographe actuellement basé à San Francisco.

Une manipulation et une mise en scène des bâtiments de manière hypnotique. Mariel Clayton - Doll Photographer. START « Jan von Holleben. Francois Berthier. Christophe Gilbert - Photographer. Markku Lahdesmaki. Magnus Winter. News. Photographs of Taxidermy Creatures. Transitions by Clarissa Bonet. Conceptual Photography by Michael Mayo. Photography by Benoit Paillé. Macaroons by Julia Galdo. Beast by Gerwyn Davies. Table Stories 2 by Alexander Khokhlov. China Life by Matthieu Belin. Jonathan Icher – Fat Flag. Christopher McKenney. Suzanne Heintz – Life Once Removed.

Dean Bradshaw – Real Life Superheroes. Mes nuits au bord de la mer dans mon bon vieux van. Nom des stations de métro. Jisun Choi - My Sweet Home. Christophe Deschanel.