Histoire des civilisations méditerranéennes

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Le métier de citoyen à Athènes
Les femmes chez Hérodote: sommaire
Les Phéniciens
L'Egypte Ancienne
Les céréales en Egypte ancienne

La religion égyptienne

La religion égyptienne Aker Nom : Représentation : Deux parties avant du corps d'un lion, liées ensemble et pointant dans des directions opposées. En savoir plus... Amon
Ancient Egyptian Language Email List Ancient Egyptian Language Email List Welcome to the website of the former AEL discussion list! This forum is now closed, but the website is being maintained for the time being in the hope that the information will still be useful to anyone studying Ancient Egyptian. Topics that were discussed included: learning/teaching egyptian, useful text books, hieratic, coptic, grammar, phonology, meanings of words. There were often several threads, usually one of which is a discussion of a particular text, i.e. translating it and discussing its grammar, meaning, etc.
Egypte ancienne
Egypt - Land of Eternity