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UN condemns Brazil’s “attack” on indigenous peoples. The UN has condemned Brazil's onslaught on indigenous rights, which threatens to wipe out uncontacted tribes © G.

UN condemns Brazil’s “attack” on indigenous peoples

Miranda/FUNAI/Survival The United Nations and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have condemned Brazil’s “attack” on its indigenous peoples. In a new statement, UN and IACHR experts have warned that Brazilian Indians are at great risk as politicians continue pushing to weaken their hard-won land rights. Brazil’s constitution states that indigenous territories must be mapped out and protected for the Indians’ exclusive use. Without their lands, indigenous peoples cannot survive. Brazil is home to over 250 tribes, including over 100 who are uncontacted and reject contact with mainstream society. The statement slams the “illegitimate criminalization” of indigenous peoples’ allies. The experts also highlighted that over the last 15 years, Brazil has seen “the highest number of killings of environmental and land defenders of any country”. Gillian Anderson and Mark Rylance launch global campaign for uncontacted tribes.

Uncontacted tribal man pictured from the in air 2010 in film footage which subsequently went viral around the world. © G.

Gillian Anderson and Mark Rylance launch global campaign for uncontacted tribes

Miranda/FUNAI/Survival Survival International ambassadors Gillian Anderson OBE and Sir Mark Rylance have launched a global campaign for uncontacted tribes – the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. Brazilian politicians push for shutdown of Indian Affairs Department. Major indigenous protests in Brasilia, April 2017 An inquiry established by Brazilian parliamentarians who represent the powerful agribusiness lobby has just published a report calling for the closure of the Indian Affairs Department, FUNAI.

Brazilian politicians push for shutdown of Indian Affairs Department

Its findings have been met with outrage and incredulity in Brazil and beyond. Francisco Runja, a Kaingang spokesman said: “Killing off FUNAI is tantamount to killing us, the indigenous peoples. FUNAI is a crucial institution for us; our survival; our resistance; and it’s a guarantee of the demarcation of our traditional territories.” The report attacks indigenous leaders, anthropologists, public prosecutors and NGOs, including Survival International.

Indian authorities harass tribal leaders. The Dongria have resisted attempts to mine in their hills for years, but are facing serious pressure to give in © Survival The Indian government is harassing and attempting to silence the leaders of the Dongria Kondh tribe, famous for winning a “David and Goliath” court battle against a British mining giant.

Indian authorities harass tribal leaders

Earth Day: Eight amazing facts that prove tribal people are the best conservationists. Traditionally, small ‘Pygmy’ communities moved frequently through forest territories, gathering a vast range of forest products, collecting and exchanging goods with neighboring settled societies. © Selcen Kucukustel/Atlas For Earth Day (April 22), Survival International reveals some of the amazing ways in which tribal peoples are the best conservationists and guardians of the natural world:

Earth Day: Eight amazing facts that prove tribal people are the best conservationists

Leaked report reveals WWF knew about “Pygmy” abuse. This Baka man was beaten by guards.

Leaked report reveals WWF knew about “Pygmy” abuse

Survival has spoken to dozens of similar victims across the Congo Basin. © Survival International An internal report commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) into the impact of its conservation work in Cameroon on Baka “Pygmies” has been leaked after WWF denied it existed. It reveals: Barrage Tapajos : sauvons le cœur de l’Amazonie et les Mundurukus. Un problème pour l’Amazonie La rivière Tapajós, l’une des dernières rivières amazoniennes non aménagées, est la nouvelle cible du gouvernement brésilien, qui veut y construire des centrales hydroélectriques, en plus de voies navigables et de ports.

Barrage Tapajos : sauvons le cœur de l’Amazonie et les Mundurukus

The Baka - hunters or poachers? - the film WWF doesn't want you to see. Support Demandez au WWF d'arrêter de financer les abus perpétrés au nom de la protection de la nature au sud-est du Cameroun. Rejoignez notre appel pour une nouvelle approche de la conservation. Gardiens de la terre. Au Cameroun, les Baka qui osent pénétrer dans la forêt d’où ils ont été expulsés sont terrorisés par les brigades anti-braconnage financées par le WWF.

Gardiens de la terre

En Inde, des villages tribaux sont expulsés des réserves de tigres alors qu’au même moment le Département des forêts encourage le développement du tourisme. Save Oak Flat From Arizona Copper Mine. L’UE renonce à la contrainte dans la lutte contre les minerais de sang. Stop à l’agriculture industrielle en Papouasie. Join the call for a new approach to conservation. Health disaster strikes recently contacted Indians in Brazil.

Jakarewyj's health has deteriorated dramatically since her group was contacted last December. © Madalena Borges/CIMI-MA/Survival An Indian woman from Earth’s most threatened tribe is fighting for her life after being contacted in Brazil’s north-eastern Amazon rainforest.

Health disaster strikes recently contacted Indians in Brazil

Jakarewyj, a member of the Awá tribe, has contracted flu and a severe respiratory disease after her group was “surrounded by loggers” and contacted in late December 2014. Ethiopia: tribe starves as dam and land grabs dry up river. The Kwegu in Ethiopia's Lower Omo Valley are starving because of the destruction of their forest and the slow death of the Omo river. © Survival International Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, has received disturbing reports that the smallest and most vulnerable tribe in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley is starving, as a result of the destruction of their forest and the slow death of the river on which they depend.

Ethiopia: tribe starves as dam and land grabs dry up river

The Kwegu, who number just 1,000, hunt, fish and grow crops along the banks of the Omo River. But the massive Gibe III dam and associated large-scale irrigation for commercial plantations on tribal land will stop the Omo River’s floods, and destroy the fish stocks on which the Kwegu depend. Recent satellite images show that the Ethiopian government has started to fill the Gibe III dam reservoir. Freedom of Speech. It is appalling that when the world is committing to free speech, India, the largest democracy, is trying to muzzle it.

As we approach our 65th Republic Day, our constitutional rights are being violated. By banning Greenpeace Campaigner Priya Pillai from travelling to the United Kingdom, the Indian government is crushing dissent. Does difference of opinion imply consequences on freedom of speech? A year of successes: Tribal peoples' reasons to celebrate in 2013. Tribal people around the world had reason to celebrate in 2013. © Fiona Watson/Survival As the year draws to a close, Survival International’s new photographic gallery illustrates how tribal peoples around the world had reasons to celebrate in 2013. From the suspension of mining concessions in Colombia to the Dongria Kondh’s unanimous rejection of a bauxite mine in India, tribal peoples have gained some important victories in 2013 in the struggle for their rights: - In Brazil, a community of Guarani Indians celebrated after the government recognized their land as indigenous and for their exclusive use.

Laissez-nous faire! Dans le monde entier, le prétendu développement prive les peuples indigènes de leurs terres, de leur autonomie et de leur dignité pour finalement les faire tomber dans le dénuement le plus complet.

Bien vu ce mini-métrage ! C'est tout à fait ça ! – alwen

Mysterious epidemic kills recently-contacted tribe one by one. Parojnai Picanerai healthy on the day he was contacted in 1998 (left), and gravely ill with a TB-like illness in 2007 (right). He died of the disease in 2011. © V. Regehr/J. Mazower. PIELC 2014 Keynote 3: Stephen Corry, Mary J. Pavel. Civilisation sucks - 604_1098_progres_survival.pdf. Tea industry claims it will undertake heroic efforts to become more sustainable. The tea business can be pretty ugly. Abuse of workers and abuse of the environment are both rampant. So a number of tea giants now say they have a plan to get more sustainable and turn tea into a “hero crop” by 2030. What’s a hero crop? According to a report released Friday by Forum for the Future, a nonprofit that’s coordinating the Tea 2030 initiative, a “hero crop is more than just a commodity; it also delivers social, environmental, and economic benefits for all participants within its value chain.”

Avant que la dernière maison ne soit incendiée. 2013: A year of successes. New Penan blockade against oil palm plantation. Penan armed with blowpipes block road as Shin Yang logging trucks approach, during a previous blockade. © Survival Forty Penan families, from the Malaysian state of Sarawak, are blockading in protest against the Shin Yang logging and oil palm plantation company for trespassing on their ancestral land.

The Penan from Long Jaik, below the controversial Murum Dam, recently won a court case against Shin Yang for converting their land into an oil palm plantation. The court recognised the Penan’s rights over the oil palm plantation. Shin Yang is appealing the court’s decision. The 40 families, led by their village chief, Tugang Matu, have now begun a blockade to stop Shin Yang continuing to trespass on their land and to demand compensation. Survival lance un boycott contre le tourisme dans les îles Andaman. Travel companies join Botswana boycott despite government whitewash. Xoroxloo Duxee died of dehydration after the Bushmen's water borehole was disabled, but the Botswana government says it has an 'uninterrupted record of upholding the rule of law for all citizens'. © Survival Only weeks after Survival International called for a boycott of Botswana tourism, two travel companies have suspended their tours to the country and several others have expressed concern about the Botswana government’s continued persecution of the Bushmen.

The government is stopping the Bushmen from hunting and forces them to apply for permits to access their ancestral land in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR). May 20, 2013 - Protect Papua New Guinea Indigenous Cave-Dwellers from Rainforest Destroying Mafia. I do not wish to receive occasional short notifications of new action alerts and ecological essays (~3 a month) Additional Background Papua New Guinea (PNG) contains the third largest rainforests on the planet, with tremendous biological and cultural diversity, including more than 800 distinct languages spoken in a country about the size of California.

Some deeply inaccessible regions still contain small populations of traditional nomadic peoples, like the Meakambut in East Sepik, who continue to live in ancestral caves filled with stenciled art that are thought to be 20,000 year old. The group lives on two steep ridges hidden on the edge of the expansive northern escarpment of the Central Range, on about a hundred square miles of dense primary rainforests. But the Meakambut and the entire Penale tribe are adamantly against the industrial development plans. Protect Papua New Guinea Indigenous Cave Dwellers from Rainforest Destroying Mafia.

Indonesian military ‘development’ program spreads fear in West Papua. The military presence in West Papua is almost always accompanied by human rights violations such as killings, arbitrary arrests, rape and torture. Bain de sang dans une mine en Afrique du Sud. Huile de palme.


Afrique du Sud : la police tire sur les mineurs en grève, tuant 34 personnes. Le avec AFP et Reuters | • Mis à jour le. AFRIQUE DU SUD. Le bras de fer continue après le massacre. Trois jours après le massacre de la mine de platine de Marikana, dans le Nord de l'Afrique du Sud, où 34 mineurs ont été tués par la police, l'émotion n'est toujours pas retombée. L'exploitant Lonmin a pourtant menacé dimanche 19 août de licencier les grévistes qui ne reprendraient pas le travail le lendemain matin. Rallying cry: Dongria stand firm against Vedanta mine. Victory: India saves 'Avatar tribe' from Vedanta mine. Remerciement et légende du Moqueados Guajajara . Pillage de l'Afrique malgré "l'indépendance".

Dur (parfois très dur, à en mourir) de lutter pour la biodiversi

Amérique du Sud. Les Nenets de Sibérie. Success: Russia’s indigenous organization reopens. Agenda. Tribus vues du ciel. Or (minerai) A trier. Chocolat.